GENUKI Maintainers' Pages

Version 1.11

Adding Or Modifying An Entry In The Gazetteer

Source files

The searches are all performed on a central MySQL database using SQL queries. Changes made by maintainers are not made to the central database itself, but to a set of source files which are used collectively to replace the entire database at regular intervals or when the need arises.

The source files consist of comma separated text files named places.csv, with one file per county. The places.csv file for a county can be held in any convenient location on a server accessible to both the county gazetteer maintainer, and the system administrator. Note that the county gazetteer maintainer need not be the same person as the county maintainer. Contact the system administrator if you have a problem locating your places.csv file.

Database creation/update

The URL for a county's places.csv file is held as part of the county's entry in the County database table. Contact the system administrator if you need the entry changed.

A program is run by the system administrator to collect all the county places.csv files and build the database from source. When any section has been changed, a database rebuild is required to activate the change; a simple rebuild is performed at 06:00 every day.

Updating the gazetteer

Refer to the definition of gazetteer fields for details of what to enter in each field.

Use an editor to update the places.csv file for your county. A simple text editor will be adequate, but it might be easier to use a spreadsheet editor if you have one available. Don't forget to save the updated file back in its original csv format.

To add a new entry, simply insert a new empty line in the file and add the new entry. The file should be sorted by placename so locate the right point in the file for the new entry.

To modify an existing entry, locate the entry and edit the fields that need changing, taking care to use the correct flags - some of these are not obvious, so look at similar entries to get the right values.

Improving the gazetteer

There are some tasks that county maintainers should undertake to improve the gazetteer. It may well be worthwhile recruiting a competent volunteer to do the bulk of the work but quality control procedures will be needed, and cooperation to ensure the correct URLs are used on the entries.

Copyright warning

It would be a breach of copyright/database right to systematically copy placenames and grid references from a map or gazetteer that is in copyright. NPE OS maps are a useful additional source that is out of copyright and can be found at: