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Genuki Gazetteer - Nearby Places

This page initially shows the places within 5 miles of the location associated with the place (parish, county, etc.) from whose GENUKI page it was reached. It did this using the following search request:

By changing the information in the above search form and requesting a new search you can narrow or widen the search, or indeed search for places near other locations.

Places within 5 miles of Willand, Devon, OS Gridref ST037103

0.0 miles N ST037103, Willand, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.0 miles N ST037103 Willand
0.4 miles NE ST042108 Were Mill Farm
0.6 miles W ST027103 Deanhill Farm
0.7 miles SW ST030095 Verbeer
0.7 miles NW ST032113 Tiverton Junction
0.7 miles NE ST043113 Willand Moor
0.8 miles NW ST026109 Western Burnrew
0.8 miles W ST024102 Gerston Farm
2.2 miles SW ST021071, Cullompton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.9 miles S ST034089 Hayne Barton
1.2 miles S ST030085 Venn
1.4 miles S ST030082 Kings Mills
1.5 miles SW ST019086 Rull Fm
1.6 miles SW ST022083 St Georges Well
1.6 miles S ST034078 Week
1.8 miles S ST030075 Stoneyford
1.8 miles SW ST015084 Paulsland Fm
2.1 miles SW ST009083 Growen Fm
2.2 miles SW ST021071 Cullompton
2.2 miles SW ST013076 St Andrews Hill
2.5 miles SW ST003081 Woodcocks well
2.6 miles SW SS999086 Crankland Fm
2.8 miles W SS995087 Fulford Water
2.8 miles S ST037058 Wheatcroft Fm
2.9 miles SW ST004071 Knowle
2.9 miles SW ST018061 Padbrook Hill
2.9 miles SW ST001074 Ponsford
2.9 miles SW SS996080 Hillersdon House
2.9 miles SW ST000074 Ponsford
3.2 miles SW ST006061 Colebrook
3.3 miles S ST029051 Mutterton
3.3 miles SW ST005061 Fairfields
3.3 miles SW ST006060 Colebrook
3.4 miles S ST044049 Dungeon
3.4 miles SW SS995068 Coombe Fm
3.4 miles W SS984089 East Butterleigh
3.5 miles S ST050048 Higher Weaver
3.5 miles S ST029047 Shutelake
3.7 miles W SS980083 Birchen Oak
3.8 miles S ST024044 Bolealler House
3.8 miles S ST020044 Westcott
3.9 miles SW SS984069 Halsewood
4.1 miles S ST019040 Merry Harriers
4.2 miles S ST030035 Tye Fm
4.5 miles S ST018033 Garlandhayes
4.6 miles S ST026030 Langford
4.6 miles S ST031029 Langford Green
4.9 miles S ST012029 Whiteheathfield Barton
4.9 miles S ST031025 Langford Court
2.4 miles SE ST068080, Kentisbeare, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles SE ST047088 Kingsford
1.4 miles SE ST055089 Woodbarton Farm
1.8 miles SE ST057083 Goodiford Farm
1.8 miles SE ST061088 Wressing
1.9 miles E ST067095 Croyle House
2.2 miles E ST072100 Sowell Farm
2.2 miles E ST071092 Pirswell Farm
2.4 miles SE ST053068 Aller Cross
2.4 miles E ST074092 Pirswell
2.4 miles SE ST068080 Kentisbeare
2.4 miles SE ST052067 Aller
2.5 miles SE ST065075 Rectory
2.9 miles SE ST079084 Stoford Water
3.0 miles E ST084095 Halsbeer Farm
3.1 miles E ST086094 Ballymans Farm
3.1 miles E ST085087 France Farm
3.2 miles E ST085083 Hollis Green
3.3 miles SE ST080073 Orway Porch
3.3 miles E ST089089 Pool Farm
3.5 miles SE ST083071 Orway Farm
3.5 miles E ST092087 Ponchydown
3.6 miles E ST091081 Saint Hill
4.4 miles SE ST101073 Downland House
2.5 miles N ST030142, Sampford Peverell, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.9 miles N ST035134 Venn Farm
2.5 miles N ST030142 Sampford Peverell
2.6 miles N ST027144 Sampford Barton
3.4 miles N ST039157 Little Landside
3.5 miles N ST034160 Pitt
3.6 miles N ST042161 Great Landside
4.3 miles N ST046172 Churchwalls
4.5 miles N ST035176 Great Ridge
2.5 miles NE ST069127, Uffculme, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.4 miles SE ST042099 Skinners Farm
0.9 miles E ST051099 Bradfield House
1.0 miles E ST053102 Batsons Farm
1.0 miles E ST053107 Woodrow Farm
1.0 miles E ST053098 Bradfield
1.2 miles NE ST055112 Ford Farm
