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Genuki Gazetteer - Nearby Places

This page initially shows the places within 5 miles of the location associated with the place (parish, county, etc.) from whose GENUKI page it was reached. It did this using the following search request:

By changing the information in the above search form and requesting a new search you can narrow or widen the search, or indeed search for places near other locations.

Places within 5 miles of Molland, Devon, OS Gridref SS807283

0.0 miles N SS807283, Molland, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.0 miles N SS807283 Molland
0.1 miles S SS807281 Copphall
0.3 miles W SS802282 Barton Champson
0.4 miles SE SS813280 Stone
0.6 miles NE SS812291 Luckworthy
0.6 miles NE SS815289 Smallcombe
0.7 miles SE SS814275 Pulworthy
0.7 miles E SS818280 Bremley
0.8 miles S SS804270 Abbots Park
0.9 miles E SS821283 Gourt
0.9 miles NW SS797294 Gatcombe
0.9 miles W SS792284 West Molland
1.1 miles SW SS796270 Woods
1.1 miles E SS824286 Brimbacombe
1.2 miles SE SS819267 Lee
1.5 miles SE SS822264 Bottreaux Mill
1.6 miles SE SS818260 Bommertown
1.7 miles SE SS824261 West Barton
1.7 miles S SS814256 Bullaford
1.9 miles SE SS833266 New Park
2.0 miles SE SS831262 West Park
2.1 miles NE SS836300 Landcombe
2.1 miles SE SS829257 Cuckoo
2.3 miles NE SS836305 Lyshwell
2.5 miles SE SS836256 East Barton
1.8 miles NW SS788305, Twitchen, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.5 miles W SS783279 Sundercombe
1.5 miles NW SS787297 Pulsworthy Farm
1.7 miles W SS782293 Kerswell
1.8 miles NW SS788305 Twitchen
1.8 miles W SS778287 Blindwall
2.1 miles NW SS780303 Headgate
2.2 miles NW SS781307 Ball Bottom
2.3 miles W SS771288 Whitcott
2.3 miles NW SS773299 Pulham
2.3 miles W SS771294 Burch
2.5 miles NW SS781313 West Twitchen Ball
2.9 miles W SS764302 Praunsley
2.3 miles N SS800320, Litton, Somerset which encompasses the area containing:
2.3 miles N SS800320 Litton
2.8 miles E SS852274, West Anstey, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.3 miles E SS828281 Combe
1.4 miles SE SS825270 Beer
1.7 miles E SS834287 Ringcombe
1.8 miles E SS836278 Netherwill
1.9 miles SE SS835269 Slade
2.1 miles E SS840280 Guphill
2.1 miles E SS839274 Town Farm
2.5 miles E SS844269 Woods
2.5 miles E SS847279 Woodland
2.5 miles SE SS841261 Yeo Mill
2.7 miles SE SS846265 Ruggleypit
2.8 miles E SS852274 West Anstey
3.1 miles E SS857274 Badlake
3.4 miles E SS862281 Twitchen
3.5 miles E SS863292 Venford
3.4 miles E SS860300, Hawkridge, Somerset which encompasses the area containing:
3.4 miles E SS860300 Hawkridge
3.5 miles S SS827230, Knowstone, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.7 miles S SS808240 Ford Farm
2.9 miles S SS818238 Wadham
3.0 miles S SS806235 Cross Side
3.1 miles SE SS828238 Luckett
3.4 miles SE SS842241 Whitefield
3.4 miles SE SS833234 Owlaborough
3.5 miles S SS827230 Knowstone
3.6 miles SE SS845240 Whitemoor
3.7 miles S SS804223 Kidland
3.7 miles S SS813223 Harpson
3.8 miles S SS820223 Beaples Barton
3.9 miles SE SS846234 Shapcott Barton
4.0 miles SE SS839228 East Knowstone
4.0 miles SE SS833224 Bowden
4.3 miles SE SS847227 Roachill
4.3 miles S SS813214 Poole
4.4 miles SE SS851227 Wiston
4.7 miles S SS830211 Moortown
5.0 miles SE SS852217 Middle Hill
5.0 miles SE SS858221 Battens
3.9 miles E SS867265, East Anstey, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.0 miles SE SS850262 Bungsland
3.0 miles E SS852265 Dunsley
3.5 miles SE SS859259 Radnidge
