GENUKI Maintainers' Pages

Version 2.0

Advisory Technical Standards

Choice of HTML document type

Maintainers may use any HTML document type, provided the code validates against the named document type. However, the preferred HTML document type is HTML 4.01 Transitional which provides modern structures but also allows more flexibility than a strict format.

HTML checking

Maintainers should check HTML before uploading, using a suitable validator. The validator recommended by GENUKI is that provided by the World Wide Web Consortium.

It saves time and effort to include a validation button at the foot of each page using a standard fragment of HTML. See the skeleton parish page for how to do this.

Family history society addresses

If, as expected, you want to include the address of the local Family History Society for the county or counties you maintain, then use a standard way to provide the address.

The Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS) provides GENUKI with a list of contacts for all societies in the Federation. This covers nearly all English and Welsh societies. This list is accessed via a HTML code snippet on the skeleton county page for use by maintainers, and avoids every maintainer having to keep the local Society's address.

What's new

It is good practice to include a What's New page linked off your county page, in order to record the new items that may be of interest to users and readers.

There is no pre-defined structure for a What's New page so maintainers should look for good examples on GENUKI and use the most suitable.

Server side includes

It can sometimes be useful to exploit SSI when building or updating GENUKI web pages. SSI (Server Side Includes) are directives that are placed in web pages, and evaluated on the server when the pages are being served to a browser. They allow the dynamic generation of content and its addition to an existing web page.

A short explanation of SSI is available to assist maintainers in their use.

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