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Genuki Gazetteer - Nearby Places

This page initially shows the places within 5 miles of the location associated with the place (parish, county, etc.) from whose GENUKI page it was reached. It did this using the following search request:

By changing the information in the above search form and requesting a new search you can narrow or widen the search, or indeed search for places near other locations.

Places within 5 miles of Tedburn St Mary, Devon, OS Gridref SX816942

0.0 miles N SX816942, Tedburn St Mary, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.0 miles N SX816942 Tedburn St Mary
0.2 miles SW SX814940 Taphouse
0.3 miles S SX817938 Upcott
0.3 miles SE SX818937 Winslakefoot
0.4 miles N SX816948 Great Fairwood
0.6 miles N SX820951 Frankford
0.6 miles W SX806944 Town Barton
0.7 miles S SX818931 Oak Farm
0.7 miles NW SX806948 Rubhay
0.7 miles N SX816954 Hill
0.8 miles SE SX827935 Great Huish
1.0 miles E SX832945 Floyte
1.0 miles SW SX804931 Hackworthy
1.1 miles NW SX809958 Hembeer
1.2 miles SE SX832932 East Huish
1.2 miles S SX810924 Aller
1.4 miles W SX795950 Twisted Oak
1.5 miles S SX811919 Windout
1.5 miles SW SX796929 Town
1.6 miles W SX791939 Withycombe
1.7 miles SE SX839928 New House
1.8 miles SW SX801917 Brook
1.8 miles SW SX792925 Melhuish Barton
2.1 miles W SX783932 Coombe
2.2 miles E SX851942 Heath Cross
2.7 miles W SX773935, Cheriton Bishop, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.4 miles NW SX799956 Higher Berry Natson
1.7 miles W SX790951 Tillerton
1.8 miles W SX787946 Down
2.2 miles W SX781937 Gorwyn
2.3 miles W SX779944 Upper Mounson
2.3 miles W SX779950 Medland manor
2.4 miles W SX779932 Woodleigh
2.6 miles W SX774940 Venbridge Ho
2.6 miles W SX776928 Cheriton Cross
2.6 miles W SX774949 West Beer
2.7 miles W SX773935 Cheriton Bishop
2.9 miles W SX770953 West Down
3.0 miles SW SX779912 West Down
3.0 miles W SX768948 Lewdon
3.1 miles W SX767935 Coxland
3.2 miles W SX765940 Horselake
3.2 miles W SX767926 Eggbeer
3.2 miles SW SX770917 Lower Eggbeer
3.3 miles W SX764928 Spiralake
3.7 miles W SX757940 Staddons
3.7 miles W SX757935 Honeyford
3.8 miles W SX756951 Wilson
4.0 miles W SX754923 Crockernwell
4.1 miles W SX751928 Lambert
4.3 miles W SX747944 Pitton
4.5 miles W SX744939 West Pitton
4.6 miles W SX743927 Bowden
4.7 miles W SX743924 Hooperton
4.7 miles W SX740936 Thorne
4.9 miles W SX738931 Hole
3.1 miles SE SX858916, Holcombe Burnell, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.8 miles SW SX802917 Brook
1.8 miles S SX826915 Bilsdon
1.9 miles SE SX841923 Downhouse
2.1 miles SE SX837916 Higher Pitt
2.3 miles SE SX831909 Ford
2.4 miles SE SX840911 Kingsford
2.5 miles SE SX839909 Rughouse
2.5 miles SE SX851922 Kingswell
3.0 miles SE SX841901 Great Matridge
3.0 miles SE SX848906 Hill Farm
3.1 miles SE SX858916 Holcombe Burnell
3.1 miles SE SX855910 Hares Down
3.1 miles SE SX860917 Holcombe Burnell Barton
3.2 miles SE SX846901 Culver
3.2 miles S SX812891, Dunsford, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.3 miles S SX823922 South Halstow
1.4 miles SE SX830925 South Lendon
1.7 miles S SX822915 Goatlake
1.9 miles S SX815911 Scuttishill
2.0 miles S SX808910 Staddon
2.1 miles S SX813908 Corridge
2.2 miles SW SX798912 Langley
2.2 miles SW SX790917 Great Fulford
2.3 miles S SX816905 Brook
2.5 miles SW SX793909 Tower Lodge
2.5 miles S SX805903 Berry Barton
2.7 miles S SX817899 South Zeal
2.7 miles SE SX833902 Storridge
