GENUKI Maintainers' Pages

Version 2.0

Style Sheets

A collection of styles is available for use by maintainers in the creation of GENUKI web pages. The use of the GENUKI styles enables maintainers to create web pages which:

Maintainers should use the GENUKI styles when creating new web pages for their county or other section of GENUKI, and consider translating their existing web pages to use them. In most cases, the translation of existing pages is mechanical and can often be performed by an automated batch operation.

The resulting HTML is much more compact and readable, leading to shorter access times for our readers and users, and allowing the maintainer to concentrate on the information content rather than the complexities of HTML. The use of GENUKI styles also means that, when a GENUKI-wide change is made to a style, it is reflected immediately in referring web pages without the maintainer having to amend pages to accommodate the change.

Documentation on style sheets and the GENUKI styles has been prepared by the system administrator.

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