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Genuki Gazetteer - Nearby Places

This page initially shows the places within 5 miles of the location associated with the place (parish, county, etc.) from whose GENUKI page it was reached. It did this using the following search request:

By changing the information in the above search form and requesting a new search you can narrow or widen the search, or indeed search for places near other locations.

Places within 5 miles of Silverton, Devon, OS Gridref SS956028

0.0 miles N SS956028, Silverton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.0 miles N SS956028 Silverton
0.4 miles NE SS959033 Rectory
0.6 miles NE SS963035 Livingshayes
0.6 miles E SS966027 Red Cross
0.6 miles S SS953018 Stumpy Cross
0.8 miles N SS958040 Ash Farm
0.9 miles S SS956014 Dunsmoor
0.9 miles SE SS966018 Hayne House
0.9 miles NE SS963041 Roach
1.0 miles NE SS970035 Greenslinch
1.0 miles S SS960012 Poundsland
1.1 miles E SS973025 Silverton Park
1.2 miles N SS954047 Coombe
1.3 miles S SS960008 Flock Mill
1.3 miles E SS975020 Ellerhayes
1.3 miles NW SS948047 Ravenhayes
1.3 miles N SS961049 Land Farm
1.4 miles SE SS976016 Silverton Station
1.6 miles SE SS978015 Yard Farm
1.7 miles E SS982021 Worth
1.7 miles E SS983029 Moorland
1.7 miles N SS950055 Leigh Barton
1.9 miles N SS958059 South Coombe
2.2 miles N SS949062 Lower Dorweeke
2.5 miles N SS953068 Great Dorweeke
2.6 miles N SS966069 Perry
2.8 miles N SS964073 Keens
2.0 miles W SS924021, Thorverton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.5 miles W SS932032 Bidwell
1.8 miles W SS928020 Court Barton
1.9 miles NW SS931045 Pitt
1.9 miles NW SS934049 Stone
2.0 miles W SS924021 Thorverton
2.1 miles W SS925040 Upcott
2.3 miles SW SS923012 Berrysbridge
2.3 miles NW SS931055 Lee Cross
2.3 miles NW SS936059 Way
2.3 miles SW SS924008 Yellowford
2.4 miles W SS917024 Lynch
2.5 miles NW SS928056 Perry
2.6 miles NW SS925057 Rull
2.7 miles W SS912024 Chapel Corner
2.8 miles W SS912017 Raddon
2.8 miles NW SS922058 Chilton
2.9 miles NW SS928065 Prowses
2.9 miles W SS911016 Poole Farm
3.0 miles SW SS914003 Heathfield
3.2 miles W SS904025 Raddon Court
2.3 miles S SX945992, Rewe, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.9 miles W SS941025 Up Exe
1.2 miles SW SS941016 Rudway
1.4 miles S SS957006 Old Heazille Farm
1.5 miles S SS954004 Heazille Barton
2.0 miles S SX949997 Carpenters Farm
2.3 miles S SX945992 Rewe
2.4 miles SW SX931998, Netherexe, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.4 miles SW SX931998 Netherexe
2.8 miles E SS999040, Bradninch, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.2 miles E SS976028 Stockwell
1.5 miles E SS979035 Quantishaies
1.8 miles NE SS972052 Chapelhaies
1.8 miles NE SS976049 Tedbridge
2.2 miles E SS992028 Hele Payne
2.4 miles E SS994024 Hele
2.4 miles NE SS975062 Hawkalter
2.4 miles NE SS991046 Downs
2.5 miles E SS995037 West End
2.5 miles NE SS987054 Downhead
2.6 miles N SS972066 Billingsmoor
2.7 miles E SS997042 Castle Hill
2.8 miles E SS999040 Bradninch
2.8 miles NE SS992055 Fordishdies
2.9 miles NE SS994056 Trinity
3.0 miles E ST004033 Kensham House
3.0 miles NE SS995057 Trinity
3.1 miles E ST004040 Manor House
3.1 miles NE SS998056 Gingerland
3.2 miles NE ST001052 Bagmore
3.2 miles NE ST004047 Bowhill Farm
3.8 miles E ST018032 Garlandhayes Farm
4.0 miles E ST019039 Winham House
4.1 miles NE ST018053 Whorridge Farm
2.8 miles N SS942071, Bickleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles NW SS946043 Chitterley Farm
1.3 miles NW SS943044 Chitterley
1.7 miles NW SS943053 Burn
2.0 miles NW SS943058 Copenhagen
2.4 miles N SS948065 Burnhayes
2.8 miles NW SS936068 Bickleigh Court
2.8 miles N SS942071 Bickleigh
2.9 miles N SS962075 Brithayes
