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Churches near 53.145733,0.091820,3

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Distancesort descending Founded Closed
0.2 miles Eastville Road, Toynton St Peter, Methodist (Wesleyan) 1811 1993
0.4 miles St Peter, Toynton St Peter, Church of England 1742 Still open
0.5 miles Toynton Fen Side, Toynton All Saints, Methodist (Primitive) 1867 Closure date unknown
0.6 miles All Saints, Toynton All Saints, Church of England 1300 Still open
0.7 miles Peasgate Lane, Toynton All Saints, Methodist (Wesleyan) 1826 Still open
0.9 miles Fen Chapel, Toynton Wharf, Toynton All Saints, Methodist (Wesleyan) 1882 1932
1.2 miles St Helen, East Keal, Church of England 1708 Still open
1.4 miles Off Station Road, Halton Holgate, Methodist (Wesleyan) 1900 Status unknown
1.6 miles Boston Road, Spilsby, Cemetery Not known Still open
1.7 miles St Andrew, Halton Holgate, Church of England Not known Still open
1.8 miles Newtown Chapel, New Spilsby, Spilsby, Methodist (Primitive) 1855 1889
1.8 miles Keal Hill, East Keal, Methodist (Wesleyan) 1862 Closure date unknown
1.9 miles Spilsby, Independent 1811 1847
1.9 miles St James, Spilsby, Church of England 1400 Still open
1.9 miles Our Lady and the English Martyrs, Spilsby, Roman Catholic 1902 Still open
1.9 miles Market Place, Spilsby, Methodist (Wesleyan) 1878 Still open
2.0 miles Thorpe Bank Chapel, Thorpe St Peter, Methodist (Primitive) 1874 1970
2.0 miles Chapel Yard (now Wellington Yard), Spilsby, Methodist (Wesleyan) 1785 1878
2.0 miles Main Road, Little Steeping, Methodist (Wesleyan) Not known Status unknown
2.1 miles St Helen, West Keal, Church of England 1623 Still open
2.1 miles St Andrew, Little Steeping, Church of England Not known Still open
2.2 miles Main Road, Hundleby, Methodist (Wesleyan) Not known Closure date unknown
2.2 miles All Saints, Great Steeping, Church of England Not known 1891
2.3 miles St Paul, Eastville, Church of England 1840 Still open
2.3 miles St Mary, Hundleby, Church of England Not known Still open
2.5 miles Great Steeping, Methodist (Wesleyan) 1868 Still open
2.6 miles All Saints, Great Steeping, Church of England 1891 1993
2.8 miles Ashby by Partney, Methodist (Wesleyan) 1836 Closure date unknown
3.0 miles Raithby (Sausthorpe), Methodist (Wesleyan) 1779 Still open
3.0 miles St Helen, Ashby by Partney, Church of England Not known Still open