3.6 miles E SS864269 Oak
3.7 miles E SS867277 Highertown
3.8 miles E SS867270 Waddicombe
3.8 miles E SS868275 Rhyll
3.9 miles E SS868271 Henspark
3.9 miles E SS867265 East Anstey
4.0 miles SE SS863252 Yanhey
4.0 miles SE SS858244 Blackerton
4.1 miles E SS873276 Liscombe
4.3 miles E SS871258 Hawkwell Cross
4.2 miles SW SS758237, Bishops Nympton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles S SS810265 Hall
1.3 miles SW SS790271 Sheepwash
1.4 miles S SS806261 Kipscott Barton
1.7 miles SW SS788264 Bishops Nympton & Molland Sta.
1.7 miles S SS815256 Bullaford
1.8 miles SW SS783266 Yeo Farm
1.9 miles SW SS785262 Hilltown
2.0 miles SW SS792255 Kerscott
2.3 miles SW SS787252 East Port
2.3 miles SW SS773268 Veraby
2.5 miles SW SS779255 Combsland Cross
2.5 miles W SS769271 Reach
2.5 miles S SS792245 Muckford
2.7 miles SW SS771259 North Hayne
2.7 miles SW SS778250 Port
2.8 miles W SS764271 Mornacott
2.8 miles S SS800238 Welland
2.9 miles SW SS770254 South Hayne
2.9 miles SW SS785241 Broadhill
3.0 miles SW SS782241 Little Hill
3.0 miles SW SS766256 School
3.1 miles SW SS777243 Webbery
3.2 miles S SS796232 Week
3.3 miles SW SS762255 Aller
3.4 miles W SS753278 Burwell
3.4 miles SW SS784233 Ash Mill
3.4 miles SW SS762251 Newtown
3.5 miles W SS751272 Whitechapel Barton
3.7 miles SW SS753258 Garliford
3.7 miles SW SS754255 Waterhouse
3.7 miles W SS747284 Limeslake
3.9 miles SW SS762240 Parsonage Farm
3.9 miles W SS744274 Drewstone
4.0 miles SW SS767232 Avercombe
4.1 miles SW SS751248 Silcombe Cross
4.1 miles W SS741274 Bicknor
4.2 miles SW SS758237 Bishops Nympton
4.2 miles W SS743262 Rawstone
4.4 miles SW SS748245 Slough
4.4 miles SW SS743253 Hall Park
4.6 miles SW SS749238 Barton
4.6 miles SW SS738257 Johnstone
4.6 miles SW SS740250 Bish Mill
4.8 miles SW SS749233 Park
4.8 miles SW SS736253 Gorton Hill
4.8 miles SW SS745236 Cross
5.0 miles SW SS744233 Eastwood
4.3 miles S SS787217, Rose Ash, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.4 miles S SS792230 Woods
3.9 miles SW SS780227 Rodsworthy
3.9 miles S SS799221 Westacott
3.9 miles S SS800220 Eastacott
4.1 miles SW SS771227 Quince
4.3 miles S SS787217 Rose Ash
4.4 miles S SS802212 Nutcombe
4.5 miles S SS794212 Overcott
4.7 miles S SS794209 Nethercott
4.9 miles SW SS771212 Yard
4.9 miles S SS791205 Catkill
4.5 miles W SS736299, North Molton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.7 miles W SS765292 Lambscombe
3.0 miles W SS759287 Ley
3.2 miles NW SS765313 Holy Well
3.2 miles W SS757298 Pitt
3.3 miles W SS758303 Millbrook
3.3 miles W SS754293 Upcott
3.4 miles W SS752288 Sannacott
3.6 miles NW SS778333 Darlick
3.8 miles W SS751307 Brinsworthy
4.0 miles W SS745300 High Bullen
4.0 miles NW SS758325 Tabor Hill
4.0 miles NW SS764332 Longstone Wells
4.3 miles W SS738290 Holdridge
4.3 miles W SS739299 Court Hall
4.4 miles NW SS765340 Shortacombe
4.5 miles W SS736299 North Molton
4.5 miles NW SS748326 South Radworthy
4.7 miles W SS732276 East Marsh
4.8 miles W SS731299 Oakford
4.9 miles NW SS753340 North Radworthy
5.0 miles NW SS737322 Heasley Mill
4.6 miles NE SS840350, Withypool, Somerset which encompasses the area containing:
4.6 miles NE SS840350 Withypool
5.6 miles SW SS743220, Mariansleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles SW SS759229 Yeo Barton
5.0 miles SW SS748229 Moorhouse
7.8 miles SE SS910212, Oakford, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.8 miles SE SS859225 Swineham
5.0 miles SE SS868231 Woodburn


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.