Passengers on the Emigrant Ship "Lord Delaval"


Sailed from Berwick upon Tweed on September 13th 1852 for London and on to Port St Philip, Victoria, Australia. 50 of the passengers were from Berwick upon Tweed.

Articles from the Newcastle Courant.

Made available to GENUKI by George Bell.


Surname Forename Age Occupation Nationality
Adamson Richard 40 Farmer English
Adamson Sarah Elizabeth 7 daughter English
Allan Isabella 25 Lady Scottish
Beeby Charles 37 Jeweller English
Beeby Eliza 23 wife English
Burger Joseph 31 General dealer English
Bourn James 18 Farmer English
Burbridge Henry 26 Gold --- English
Booth Alexander 32 Gold --- Scottish
Booth Isabella 25 wife Scottish
Booth Alexander 3 child Scottish
Booth John 1 child Scottish
Butement William 18 Farmer Scottish
Batters William 25 Clerk Scottish
Batters W...g 23 Clerk Scottish
Billyeld John 32 Gentleman Scottish
Billyeld Lydia 32 wife Scottish
Bell William 33 Baker Scottish
Boddle Harriet 18 Servant English
Bangs Edward 30 Silversmith English
Bangs Maria 40 wife English
Bangs Harriet 6 child English
Bangs Samuel 3 child English
Bird Elizabeth 20 Servant English
Bailey Mary 33 Servant English
Butner Isaac 36 Gentleman English
Butner Mary 38 wife English
Butner Isaac 11 child English
Butner William Edward 5 child English
Butner Mary 3 child English
Butner John Alexander 0 infant English
Bereford John 19 Clerk English
Cott George 13 Labourer English
Churcher Thomas 40 Merchant Scottish
Churcher Ann 34 wife Scottish
Churcher Ann 12 child Scottish
Churcher Sarah 10 child Scottish
Churcher Thomas 8 child Scottish
Churcher Alice 6 child Scottish
Churcher Ann Mary 4 child Scottish
Churcher Walter 0 infant Scottish
Cranston Alfred 38 Publican Scottish
Cod Charles 28 Joiner English
Cod Elizabeth 28 wife English
Coster John 19 Painter English
Carruthers Andrew? 23 Warehouseman English
Cox William 34 Labourer English
Colven James 29 Minister English
Donnatt Joseph 36 Engineer Scottish
Deane John 35 Cabinet maker German
Deane Catherine 31 wife German
Deane Louise 2 child German
Deane John 0 infant German
Deane John 20 Cabinet maker German
Dodds George 18 Gentleman English
Dalton William 23 Baker English
Dales William 30 Joiner English
Dales Mary 29 wife English
Elliott William 23 Gentleman Scottish
Elliott George 21 Gentleman Scottish
Ellis William 19 Farmer English
Flett James 27 Carpenter English
Flett Ann 26 wife English
Flett Eliza 21 sister English
Flett Jemima 2 child English
Foster James 35 Farmer Scottish
Flatman Dennis 23 Farmer English
Gibson George 47 Mariner Scottish
Gibson Mary 45 wife Scottish
Griffiths Cornelius 32 Carpenter English
Griffiths Mary 35 wife English
Henry Sarah 36 Lady English
Hill John 39 Boot maker English
Hill John jr 12 son English
Hill Charles 11 son English
Hood James 22 Confectioner Scottish
Hogarth Peter 30 Farmer Scottish
Hogarth Elizabeth 30 wife Scottish
Hogarth Robert 5 child Scottish
Hogg Adam 26 Clerk Scottish
Hobbs William 27 Gentleman English
Hobbs Harriet 29 wife English
Johnson Thomas 27 Butcher Scottish
Jackson Frances 68 Lady English
Kinghorn Daniel 39 Brass founder English
Kinghorn Emily 33 wife English
Knight Thomas 30 Dairyman English
Knight Mann 30 wife English
Knight Sophia 10 child English
Knight Ann M 4 child English
Knight [unnamed] 0 infant English
King Charles 38 Sadler English
King Jane 30 wife English
King William 3 child English
King [unnamed] 0 infant English
Keene Samuel 34 Minister English
Keene Sally 32 wife English
Lock...ll Thomas 28 Baker Scottish
Morpeth Robinson 29 Carpenter Scottish
Marcham Daniel 25 Grocer English
Marcham Sarah 22 wife English
Marchant Harriet 35 Lady English
Marchant Harriet 1 child English
McLean Thomas 38 Draper English
McLean Mary 33 wife English
McLean Robert 4 child English
McLean Mary Jane 3 child English
