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Genuki Gazetteer - Nearby Places

This page initially shows the places within 5 miles of the location associated with the place (parish, county, etc.) from whose GENUKI page it was reached. It did this using the following search request:

By changing the information in the above search form and requesting a new search you can narrow or widen the search, or indeed search for places near other locations.

Places within 5 miles of Staverton, Devon, OS Gridref SX793639

0.0 miles N SX793639, Staverton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.0 miles N SX793639 Staverton
0.3 miles N SX792643 Newtake
0.4 miles N SX794646 Moothill Cross
0.5 miles NW SX788646 Combe
0.6 miles NE SX802643 Mount Barton
0.6 miles W SX783639 Goulds
0.9 miles NW SX781646 Fursdon
0.9 miles N SX794654 Kingston House
1.1 miles NW SX783654 Almshouses
1.1 miles NW SX786656 Sparkwell
1.5 miles NW SX771650 Bumpston Cross
1.6 miles NW SX777660 Woolston Green
1.8 miles NW SX768654 Wash
1.8 miles NW SX779665 Blackler
1.9 miles W SX763643 Stretchford
1.9 miles NW SX774664 Landscove
2.2 miles NW SX777671 Gullaford
2.3 miles NW SX772669 Thornecroft
2.4 miles W SX757653 Caddaford
2.6 miles NW SX760664 Lower Combe
2.7 miles NW SX756661 Higher Beara
2.9 miles NW SX750659 Austins Bridge
3.1 miles NW SX754671 Baddaford
3.2 miles NW SX763680 Parkfield
3.2 miles NW SX748664 Ware
3.5 miles NW SX757683 Halsworthy
3.6 miles NW SX750677 Pridhamsleigh
0.9 miles SW SX785626, Dartington, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.5 miles W SX785637 Staverton Bridge
0.8 miles SE SX799628 Dartington Hall
0.9 miles SW SX780631 Huxhams Cross
0.9 miles SW SX785626 Dartington
1.2 miles S SX790620 Shinners Bridge
1.3 miles S SX789619 Staple
1.3 miles SW SX779624 Week
1.4 miles W SX772633 Hood Manor
1.5 miles S SX787616 Cott
1.5 miles SW SX777620 Yarner Beacon
1.6 miles S SX792614 Puddaven
1.7 miles SW SX770623 Billeigh
1.7 miles S SX791611 Longcause
1.8 miles SW SX774617 Dun Cross
1.8 miles S SX783611 Brook House
1.9 miles S SX796609 Redworth
2.1 miles SW SX763623 Westcombe
2.4 miles SW SX763615 Allerton
3.0 miles SW SX758606 Tigley
3.4 miles SW SX750605 Venton
1.4 miles SE SX812626, Littlehempston, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.0 miles SE SX808632 Rectory
1.1 miles E SX811638 Buckyette
1.4 miles SE SX809623 Gratton
1.4 miles SE SX812626 Littlehempston
1.5 miles E SX817638 Tally Ho
1.8 miles E SX822640 Knaves Ash Cross
1.8 miles E SX822643 Lillisford
1.9 miles E SX823631 Uphempston
1.5 miles N SX801662, Broadhempston, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.8 miles NE SX801650 Row Cross
1.4 miles E SX815640 Hemsford
1.5 miles E SX815647 Fishacre
1.5 miles N SX792663 Beaston
1.5 miles N SX801662 Broadhempston
1.8 miles N SX791668 Bickaton
1.8 miles N SX799668 Lee
1.9 miles N SX794670 Downe
2.1 miles N SX792672 Waytown
2.3 miles N SX788676 Forder Green
2.3 miles N SX798676 Knowle
2.7 miles N SX791682 Purcombe
2.2 miles S SX801605, Totnes, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.8 miles S SX802612 Swallowfields
2.2 miles S SX801605 Totnes
2.2 miles S SX786604 Follaton House
2.4 miles S SX792600 Broomborough Hopuse
2.5 miles S SX793598 Windmill Down
2.7 miles S SX802597 The Mount
2.9 miles S SX793593 Gerston
3.0 miles S SX800591 Bowden House
3.5 miles S SX794582 Stancombe
