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Genuki Gazetteer - Nearby Places

This page initially shows the places within 5 miles of the location associated with the place (parish, county, etc.) from whose GENUKI page it was reached. It did this using the following search request:

By changing the information in the above search form and requesting a new search you can narrow or widen the search, or indeed search for places near other locations.

Places within 5 miles of Stoke Fleming, Devon, OS Gridref SX861483

0.0 miles N SX861483, Stoke Fleming, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.0 miles N SX861483 Stoke Fleming
0.1 miles S SX861481 Sanders
0.5 miles NE SX868488 Rock Vale
0.6 miles SW SX853479 Blackpool
0.6 miles N SX865492 Poundhouse
0.7 miles NE SX872488 Redlap House
0.8 miles NW SX850490 Riversbridge
0.9 miles N SX859497 Venn
1.0 miles N SX864499 Thorn
1.1 miles NW SX854499 Wordes
1.1 miles W SX844490 Bowden
1.2 miles N SX859502 Wheatland
1.3 miles W SX841486 Comber
1.4 miles NW SX852503 Broomhill
1.5 miles N SX857507 Cotton
1.7 miles NW SX838498 Ash
1.8 miles NE SX879505 Warfleet
2.0 miles NW SX846512 Woodbury Farm
2.3 miles NW SX834509 Bugford
2.5 miles NW SX831510 Hillfield
1.9 miles NE SX878508, Dartmouth St Petrox, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.8 miles NE SX880505 Warfleet
1.9 miles NE SX878508 Dartmouth St Petrox
2.0 miles N SX869514, Dartmouth Townstall, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.6 miles N SX863508 Milton
1.9 miles N SX852512 Norton
2.0 miles N SX869514 Dartmouth Townstall
2.2 miles N SX861519 Old Mill
2.2 miles N SX852518 Lower Norton
2.0 miles NE SX878511, Dartmouth, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.0 miles NE SX878511 Dartmouth
2.1 miles NE SX877513, Dartmouth St Saviour, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.1 miles NE SX877513 Dartmouth St Saviour
2.1 miles NE SX882510, Kingswear, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.1 miles NE SX882510 Kingswear
3.3 miles SW SX820450, Slapton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.3 miles W SX825474 Hansel
2.8 miles SW SX819466 Loworthy
2.9 miles W SX815471 Merrifield
3.2 miles W SX810474 Buckland
3.2 miles SW SX815459 Lower Green Cross
3.3 miles W SX809475 Thorn
3.3 miles SW SX820450 Slapton
3.3 miles SW SX816454 Pool
3.3 miles W SX807485 Newton
3.4 miles W SX807476 Scarswell
3.5 miles W SX805471 Dearswell
3.6 miles W SX806465 Pittaford
3.9 miles SW SX809449 Start
4.0 miles SW SX802457 Higher Coltscombe
4.0 miles W SX800461 Blackland
4.1 miles W SX797468 Dittiscombe
4.2 miles W SX797463 Alston
4.2 miles W SX794476 Heathfield
3.9 miles NW SX804509, Blackawton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.9 miles W SX847479 Southwood
1.2 miles SW SX844473 Landcombe
1.5 miles SW SX843466 Asherne
1.6 miles SW SX839470 Strete
1.9 miles SW SX838464 Sea Cliff
1.9 miles W SX831481 Fuge
2.1 miles SW SX836460 Homelands
2.2 miles W SX825484 Burlestone
2.3 miles NW SX830502 Greenswood
2.3 miles SW SX835456 Manor House
2.4 miles W SX824495 Eastdown
2.4 miles W SX822489 Combe Farm
2.5 miles SW SX833455 Strete Gate
2.8 miles NW SX820502 Sweetstone
2.9 miles W SX816494 Westdown