2.9 miles SW SX782911 East Down
2.9 miles SW SX796900 Upperton
2.9 miles S SX804897 Collabridge
3.0 miles SW SX790901 Westcombe
3.1 miles S SX820893 Reedy
3.2 miles S SX806892 Butts
3.2 miles SW SX790898 Bigport
3.2 miles S SX812891 Dunsford
3.2 miles S SX834894 Farrants
3.2 miles SW SX785901 Clifford Barton
3.2 miles S SX824891 Combe
3.3 miles SE SX838894 Dunsford Halt
3.3 miles SW SX793894 Boyland
3.4 miles SE SX843895 Horrowmore
3.4 miles SE SX862912 Longdown
3.4 miles SE SX855903 Longdown Station
3.5 miles S SX833888 Sowton Barton
3.6 miles SE SX847893 Cotley
4.0 miles SE SX860895 Cotley Castle
4.0 miles SE SX864898 Darnaford
4.1 miles S SX829878 Burnwell
3.2 miles E SX868943, Whitestone, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.2 miles NE SX831954 Woodhay
1.4 miles E SX838937 Ball Oaks
1.6 miles E SX840950 Great Woodhay
1.8 miles E SX843931 Five Mile Cross
1.9 miles E SX846940 Heath Barton
2.0 miles E SX846952 Twiscombe
2.0 miles E SX848943 Heath Cross
2.1 miles SE SX847928 Poole Farm
2.1 miles E SX850939 Balls Farm
2.3 miles E SX851953 Bowlish
2.4 miles E SX854935 Lower Hare
2.5 miles E SX855930 West Town
3.0 miles E SX861926 Southway
3.0 miles E SX864940 Norway Farm
3.0 miles E SX863931 Ford Farm
3.1 miles E SX865934 Hayne Farm
3.2 miles E SX867936 Kent
3.2 miles E SX868943 Whitestone
3.3 miles E SX869932 Hill Farm
3.4 miles E SX869928 Pitt Farm
3.6 miles E SX874948 West Rowhorne
3.7 miles E SX876943 Hackworthy
3.7 miles E SX876937 Halsfordwood
3.9 miles E SX879938 Trillow
3.9 miles E SX879947 East Rowhorne
4.0 miles E SX879931 Way Farm
4.0 miles E SX879928 Hurston House
3.9 miles N SS836002, Crediton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.3 miles N SX811962 Harford
1.8 miles NW SX791958 Collihill
1.9 miles N SX819973 Wilsons
2.0 miles N SX820974 Venny Tedburn
2.0 miles NW SX796968 Great Leigh
2.1 miles N SX813976 Posbury
2.1 miles N SX822976 Court Barton
2.2 miles NW SX789964 Langridge
2.5 miles NW SX795976 Winstode
2.5 miles NE SX834978 Trobridge House
2.6 miles NW SX792976 Ford
2.7 miles NE SX842976 Westcott Barton
2.7 miles N SX815985 Folly
2.7 miles N SX805984 Gunstone Mills
2.7 miles NW SX781968 Woodland Head
2.8 miles NW SX780968 Woodland Head
2.8 miles N SX827986 Uton
2.9 miles N SX827988 Yeoton Bridge
3.0 miles N SX834986 Culvery Bridge
3.0 miles N SX805989 Gunstone
3.0 miles W SX770958 Caddiford
3.1 miles N SX812991 Moor
3.1 miles N SX825991 Bere
3.1 miles NW SX771964 Shortacombe
3.1 miles N SX819992 Denbury
3.1 miles NW SX795988 Neopardy
3.2 miles N SX810993 Stairhill
3.3 miles N SX809995 Moorlake
3.3 miles NE SX840990 Fordton
3.4 miles N SX833994 Park
3.4 miles NW SX782985 Yeoford
3.4 miles NE SX851985 Hookway
3.4 miles NE SX847988 Kersford?
3.6 miles W SX760957 Hook
3.6 miles N SS813000 Pitt
3.6 miles NW SX763967 Vennicombe
3.7 miles N SS822001 Westwood
3.7 miles N SX839997 Wellparks
3.8 miles N SS810003 Jews Hollacombe
3.9 miles N SS802003 Hollacombe
3.9 miles N SS836002 Crediton
4.0 miles NE SX860989 Dunscombe
4.0 miles NE SX850997 Downes
4.0 miles N SS819007 Chapel Down
4.1 miles NW SX778996 Keymelford?
4.1 miles W SX751956 Bradleigh
4.1 miles NE SX861991 Codhead Bridge
4.2 miles NE SS846003 Downes Head
4.2 miles W SX753968 Binneford
4.7 miles N SS800016 Priestcombe
4.8 miles N SS805018 Goldswell
4.9 miles N SS793017 Spence Combe
5.0 miles W SX737954 Eastchurch
5.0 miles NW SS783015 Knowle
4.6 miles NE SX879980, Newton St Cyres, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.9 miles NE SX859962 Sherwood