2.4 miles NE SX819668, Torbryan, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.2 miles NE SX821661 Poole
2.3 miles NE SX811671 Coppa Dolla
2.4 miles NE SX819668 Torbryan
2.8 miles NE SX815679 Tornewton
3.1 miles N SX809687 Yeatt
3.2 miles NE SX816685 Denbury Camp
3.3 miles N SX802691 Venn
3.4 miles N SX814690 Nordon
3.6 miles N SX789697 Rising Inn
3.9 miles N SX785701 Bremridge
4.0 miles N SX803703 Killinch
4.1 miles NE SX826696 Heathfield
4.2 miles N SX782706 Combe Cross
2.8 miles SE SX828610, Berry Pomeroy, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.8 miles SE SX807614 Hall
2.2 miles SE SX811609 Bourton
2.2 miles SE SX826624 Netherton
2.4 miles E SX830630 Shadrack
2.6 miles SE SX813602 Bridgetown
2.7 miles SE SX821606 True Street
2.7 miles SE SX818603 Great Court
2.8 miles SE SX828610 Berry Pomeroy
3.0 miles SE SX821600 Western House
3.0 miles SE SX836617 Berry Castle Lodge
3.1 miles E SX841626 Afton
3.2 miles E SX844640 Weekaborough
3.2 miles SE SX838613 Week
3.4 miles E SX847628 Loventor
3.5 miles E SX848628 Loventor
3.6 miles SE SX832595 Lower Longcombe
3.7 miles SE SX840601 Longcombe
3.8 miles SE SX848611 Barton Pines
3.0 miles NE SX833665, Ipplepen, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.9 miles E SX823640 Knaves Ash Cross
2.0 miles E SX823650 Newhouse Barton
2.4 miles E SX832638 Red Post
2.6 miles E SX834644 Waye Barton
2.6 miles E SX834649 Bow Grange
2.8 miles NE SX833661 Barton House
3.0 miles NE SX833665 Ipplepen
3.2 miles E SX843649 Combe Fishacre
3.2 miles E SX845645 Combe House
3.5 miles E SX847657 Wrigwell Hill
3.7 miles NE SX844670 Park Hill
4.0 miles NE SX851667 Dainton
4.2 miles E SX858659 Bulleigh Barton
4.8 miles NE SX863673 Stoneycombe
3.0 miles N SX790687, Woodland, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.5 miles N SX804678 Levaton
2.7 miles N SX806681 Pulsford Farm
3.0 miles N SX790687 Woodland
3.2 miles N SX783690 Gurrington House
3.6 miles N SX787696 Wickeridge
3.4 miles S SX778586, Harberton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.6 miles S SX777601 Dorsely
2.6 miles SW SX768606 Ashridge
2.7 miles S SX784596 Cholwell
2.8 miles SW SX769601 Blakemore
2.9 miles S SX779594 Tristford House
3.1 miles S SX787590 Peak Cross
3.2 miles SW SX759600 Fork Cross
3.2 miles S SX778589 Gills Cross
3.3 miles SW SX766593 Belsford
3.4 miles S SX778586 Harberton
3.5 miles SW SX759594 Yeo Brake
3.5 miles SW SX761592 Sandwell
3.6 miles S SX780582 Dundridge
3.7 miles S SX793579 Luscombe Cross
3.7 miles SW SX752595 Hazard
3.8 miles SW SX758589 Langford
3.9 miles SW SX760585 Berrystone Rock
4.0 miles S SX778577 Bennetts Cross
4.1 miles S SX775576 Keys Englebourne
4.1 miles SW SX764580 East Leigh
4.2 miles SW SX740597 Gosworthy
4.3 miles S SX796570 Luscombe
4.4 miles S SX776571 Great Englebourne
4.4 miles SW SX757578 West Leigh
4.4 miles S SX794568 Prowses Luscombe
4.5 miles S SX790567 Austins Close
4.7 miles S SX797564 Beenleigh
4.7 miles SW SX734592 Shorter Cross
4.8 miles S SX783562 Harbertonford
4.9 miles S SX772563 Rolster
3.6 miles NE SX823688, Denbury, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.3 miles NE SX825681 Halwell
3.6 miles NE SX823688 Denbury
3.6 miles SW SX740615, Rattery, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.3 miles W SX772638 Riverford Bridge
2.0 miles W SX762631 Velwell
2.7 miles W SX751626 Brownstone
2.8 miles W SX748637 Luscombe
2.9 miles SW SX751620 Willing