3.0 miles N SS939074 Millhayes
3.3 miles N SS950080 Exeland
3.4 miles N SS956083 Henbeer
3.1 miles NW SS910049, Cadbury, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.4 miles NW SS922046 Fursdon
2.4 miles W SS918036 Ashley
2.8 miles W SS915046 Terley
3.1 miles NW SS910049 Cadbury
3.2 miles W SS906042 Bowley
3.3 miles NW SS915062 Round Hill
3.4 miles W SS905047 Coombe
3.5 miles NW SS909058 Hedgeland
3.5 miles NW SS914066 Endicott
3.6 miles NW SS906058 Pitt Fm
4.0 miles NW SS902062 Uppincott
4.0 miles NW SS906068 Chapeltown
3.2 miles S SX939980, Stoke Canon, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.6 miles SW SX938991 Burrow farm
3.1 miles S SX937982 Oakhay Barton
3.2 miles S SX939980 Stoke Canon
3.6 miles S SX939972 Culm Vale
3.2 miles S SX946978, Huxham, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.5 miles S SX953988 Brookleigh
2.6 miles S SX949987 Bussells farm
3.2 miles S SX946978 Huxham
3.6 miles S SX947970 Huxham Brake
3.9 miles S SX947966 Pynes
4.2 miles S SX943961 Stoke Post
3.3 miles SW SX926985, Brampford Speke, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.5 miles SW SS926000 Willowpark
3.1 miles SW SX925988 Woodslea
3.3 miles SW SX926985 Brampford Speke
4.1 miles SW SX927969 Woodrow
4.4 miles SW SX920967 Woodrow Barton
3.5 miles N SS974081, Butterleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles N SS974081 Butterleigh
3.7 miles N SS967087 Coombe
3.9 miles N SS973088 Higher Butterleigh
3.8 miles S SX965968, Poltimore, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.7 miles S SX971987 Cutton
3.2 miles S SX958977 Ratsloe
3.4 miles S SX962973 Bampfyland Lodge
3.8 miles S SX965968 Poltimore
4.0 miles S SX967964 Poltimore House
3.8 miles SE SX981972, Broadclyst, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.9 miles S SX959998 Columbjohn
2.0 miles SE SS973001 Killerton
2.4 miles SE SS983001 Budlake
2.4 miles SE SX976995 Francis Court
2.5 miles SE SS991009 Beare Farm
2.6 miles SE SS991006 Lower Comberoy Farm
2.6 miles SE SS989002 Hollis Head
2.7 miles SE SX981992 Newhall
2.8 miles E ST000022 Hillside House
2.8 miles SE SX988997 Sprydoncote
2.9 miles SE SX981989 Horswell
3.0 miles SE ST000006 Frogmore Farm
3.2 miles SE SX988988 Hay
3.4 miles SE SX983981 Beaumont
3.7 miles SE SX990980 Burrow Farm
3.7 miles SE SX994983 Chillacombe Farm
3.8 miles SE SX981972 Broadclyst
3.9 miles SE SX991976 Burrow
3.9 miles E ST015005 Higher Comberay Farm
4.0 miles SE SX986971 Lake House
4.2 miles S SX980965 Jarvishayes
4.2 miles SE SY002978 Newlands
4.3 miles SE SX986966 Dog Village
4.4 miles SE SX997970 Loxbrook
4.4 miles SE SY011982 Ashclyst Farm
4.5 miles SE SY004974 Higher Burrowton
4.5 miles SE SY017989 Westwood
4.6 miles S SX981959 Kerswell House
4.6 miles SE SY018986 Goulds Farm
4.8 miles SE SY004968 Lower Burrowton
4.8 miles SE SX986956 Brockhill
4.9 miles S SX975951 West Clyst
4.1 miles NW SS913079, Cadeleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles NW SS927077 East Court
3.7 miles NW SS919074 Cadeleigh Court
4.0 miles NW SS919081 Gotham
4.1 miles NW SS913079 Cadeleigh
4.3 miles NW SS917085 Yate
4.4 miles NW SS924091 Ashilford
4.5 miles NW SS916088 Hill
4.5 miles NW SS906081 Captains Farm
4.8 miles NW SS917095 Little Silver
4.9 miles NW SS899083 Catlake
5.0 miles NW SS913096 Langley
4.3 miles SW SX910977, Upton Pyne, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles SW SX910995 Stevenstone
4.0 miles SW SX911982 Pye Corner
4.0 miles SW SX900995 Nettacott
4.1 miles SW SX905985 Ley
4.2 miles SW SX902987 Jackmoor
4.3 miles SW SX910977 Upton Pyne
4.8 miles SW SX913963 Pynes Cross
5.0 miles SW SX903968 Oakford Farm
4.7 miles E SY026999, Clyst St Lawrence, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles E ST021005 Upton Farm
