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Churches near 53.653213,-2.633919,3

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Distancesort descending Founded Closed
0.1 miles
St Mary, Chorley, Roman Catholic 1847 Still open
0.1 miles West St, Chorley, Primitive Methodist 1893 Closure date unknown
0.1 miles Chapel St , Chorley, Wesleyan Methodist 1895 Closure date unknown
0.1 miles
St Laurence Church of England, Chorley 1362 Still open
0.1 miles St George's St, Chorley, Independent 1836 Still open
0.2 miles
Emmaus Pentecostal, Chorley 1993 Still open
0.2 miles
Avondale Road Plymouth Brethren, Chorley Not known 1993
0.2 miles
St George Church of England, Chorley 1825 Still open
0.2 miles
Chorley Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Lancashire 1909 1971
0.2 miles
Hollinshead St (or New St) Independent, Chorley 1783 Still open
0.3 miles
Park St Unitarian, Chorley 1725 Still open
0.3 miles
Railway St United Methodist Free Church, Chorley 1893 Closure date unknown
0.3 miles
Park Road, Wesleyan Methodist, Chorley 1793 Still open
0.3 miles Trinity, Chorley, Methodist Not known Still open
0.4 miles
Southport Rd Cemetery, Chorley 1893 Still open
0.6 miles
Sacred Heart, Chorley, Roman Catholic 1875 Still open
0.6 miles
Lyons Lane Independent Methodist, Chorley 1898 Still open
0.7 miles
St Peter Church of England, Chorley 1850 Still open
0.7 miles Moor Rd, Chorley, Primitive Methodist 1893 Closure date unknown
0.7 miles
St James Church of England, Chorley 1878 Still open
0.7 miles Eaves Lane, Chorley, Wesleyan Methodist 1893 Closure date unknown
0.8 miles
St Joseph, Chorley, Roman Catholic 1910 Still open
0.9 miles
All Saints Church of England, Chorley 1959 Still open
1.0 miles
St Gregory, Chorley, Roman Catholic 1802 Still open
1.2 miles Heapey Rd, Chorley, Wesleyan Methodist 1893 Closure date unknown
1.3 miles
Temple Way, Hartwood Green Latter Day Saints, Chorley Not known Still open
1.7 miles
Wigan Road Wesleyan Methodist, Euxton 1893 Still open
1.8 miles
Euxton Parish Church 1400 Still open
2.0 miles
St Mary, Euxton, Roman Catholic 1740 Still open
2.1 miles Chapel Lane, Coppull, Wesleyan Methodist 1893 Closure date unknown
2.1 miles
Christ Church Church of England, Charnock Richard 1860 Still open
2.2 miles
St Barnabas Church of England, Heapey 1552 Still open
2.2 miles
St Chad, Whittle-le-Woods, Roman Catholic 1772 Still open
2.4 miles
Spendmore Lane Wesleyan Methodist, Coppull 1859 Still open
2.4 miles
St John the Evangelist, Whittle-le-Woods, Church of England 1830 Still open
2.5 miles
St John the Divine Church of England, Coppull 1912 Still open
2.5 miles
St Therese of Lisieux Roman Catholic, Whittle-le-Woods 1955 Still open
2.5 miles St Paul, Wheelton, Church of England 1871 Closure date unknown
2.7 miles
Chapel Lane Church of England, Coppull 1094 Still open
2.7 miles
St Oswald, Coppull, Roman Catholic 1926 Still open