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Titlesort descending Place code
Ab Kettleby LEIAbKettleby
Abaty Cwm-Hir / Abbey Cwm-hir RADAbbeyCwm-hir
Abbas Combe SOMAbbasCombe
Abberley WORAbberley
Abberton WORAbberton
Abbey RFWAbbey
Abbey CLAAbbey
Abbey St Bathans BEWAbbeyStBathans
Abbeydore HEFAbbeydore
Abbeygormacan GALAbbeygormacan
Abbeyknockmoy GALAbbeyknockmoy
Abbeylara LOGAbbeylara
Abbeyleix LEXAbbeyleix
Abbeymahon CORAbbeymahon
Abbeyshrule LOGAbbeyshrule
Abbeystrowry CORAbbeystrowry
Abbotrule ROXAbbotrule
Abbots Bickington DEVAbbotsBickington
Abbots Bromley STSAbbotsBromley
Abbots Langley HRTAbbotsLangley
Abbots Moreton WORAbbotsMorton
Abbots Ripton HUNAbbotsRn
Abbotsham DEVAbbotsham
Abbotskerswell DEVAbbotskerswell
Abbotsleigh SOMAbbotsleigh
Abbotsley HUNAbbotsley
Abbotts Ann HAMAbbottsAnn
Abdon SALAbdon
Abenhall GLSAbenhall
Aber-Nant CMNAber-Nant
Aber-Porth CGNAber-porth
Aberavon GLAAberavon
Abercorn WLNAbercorn
Aberdalgie PERAberdalgie
Aberdare GLAAberdare
Aberdaron CAEAberdaron
Aberedw RADAberedw
Abererch CAEAbererch
Aberfeldy PERAberfeldy
Aberffraw AGYAberffraw
Aberford WRYAberford
Aberfoyle PERAberfoyle
Abergavenny / Y Fenni MONAbergavenny
Abergele DENAbergele
Abergorlech CMNAbergorlech
Abergwili CMNAbergwili
Abergwyngregyn / Aber CAEAbergwyngregin
Aberhafesb MGYAberhafesb
Aberlemno ANSAberlemno
Aberllynfi BREAberllynfi
Abernethy PERAbernethy
Abernethy and Kincardine INVAbernethy
Abernyte PERAbernyte
Aberrhiw / Berriew MGYBerriew
Aberysgir BREAberysgir
Aberystruth MONAberystruth
Aberystwyth CGNAberystwyth
Abingdon BRKAbingdon
Abingdon St Helen BRKAbingdonStHelen
Abinger SRYAbinger
Abington Pigott's CAMAbingtonPs
Abney DBYAbney
Abram LANAbram
Aby LINAby
Acaster Malbis ERYAcasterMs
Acaster Malbis ARYAcasterMs
Accrington LANAccrington
Acharacle ARLAcharacle
Achill MAYAchill
Achonry SLIAchonry
Acklam ERYAcklam
Acklam NRYAcklam
Ackworth WRYAckworth
Acomb ARYAcomb
Aconbury HEFAconbury
Acton SFKActon
Acton MDXActon
Acton Beauchamp HEFActonBeauchamp
Acton Beauchamp WORActonBeauchamp
Acton Burnell SALActonBurnell
Acton Round SALActonRound
Acton Scott SALActonScott
Acton Trussell STSActonTrussell
Acton Turville GLSActonTurville
Adamstown WEXAdamstown
Adbaston STSAdbaston
Addergoole MAYAddergoole
Addergoole GALAddergoole
Adderley SALAdderley
Addingham CULAddingham
Addingham WRYAddingham
Addington SRYAddington
Addlethorpe LINAddlethorpe
Adel WRYAdel
Aderrig DUBAderrig
Adlestrop GLSAdlestrop
Adlingfleet WRYAdlingfleet
Adlington LANAdlington
Advent CONAdvent
Adwick le Street WRYAdwicklSt
Adwick upon Dearne WRYAdwickuDe
Affane WATAffane
Agha CARAgha
Aghaboe LEXAghaboe
Aghabog MOGAghabog
Aghabulloge CORAghabulloge
Aghacross CORAghacross
Aghada CORAghada
Aghade CARAghade
Aghaderg DOWAghaderg
Aghadoe KERAghadoe
Aghadowey LDYAghadowey
Aghadown CORAghadown
Aghagower MAYAghagower
Aghaloo TYRAghaloo
Aghalurcher FERAghalurcher
Aghalurcher TYRAghalurcher
Aghamore MAYAghamore
Aghanagh SLIAghanagh
Aghancon OFFAghancon
Aghanloo LDYAghanloo
Aghanunshin DONAghanunshin
Agharra LOGAgharra
Aghavallen KERAghavallen
Aghavea FERAghavea
Agher MEAAgher
Aghern CORAghern
Aghinagh CORAghinagh
Aghmacart LEXAghmacart
Aghowle WICAghowle
Agivey LDYAgivey
Aglish MAYAglish
Aglish WATAglish
Aglish CORAglish
Aglish KERAglish
Aglishdrinagh CORAglishdrinagh
Ahamlish SLIAhamlish
Aharney LEXAharney
Ahascragh GALAhascragh
Aigburth LANAigburth
Aighton, Bailey and Chaigley LANAightonBaileyandChaigley
Aikton CULAikton
Ainderby Steeple NRYAinderbySe
Ainstable CULAinstable
Ainsworth LANAinsworth
Aintree LANAintree
Airdrie LKSAirdrie
Airlie ANSAirlie
Airth STIAirth
Aisholt SOMAisholt
Aisthorpe LINAisthorpe
Aithsting SHIAithsting
Akenham SFKAkenham
Alberbury SALAlberbury
Albourne SSXAlbourne
Albrighton SALAlbrighton
Albury SRYAlbury
Albury HRTAlbury
Alcester WARAlcester
Alciston SSXAlciston
Alcombe SOMAlcombe
Alconbury HUNAlconbury
Alconbury Weston HUNAlconburyWn
Aldborough NRYAldborough
Aldborough WRYAldborough
Aldbourne WILAldbourne
Aldbrough ERYAldbrough
Aldbury HRTAldbury
Aldcliffe LANAldcliffe
Aldeburgh SFKAldeburgh
Aldenham HRTAldenham
Alderbury WILAlderbury
Alderley GLSAlderley
Aldermaston BRKAldermaston
Alderminster WARAlderminster
Alderminster WORAlderminster
Alderney CHIALD
Aldershot HAMAldershot
Alderton WILAlderton
Alderton SFKAlderton
Alderton GLSAlderton
Alderwasley DBYAlderwasley
Aldham SFKAldham
Aldingbourne SSXAldingbourne
Aldingham LANAldingham
Aldridge STSAldridge
Aldringham SFKAldringham
Aldrington SSXAldrington
Aldsworth GLSAldsworth
Aldworth BRKAldworth
Alexandria DNBAlexandria
Alfold SRYAlfold
Alford LINAlford
Alford SOMAlford
Alfreton DBYAlfreton
Alfrick WORAlfrick
Alfriston SSXAlfriston
Algarkirk LINAlgarkirk
Alkborough LINAlkborough
Alkmonton DBYAlkmonton