GENUKI Maintainers' Pages

Version 1.10

Uploading Your Files

A GENUKI maintainer is normally allocated the responsibility of maintaining the web pages associated with a specific county (or counties). A maintainer can choose to store GENUKI pages either on or an alternative site supported by another provider.

Having been accepted by the Chairman and Trustees as a GENUKI maintainer, you will be contacted by the system administrator who will assign you a username/password allowing you to login to, and a password to the maintainers' mailing list. If you have chosen to store your web pages on a domain other than you must inform the system administrator of the domain name to which requests for your pages will be directed, in which case you will have different instructions for uploading pages and files. Remember that, if your GENUKI pages are stored on a server other than, the web address must include the name genuki.

On the web pages for each county on GENUKI are stored in their own county directory, and when you login to use SFTP to upload new or replacement files, your username will be used to point your home directory to your county directory.

Web pages must be uploaded to the server using sftp to the domain name Any suitable sftp package can be used, including WinSCP or WS-FTP (on a PC) or Transport (on a Mac). Configuring your sftp package to work with GENUKI will include specifying the domain name and the username and password given to you by the system administrator. It is recommended that your sftp package is also configured to transfer text files in ASCII (e.g., files with extensions html, htm, txt, php, php3, cgi, c, cpp, h, pas, bas, tex, pl, .htaccess, xtml, css, cfg, ini, sh, and xml).

Occasionally an internet service provider (ISP) might not correctly configure the IP addresses they have assigned to you when you make a connection from your own computer to the internet. Every IP address is defined in the global DNS database and both forward and reverse address mapping must be symmetric. Security checking at will verify that this is the case and will reject the connection otherwise. If you fail to connect to, contact the system administrator who can look at the security logs to see if this is the problem.

File names

The server runs a type of Unix operating system, which means that file names are case sensitive. Be aware of this when editing your web pages because Windows does not require case sensitive file names and what might work on your own computer, might not work after uploading.

File name suffixes

The server is configured so that it accepts filename suffices of .shtml, .html and .htm for web page pages written in html. You are recommended to use .shtml as the suffix as that indicates it is html with Server Side Includes. If you don't use SSI it is still better to have a .shtml suffix as you may want to use it in future, and changing it at that point changes the URL which leads to broken links.