GENUKI Maintainers' Pages

Version 2.0

Rights And Responsibilities


A maintainer has the right to, at least:

Support from the Trustees

A maintainer has the right to the support of the GENUKI Trustees at all times, but, in particular, during a complaint or the resolution of a problem.

Help from other maintainers

If you have a question or need help to fix a problem or deal with an issue, you can be confident that the other maintainers will be available to help. Use the maintainers mailing list, or get in touch directly with a specific maintainer to seek their help.

Respect from GENUKI readers and users

GENUKI is a non-commercial organisation and our web service is provided free of charge to readers and users. However, we are seeking constantly to improve our service and problems with our web pages will be reported by users, and additional information offered. In these circumstances, a maintainer has the right to expect a GENUKI user to be polite and helpful. Rudeness and other negative behaviour is not welcome and, if this persists, maintainers have the right to discontinue the exchange. In such circumstances the maintainer concerned will have the support of the Trustees.


In addition to the responsibilities which accompany the role of a maintainer, a maintainer has the responsibility to, at least,:

Correct Broken Links

The nature of the web is that change is a continual process, and links that we use from GENUKI to reference other people's pages come and go. In order to enable maintainers to know which of their links no longer function, the Genuki Spider is run at the start of each month to check all the links on GENUKI pages, and to report problems for correction. The results of the last run can be checked at any time to examine the status of a specific section. If you have repaired a number of broken links in your pages and would like to verify that you've corrected the reported problems, then ask the system administrator for a rerun.

Repair might involve finding a replacement page to which the GENUKI link should be made, or deleting the link entirely.

Keep in touch

Maintainers are responsible for keeping in touch with the system administrator, the Trustees and other maintainers. See standards of conduct for how to keep in touch.

Additional responsibilities

In addition to continually adding to and updating their pages, an active maintainer will also accept the additional responsibilities to:

Correct invalid HTML

We write pages in HTML which has a defined syntax. We can, of course, make mistakes, and sometimes HTML syntax errors creep in. To help identify these, a separate program is run after the Spider run to check the syntax of all the pages that the Spider found in the run. Again, this check can be redone on a county basis after correcting errors by contacting the system administrator.

Backup data

There's no perfect answer and we can all think of nightmare scenarios in which GENUKI data could be lost and we're left scrambling to get at a backup. However, GENUKI maintainers have a responsibility to ensure that the data for which they are responsible is available at all times and in any reasonable failure scenario.

The GENUKI data stored centrally on is guarded to a high standard and could be restored quickly under any reasonable failure scenario. But maintainers should consider a backup and restore strategy for the data on their own computer and that kept by another service provider.

It's important to decide what risks you are mitigating by a backup strategy and just what data is involved. By the time the data is on a web server's filestore, it's in a different form to the original and a backup might only be restorable to that web server's filestore or one like it. Even if a web server's filestore is backed up regularly, there will be a lag between backup and restore and some data will be lost when a restore takes place at the filestore. If you store GENUKI data on a web server other than you should find out the backup and restore strategy of your service provider and decide whether or not it is appropriate to your GENUKI responsibilities.

With respect to GENUKI data stored on your local computer, it's worth considering loss of data caused by a physical or logical hard disk failure, and a local computer fire. The use of external and/or removable data storage needs to be accompanied by a restoration strategy, and suitable, separate, storage of any external media.

Maintainers should therefore consider running a backup system, onto some kind of offline media such as DVD or external hard disk with a few generations for safety. It might also be worth storing such backups physically separate from the local computer.

Such an offline data backup could also be provided to another maintainer in the event that a maintainer decides to discontinue his or her GENUKI maintenance responsibilities. With that in mind, it's worth backing up things like notes about how to do things, and notes kept towards future enhancements

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