2.9 miles NW SX824511 Lower Wadstray
3.0 miles NW SX820508 Cotterbury Barton
3.1 miles W SX812490 Forder
3.1 miles NW SX830522 Hemborough Post
3.2 miles NW SX825519 Higher Wadstray
3.2 miles W SX812501 Pruston Barton
3.3 miles NW SX827524 Stone Farm
3.3 miles W SX809496 Dallacombe
3.5 miles W SX809504 Waterslade
3.5 miles NW SX817518 Oldstone Mansion
3.6 miles NW SX819523 Shearstone
3.7 miles W SX803499 Millcombe
3.9 miles NW SX804509 Blackawton
4.1 miles NW SX811525 Dreyton
4.3 miles W SX795503 Washwalk
4.3 miles W SX797509 Woodford
4.3 miles NW SX803522 Hartley
4.6 miles NW SX796519 Bowden
4.6 miles W SX792511 Wood
4.9 miles W SX784504 Hutcherleigh
5.0 miles W SX786512 Seawardstein
4.2 miles N SX861550, Dittisham, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.7 miles N SX850525 Chipton
2.9 miles NW SX836522 Hemborough
3.0 miles N SX858531 Lapthorne
3.0 miles N SX864531 Hole
3.0 miles N SX845529 Bruckton
3.1 miles N SX853532 Downton
3.3 miles N SX863536 Bozomzeal
3.4 miles NW SX837532 Capton
3.7 miles N SX846540 Kingston
3.7 miles N SX859543 Bozomzeal Cross
3.9 miles N SX858545 Cott Farm
4.2 miles N SX861550 Dittisham
4.2 miles N SX844548 Coombe
4.3 miles N SX861552 Dittisham Court
4.7 miles SW SX808428, Stokenham, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.1 miles SW SX806446 Darnacombe
4.6 miles SW SX803438 Frittiscombe
4.6 miles SW SX822420 Torcross
4.7 miles SW SX808428 Stokenham
4.8 miles SW SX815421 Widewell
4.9 miles NW SX829555, Cornworthy, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles NW SX828538 Woolcoombe
4.0 miles NW SX819532 Dinnicombe
4.2 miles NW SX829543 Broadridge
4.4 miles N SX847552 East Cornworthy
4.5 miles NW SX820542 Tideford
4.6 miles N SX835552 Broadgates
4.6 miles NW SX810537 Allaleigh
4.6 miles NW SX827549 Southhills
4.7 miles NW SX817545 Gitcombe
4.9 miles NW SX829555 Cornworthy
5.6 miles NE SX921551, Brixham, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.2 miles NE SX888507 Brookhill
2.4 miles NE SX893504 Down End
2.8 miles NE SX890518 Waterhead Brake
2.9 miles NE SX901506 Brownstone
3.2 miles NE SX889526 Hoodown
3.3 miles NE SX903515 Kingston
3.3 miles NE SX906511 Coleton
3.3 miles NE SX899520 Boohay
3.4 miles NE SX909508 Coleton Fishacre
3.5 miles NE SX903521 Nethway House
4.1 miles NE SX912525 Woodhuish
4.2 miles NE SX910530 Forder
4.3 miles NE SX905537 Hillhead
4.5 miles NE SX899545 Lupton Barton Farm
4.9 miles NE SX902550 Lupton House
4.9 miles NE SX917539 Southdown
5.7 miles NE SX903564, Churston Ferrers, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles N SX877546 Maypool
4.1 miles N SX872548 Greenway House
4.2 miles N SX880548 Higher Greenway
4.4 miles N SX877552 Lower Greenway
5.7 miles W SX769483, East Allington, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles W SX792479 Lipton
4.6 miles W SX788467 Colehanger
4.7 miles SW SX793451 Harleston
4.7 miles W SX785474 Norton
6.0 miles NW SX777532, Halwell, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles W SX802493 Sheplegh Court
3.7 miles W SX801488 Abbotsleigh
4.2 miles W SX793484 Wallaton Cross
4.3 miles W SX793499 Seccombe
4.9 miles W SX783494 Pasture Farm
5.0 miles NW SX795528 Collaton


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.