3.3 miles NE SX863967 Northridge
3.9 miles NE SX869975 East Woodley
4.0 miles NE SX864985 Smallbrook
4.3 miles NE SX876976 West Town
4.4 miles E SX885960 Bailey
4.5 miles NE SX864996 Creedy Barton
4.6 miles NE SX879980 Newton St Cyres
4.6 miles NE SX884973 Hayne Farm
4.9 miles NE SX883983 Court Barton
4.9 miles NE SX880989 Sweetham
5.0 miles NE SX889976 Ford
4.6 miles NW SS770000, Colebrooke, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles NW SX772983 North Down
4.0 miles NW SX771988 Pennyland
4.0 miles NW SX758971 Newbury
4.1 miles NW SX762981 Wotton
4.3 miles NW SX773996 Elley
4.4 miles NW SX755978 Great Heal
4.6 miles NW SS770000 Colebrooke
4.6 miles NW SS775004 Penstone
4.7 miles NW SS784011 Combe House
4.8 miles NW SS779010 Combe
5.0 miles NW SX744977 Road Farm
5.0 miles NW SX752991 Preston
4.8 miles S SX815864, Bridford, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.9 miles S SX822879 Weeke Barton
4.2 miles S SX807875 Lowton
4.4 miles S SX825872 Neadon
4.4 miles S SX801873 Burtiscombe
4.4 miles S SX795874 Heltor
4.5 miles S SX818870 Windhill Gate
4.6 miles S SX832869 Venn
4.8 miles S SX789869 Westcott
4.8 miles S SX815864 Bridford
5.1 miles NE SS862011, Shobrooke, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles NE SS855003 Westacott
5.2 miles N SS828025, Sandford, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles N SS819014 Combelancey
4.6 miles N SS825015 Frogmire
4.7 miles N SS832016 Creedy Park
4.8 miles N SS841015 Long Barn
5.4 miles SW SX736908, Drewsteignton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.6 miles SW SX773903 Wallon
3.9 miles SW SX760912 Coombe Hall
4.0 miles W SX754924 Crockernwell
4.0 miles SW SX764903 Upperton
4.1 miles SW SX756915 Narracott
4.4 miles SW SX754906 Broadmoor House
4.5 miles SW SX749915 Greystone
4.6 miles W SX744921 Bowden
4.7 miles SW SX747910 Burrow
4.7 miles SW SX750904 Preston
4.8 miles SW SX743914 East Fingle
5.4 miles SE SX857865, Doddiscombsleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles SE SX848883 Easternhill Farm
4.3 miles S SX840877 Lowley
4.4 miles S SX835874 Leigh Cross
4.6 miles SE SX860883 Windy Cross
4.7 miles S SX840871 Sheldon
4.7 miles S SX839870 Bridfordmills
4.8 miles S SX839868 Bridford Mills
5.0 miles SE SX854871 Apridge
5.6 miles SE SX897903, Ide, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
5.0 miles SE SX882897 Halscombe
6.1 miles E SX911917, Exeter: St Thomas the Apostle, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.8 miles E SX893933 Nadderwater
4.9 miles E SX894931 Whitestone Cross
6.4 miles SW SX754860, Moretonhampstead, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.6 miles SW SX780896 Clifford Bridge
4.6 miles SW SX764889 Wooston
4.6 miles SW SX783875 Leigh
4.9 miles SW SX770877 Headless Cross
6.9 miles E SX918899, Alphington, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.9 miles E SX874916 Westwood
4.0 miles E SX879929 Hurston House
4.3 miles E SX881919 Eastwood
4.4 miles SE SX881912 Webbys Farm
4.7 miles SE SX885910 Marks Farm
7.3 miles NE SX926985, Brampford Speke, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles E SX888955 Star Barton
8.5 miles SE SX922856, Kenn, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles SE SX866902 Perridge House
11.1 miles SE SX957833, Kenton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.8 miles E SX875927 Cutteridge Farm


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.