GENUKI Help Wanted

There are a number of high level areas on the GENUKI pages marked **Job Vacancy** where we currently have pages with minimal information and no-one with direct responsibility for their development. We would like more volunteers to come forward to maintain these pages and preferably host them. More information about what this involves is available online. If you want to volunteer or have more questions about adopting an area, then please contact the Chair of the Trustees (currently Andrew Millard). The sections of our site where we are specifically looking for a maintainer can be seen here.

If you want to provide additional information for an area of GENUKI that already has a maintainer then please contact them directly. The maintainers of each county can be seen on the information providers page. Alternatively go to the page for the county in which you have an interest, and there will be a contact link near the bottom of that page.

We don't just need people to take on whole counties in GENUKI, we need volunteers to develop more parish pages and to provide more topic pages (detailed guidance on a particular subject) for all levels of GENUKI (national, down to county and parish). If you think you can help, if you have local knowledge which you could share with others, or if you can think of something that would be a useful addition to the pages, please contact the relevant maintainer. Original transcriptions of local source material such as Census Returns or Parish Registers are always welcome, provided that any required permissions have been obtained.

GENUKI is hosted and maintained by a number of people each looking after their own section but producing pages with a common structure and "look and feel". This means that browsers of the pages can easily find their way around and locate the information they want rather like you do in a library. We achieve this by having a set of standards which we all agree to follow. There are also a number of people willing to help and offer advice on producing WWW pages for GENUKI.

The next stage on most of the county pages is to expand the Towns and Parishes sections, and the best example of what can be achieved can be seen by looking at Northumberland. That's the long term aim and we don't expect new county page maintainers to immediately produce them. It's more a job of working to that end and encouraging like minded people to provide more relevant information. It's obviously preferable to have somebody providing basic information and maintenance rather than having no maintenance on a county at all. Further ideas for filling pages have been suggested by a number of the existing GENUKI maintainers. There are also a number of suggestions of URLs which contains lists of relevant links which can be added.

So if you want to take part you will be made most welcome.