4.7 miles E SY026999 Clyst St Lawrence
4.9 miles E ST031004 Scorlinch Farm
4.8 miles NE ST021071, Cullompton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.1 miles E ST005021 Pottshayes Fm
3.1 miles NE SS984069 Halsewood
3.5 miles NE SS995068 Coombe Fm
3.5 miles E ST012029 Whiteheathfield Barton
3.7 miles NE ST005061 Fairfields
3.7 miles NE ST006060 Colebrook
3.7 miles NE ST006061 Colebrook
3.7 miles N SS980083 Birchen Oak
3.9 miles E ST018033 Garlandhayes
3.9 miles NE ST000074 Ponsford
4.0 miles E ST019040 Merry Harriers
4.0 miles NE ST001074 Ponsford
4.0 miles NE ST004071 Knowle
4.1 miles NE SS996080 Hillersdon House
4.1 miles E ST020044 Westcott
4.2 miles NE SS984089 East Butterleigh
4.3 miles E ST024044 Bolealler House
4.3 miles E ST026030 Langford
4.4 miles NE ST018061 Padbrook Hill
4.4 miles NE SS995087 Fulford Water
4.4 miles NE ST003081 Woodcocks well
4.5 miles NE SS999086 Crankland Fm
4.6 miles E ST030035 Tye Fm
4.6 miles NE ST013076 St Andrews Hill
4.6 miles E ST031029 Langford Green
4.7 miles E ST031025 Langford Court
4.7 miles E ST029047 Shutelake
4.7 miles NE ST009083 Growen Fm
4.7 miles E ST029051 Mutterton
4.8 miles NE ST021071 Cullompton
5.0 miles E ST035016, Clyst Hydon, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.1 miles E ST022017 Roach Farm
4.3 miles E ST023012 Hoop Farm
4.5 miles E ST027012 Woodhayes
5.0 miles E ST035016 Clyst Hydon
5.0 miles W SS876035, Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles W SS889039 East Coombe
5.0 miles W SS876035 Stockleigh Pomeroy
5.3 miles S SX963943, Pinhoe, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles S SX943957 Goffins Farm
4.6 miles S SX939956 Rixlade
4.9 miles S SX955949 Beacon Hill
5.0 miles S SX958948 Petersfield House
5.6 miles SW SX879980, Newton St Cyres, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles SW SX905981 Bidwell Barton
4.6 miles SW SX890994 Hayne Barton
4.6 miles SW SX894986 Winscott Barton
4.7 miles SW SX900977 Langford
4.9 miles SW SX886993 Norton House
4.9 miles SW SX900973 Greenland
5.9 miles W SS867061, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.9 miles NW SS902061 Uppincott
4.3 miles NW SS898066 Wolland
4.3 miles NW SS895061 Foxss Cross
4.3 miles NW SS904075 Farleigh
4.8 miles W SS883053 Wellcombe
4.9 miles W SS883057 Hannabeth
4.9 miles NW SS895079 Brindiwell
5.0 miles NW SS886067 Venn
5.0 miles NW SS884064 Stockadon
5.9 miles W SS862011, Shobrooke, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles W SS897019 Wood Farm
3.8 miles W SS897014 Down Farm
3.9 miles W SS893022 West Raddon
3.9 miles W SS896007 Yendacott Manor
4.2 miles W SS891010 Efford
4.3 miles SW SS891003 Shute
4.3 miles W SS888011 West Efford
4.4 miles W SS885024 Uppincott
6.2 miles N SS954128, Tiverton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles N SS938082 Yearlstone
3.7 miles N SS945087 East Barton
3.9 miles NW SS930085 Rashleyhayes
4.1 miles N SS937092 Southwood
4.5 miles N SS934097 Well Farm
4.6 miles NW SS923094 West Barton Farm
4.6 miles N SS945101 Ashley Pitt
4.6 miles NW SS929097 Coombewillis
4.7 miles N SS958103 Holwell
4.7 miles N SS936101 Hill Farm
4.8 miles N SS949105 Ashley Court
6.7 miles S SX937922, Exeter: Heavitree, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.8 miles S SX936953 Compass Cottage
6.9 miles NE ST005128, Halberton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles N SS959093 Higher Bockswood
4.1 miles N SS970092 Burrow Corner
4.4 miles NE SS987092 Oburnford
4.5 miles N SS975098 Seckerleigh
4.5 miles NE SS993091 Way Mill
4.6 miles N SS962101 West Pitt Farm
4.6 miles N SS967102 Rhode Farm
4.8 miles NE SS997093 Cruwys Farm
4.9 miles NE SS992098 Chorland Farm
5.0 miles NE ST003093 Moorstone Leat


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.