1.3 miles E ST058105 Stenhall
1.9 miles NE ST061121 Worsted Mill
1.9 miles E ST068104 Southill Barton
2.0 miles E ST068114 Gaddon House
2.1 miles NE ST063124 Coldharbour
2.1 miles NE ST068116 Smithincott
2.3 miles E ST074109 Whitmoor
2.4 miles NE ST066129 Mount View
2.5 miles NE ST069127 Uffculme
2.7 miles NE ST074125 Yondercott
2.8 miles E ST079119 Twenty Acres
3.0 miles E ST083116 Reeds Cross
3.0 miles E ST085110 Ashill Moor
3.1 miles E ST086114 Lower End
3.3 miles NE ST086122 Craddock Hpuse
3.3 miles NE ST086123 Craddock
3.3 miles E ST089113 Ashill
3.4 miles NE ST088125 Lowmoor Farm
3.8 miles E ST098102 Allercombe Farm
3.8 miles NE ST094126 Northcott
4.0 miles E ST099118 Hackpen Barton
4.0 miles E ST101111 Rull House
4.2 miles E ST105107 Leigh Hill Farm
4.3 miles E ST106114 Foxhill Farm
4.4 miles E ST108098 Bodmiscombe
4.4 miles E ST105125 Park Fm
4.5 miles E ST110110 Leigh Court
4.6 miles E ST111105 Ford
4.6 miles E ST111093 South Farm
4.9 miles E ST116100 Hayns
2.5 miles NW ST005128, Halberton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.0 miles SW ST024094 Five Bridges Farm
1.1 miles W ST021109 Western Burnrew
1.1 miles NE ST045119 Langlands Farm
1.2 miles NW ST026119 Slow Farm
1.2 miles NW ST028121 Muddifords Farm
1.3 miles SW ST021090 Bourne Farm
1.3 miles N ST042124 Pitt Farm
1.4 miles W ST015098 Moorstone Barton
1.4 miles NE ST050122 Hitchcocks Farm
1.6 miles NW ST022123 Nethereaux Farm
1.6 miles N ST045127 Mountstephen House
1.6 miles NW ST015116 Doctors Farm
1.6 miles N ST029128 Catfords Farm
1.7 miles W ST010103 Brithem Bottom
1.8 miles NW ST019126 Watton Farm
1.8 miles N ST031132 Shuthanger Farm
1.9 miles NE ST056126 Bridwell Farm
1.9 miles NW ST014124 Lake Farm
2.0 miles N ST027133 Battens Farm
2.1 miles NW ST019131 Rock House
2.1 miles W ST004109 Ash Thomas
2.2 miles W ST003093 Moorstone Leat
2.2 miles W ST002096 Leonard Farm
2.3 miles NW ST008125 Lower Town
2.3 miles W ST000105 Sock Hill
2.3 miles NW ST003119 Herne
2.4 miles W ST000114 Curham
2.4 miles W SS998108 Crossland
2.5 miles NW ST004126 Lower Town
2.5 miles NW ST005128 Halberton
2.6 miles W SS997093 Cruwys Farm
2.8 miles W SS992098 Chorland Farm
2.8 miles W SS993091 Way Mill
2.9 miles W SS992113 Rowridge
2.9 miles W SS993117 East Manley
3.1 miles W SS989117 Manley
3.2 miles W SS987092 Oburnford
3.2 miles NW SS992128 Hartnoll Farm
3.2 miles W SS989124 Copplestone
3.3 miles NW ST000141 Sellake
3.4 miles W SS982106 Warnicombe
3.9 miles W SS975098 Seckerleigh
4.2 miles W SS970092 Burrow Corner
4.3 miles W SS967102 Rhode Farm
4.6 miles W SS962101 West Pitt Farm
4.9 miles W SS959093 Higher Bockswood
3.5 miles NW ST013154, Uplowman, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.3 miles NW ST016151 Lowmans Cross
3.4 miles N ST019154 Green Gate
3.4 miles N ST026156 Whitnage
3.5 miles NW ST013154 Uplowman
3.7 miles N ST018160 Cott
4.1 miles N ST022168 Murley
4.3 miles NW ST008165 Stagg Mill
4.3 miles NW ST010167 Lower Beer
4.5 miles N ST013171 Hill Fm
4.5 miles NW ST010171 Middle Bear Farm
4.5 miles N ST024175 Spalsbury Farm
4.8 miles NW ST001171 Coombe
4.8 miles N ST011176 Beer Down Farm
3.6 miles E ST094092, Blackborough, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.9 miles E ST083098 Sandfield Farm
3.4 miles E ST092103 All Hallows Farm
3.6 miles E ST094092 Blackborough
4.1 miles W SS974081, Butterleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.1 miles W SS973088 Higher Butterleigh
4.1 miles W SS974081 Butterleigh
4.4 miles W SS967087 Coombe
4.5 miles NE ST102135, Culmstock, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.4 miles NE ST080136 Five Fords
3.7 miles NE ST081144 Culliford Fm
3.8 miles NE ST090134 Southey Barton
4.0 miles NE ST088142 Old Hall
4.1 miles NE ST090143 Prescott
4.2 miles NE ST090144 Prescott