3.1 miles W SX745627 Bulkamore
3.6 miles SW SX740615 Rattery
3.7 miles SW SX743606 Culverlane
3.9 miles SW SX737611 Mill Cross
4.6 miles SW SX724611 Syon Abbey
3.6 miles W SX738660, Buckfastleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles NW SX744667 Dart Bridge
3.6 miles W SX738660 Buckfastleigh
3.9 miles NW SX741674 Buckfast Abbey
4.0 miles NW SX738673 Buckfast
4.5 miles NW SX729672 The Grange
4.5 miles W SX726668 Bilberryhill
5.0 miles W SX718668 Hapstead
3.9 miles W SX730635, Dean Prior, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.8 miles W SX733649 Dean
3.9 miles W SX730635 Dean Prior
4.1 miles W SX727629 Tor Dean
4.4 miles W SX722643 Deancombe
4.5 miles W SX723618 Whiteoxen
4.6 miles W SX718640 Nurston
4.8 miles W SX715640 Addislade
4.1 miles N SX818700, West Ogwell, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.1 miles N SX818700 West Ogwell
4.4 miles N SX814707 Parsonage Farm
4.3 miles NW SX755697, Ashburton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles NW SX755697 Ashburton
4.4 miles N SX779709 Mead
4.4 miles NW SX740687 Priestaford House
4.6 miles NW SX743693 Knowle
4.9 miles NW SX764712 Place
4.9 miles N SX786718 Goodstone
4.9 miles NW SX755709 Rew
5.0 miles N SX781718 Caton
4.5 miles S SX818571, Ashprington, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.8 miles S SX813582 Sharpham Barton
4.3 miles SE SX826579 Sharpham House
4.4 miles S SX801568 Painsford
4.5 miles S SX818571 Ashprington
4.6 miles S SX817569 Coombe
4.7 miles S SX812566 Bow
4.7 miles S SX817567 Frogmore
4.8 miles S SX808563 Yeatson
4.5 miles E SX866636, Marldon, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.8 miles E SX855636 Aptor
4.4 miles E SX862623 Westerland
4.5 miles E SX864654 Compton Pool
4.5 miles E SX866636 Marldon
4.7 miles E SX869646 Compton
4.8 miles E SX870629 Five Lanes
5.0 miles E SX873649 Compton Barton
4.7 miles NE SX838700, East Ogwell, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.7 miles NE SX838700 East Ogwell
4.8 miles N SX820711 Holbeam
4.9 miles NE SX856687, Abbotskerswell, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles NE SX846681 Two Mile Oak Cross
4.8 miles NE SX860677 Whiddon
4.9 miles NE SX856687 Abbotskerswell
5.4 miles SE SX848572, Stoke Gabriel, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles SE SX842589 Aish
5.4 miles N SX799726, Bickington, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.6 miles N SX800712 Coombe
4.7 miles N SX794715 Gale
4.8 miles N SX808714 Herebere
4.8 miles N SX811714 Wrigwell
5.5 miles NE SX854703, Wolborough, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.1 miles NE SX840686 Rydon
6.1 miles E SX886608, Paignton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.8 miles SE SX847611 Barton Pines
4.3 miles SE SX856610 Blagdon
4.4 miles SE SX855603 Blagdon Barton
4.7 miles SE SX853594 Windmill Hill Clump
4.9 miles SE SX854588 Whitehill
6.5 miles NW SX705695, Holne, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles N SX802698 Wotton Cross
6.5 miles SW SX695602, South Brent, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles SW SX747587 East Moore
4.5 miles W SX723619 Whiteoxen Manor
4.5 miles SW SX742587 West Moore
4.7 miles SW SX730598 Lisburne
4.7 miles SW SX741583 Lincombe
4.8 miles W SX717622 Harbourneford
4.9 miles W SX716622 Harbourneford
4.9 miles SW SX735585 Kerswill


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.