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Version 2.0

Graphic Images

There is a large collection of useful graphic images available for use by maintainers in creating and updating GENUKI pages.

The standard GENUKI graphic images are held on the server in the directory /images/ which is located at the same level as /css/, /org/ and /big/ (see Folders for a definition of the GENUKI folder structure).

It is recommended that maintainers download a copy of the GENUKI /images/ directory. If your pages are hosted on the server, you should populate your local computer with the skeleton structure defined in Folders so that your web pages will have access to the images (and at the right place in the structure) when executed on your local computer. This aids the testing of pages for presentational correctness and ensures that, when loaded to the server from which they will be accessed, no additional errors occur.

However, if your pages are hosted on an alternative server (referenced from, you might be using a different skeleton structure on your local computer.

Depending on the location of the referring page in the structure, the URL for the "info" image would be "../../images/info.gif" or "../../../images/info.gif" (or possibly more iterations depending on the depth of the folder relationship).

The styles defined in the standard stylesheet (see Styles for a definition) use the images held in the /images/ directory to create standard GENUKI web page sections, e.g., the navigation bar, and the page terminator.

In particular, the GENUKI logo is held in the /images/ directory and must be displayed on every GENUKI page.

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