4.4 miles NE ST090149 Henborough Fm
4.5 miles NE ST093148 Almshayne Fm
4.5 miles NE ST102135 Culmstock
4.5 miles NE ST088155 Axon Fm
4.5 miles NE ST087156 Gipsy Town
4.6 miles E ST108126 Bowhayes Fm
4.6 miles NE ST102140 Millmoor
4.7 miles NE ST106133 Hillmoor
5.0 miles NE ST097156 Waterslade Fm
4.6 miles NE ST075166, Burlescombe, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.5 miles NE ST056139 Waterloo Cross
2.9 miles N ST043149 Holbrook Farm
3.0 miles N ST047151 Ayshford
3.1 miles N ST047152 Ayshford
3.2 miles NE ST067145 Appledore
3.3 miles N ST056152 Pugham Farm
3.8 miles N ST054162 Westcott Farm
4.0 miles NE ST069158 Pound Farm
4.0 miles N ST050166 Rocknell Farm
4.2 miles N ST051169 Westleigh
4.6 miles NE ST075166 Burlescombe
4.7 miles N ST067173 Canonsleigh Farm
4.6 miles SW SS999040, Bradninch, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.3 miles S ST018053 Whorridge Farm
3.8 miles SW SS998056 Gingerland
3.9 miles SW SS995057 Trinity
3.9 miles SW ST001052 Bagmore
4.0 miles SW SS994056 Trinity
4.0 miles SW ST004047 Bowhill Farm
4.1 miles SW SS992055 Fordishdies
4.1 miles S ST019039 Winham House
4.3 miles SW SS987054 Downhead
4.4 miles SW ST004040 Manor House
4.5 miles SW SS997042 Castle Hill
4.5 miles SW SS991046 Downs
4.6 miles S ST018032 Garlandhayes Farm
4.6 miles SW SS999040 Bradninch
4.6 miles SW SS975062 Hawkalter
4.6 miles SW SS972066 Billingsmoor
4.8 miles SW ST004033 Kensham House
4.9 miles SW SS995037 West End
4.7 miles S ST051029, Plymtree, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.9 miles S ST058044 Woodbeer
4.0 miles S ST040039 Weaver
4.2 miles S ST049037 Sanguishayes Farm
4.3 miles SE ST065040 Woodbeer Court
4.4 miles S ST055035 Normans Green
4.6 miles S ST059032 Fordmoor
4.7 miles S ST051029 Plymtree
4.8 miles S ST046027 Greenend
4.8 miles S ST058029 Hayne House
5.3 miles E ST120086, Sheldon, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.9 miles E ST112079 Westcott Farm
5.0 miles E ST112074 Southcott
5.3 miles SE ST102047, Broadhembury, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.0 miles SE ST062061 Daisyland
3.1 miles SE ST055057 Clarkes Thorne
3.3 miles SE ST074064 The Priory
3.5 miles SE ST071058 Dulford
3.8 miles SE ST080060 Kerswell
4.0 miles SE ST087062 Windwhistle Farm
4.3 miles SE ST081050 Cranmer Barton
4.4 miles SE ST090055 Upcott Farm
4.6 miles SE ST095057 Northill Farm
4.8 miles SE ST084041 Colliton
5.4 miles W SS954128, Tiverton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.2 miles W SS988117 West Manley
3.3 miles W SS985114 Thurlescombe
3.4 miles NW ST003145 Widhayes Farm
3.6 miles W SS984125 Copplestone
3.7 miles NW SS993143 Bradford Farm
3.8 miles W SS978118 Lower Warnicombe
3.8 miles NW SS984133 Great Gurnhouse
3.9 miles W SS978127 Pool Anthony
4.0 miles NW SS984141 Craze Lowman
4.1 miles NW SS990149 Roliphnats Farm
4.2 miles W SS973125 Tidcombe
4.2 miles W SS969109 Gogwell
4.3 miles NW SS998160 East Mere
4.4 miles NW SS991156 Fordlands
4.4 miles W SS968120 Bingwell
4.4 miles NW SS991158 Westmere
4.5 miles NW SS979146 Peadhill
4.6 miles NW SS970134 Cowleymoor
4.8 miles W SS962119 The Firs
4.8 miles NW SS983159 Chevithorne Barton
4.9 miles W SS958103 Holwell
4.9 miles NW SS976154 Chevithorne
4.9 miles NW SS972149 Pileywell
5.5 miles N ST056190, Holcombe Rogus, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
5.0 miles N ST048182 Ford
6.2 miles W SS942071, Bickleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
5.0 miles W SS962075 Brithayes
6.3 miles E ST135132, Hemyock, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.8 miles E ST113120 Hack Pen Hill
6.8 miles SW SS956028, Silverton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.9 miles SW SS966069 Perry
4.9 miles SW SS964073 Keens


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.