McLean [unnamed] 0 infant English
Moscrop George 44 Labourer English
McKechnie Robert 27 Engineer Scottish
Nicolas William 20 Builder English
Oswald John 24 Clerk Scottish
Oliver Henry 39 Baker Scottish
Patrick Henry 32 Chemist English
Pugh John 40 Labourer English
Player Athauk? 0    
Pringle John 64 Butcher Scottish
Pringle Agnes 66 wife Scottish
Pringle Daniel 8 grandson Scottish
Patterson James 21 Butcher Scottish
Pickering Henry 45 Clerk Scottish
Powell Francis 35 Joiner English
Phillips Richard 45 Sadler English
Pennell George 35 Shoe maker English
Pritchard William 22 Farmer English
Pritchard John 19 Tailor English
Pritchard Sarah 32 Servant English
Pritchard Ann 17 Servant English
Piper George 22 Carpenter English
Robens George R 23 Gentleman English
Romans John 41 Piano maker English
Romans Catherine 36 wife English
Romans William 12 child English
Ruff Abraham 32 Tallow melter? German
Ruff Ann 32 wife German
Ruff [unnamed] 0 infant German
Stevenson John 30 Printer English
Stevenson Rebekah 30 wife English
Stevenson John 5 child English
Stevenson Emily 3 child English
Stevenson Alfred 2 child English
Stevenson [unnamed] 0 infant English
Specknell Joshua 42 Shoe maker English
Specknell Mary Ann 40 wife English
Shanks George 51 Butcher Scottish
Shanks Ann 49 wife Scottish
Shanks David 24 Butcher Scottish
Shanks Jane 27 wife Scottish
Shanks [unnamed] 0 infant Scottish
Scott William 18 Baker Scottish
Scott Isabella 20 Lady Scottish
Skelly John 22 Butcher Scottish
Salisbury Charles 24 Farmer Scottish
Salisbury Robert 20 Clerk Scottish
Shirley William Henry 30 Baker English
Shirley Mary 26 wife English
Shrimpton Thomas 27 Baker English
Shrimpton Frances 24 wife English
Shrimpton Thomas 5 child English
Shrimpton Augusta 3 child English
Shrimpton [unnamed] 0 infant English
Sefton James 28 Grocer English
Stanesby George 19 Joiner English
Stevens Charles 30 Sugar planter? English
Stamp John 28 Grocer English
Turnbull Oliver 36 Engineer Scottish
Turnbull Mary Ann 36 wife Scottish
Turnbull William 3 child Scottish
Teackle George 30 Carpenter English
Teackle Harriet 31 wife English
Wilson John 40 Cabinet maker Scottish
Wilson Martha 37 wife Scottish
Wilson Matilda 9 child Scottish
Wilson Emily 4 child Scottish
Wilson Jemima 2 child Scottish
Wilson [unnamed] 0 infant Scottish
Wheeler George 20 Gentleman English
Westerburgh Bernard 37 Engineer German
Weatherly Watson 45 Farmer Scottish
Whitelaw Ann 65 Lady Scottish
Williams John 29 Clerk English
Williams Mary Jane 22 wife English
Way Samuel 16 Gentleman English
Wilkins James 32 Labourer English
Wood Walter 28 Grocer English
Yorke John 24 Gentleman English
Young Samuel? 34 Mariner English
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Articles from the Newcastle Courant

3 Sep 1852




THE fine New Ship LORD DELAVAL, 700 Tons, A1 at Lloyd's, CHARLES YOUNG, Commander; carrying an experienced Surgeon.


Steerage £18
Intermediate £25
Cabin £30 to 45

Having a Full Poop.

Special Agreement for Families and Individuals in all the Classes.

Apply Immediately. Rates of freight Moderate.

Berths secured in this splendid Vessel, and Deposits of One-half of Passage Money received, and all further Particulars given, on Application to

GEORGE GRAY, 51, Quayside, Newcastle.
Newcastle upon Tyne, Aug. 27, 1852.

1 Jul 1853

Intelligence has been received in Berwick of the safe arrival at Melbourne, on the 27th of February, after a passage of three months and seventeen days, of the Lord Delaval, emigrant ship, which sailed from Berwick. All were well.

16 Mar 1855

FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. THE fine, first-class, British-built barque LORD DELAVAL, 451 tons register N.M., has a full poop and topgallant forecastle, classed 9 years A.1. at Lloyds. Sheathed with yellow metal, sails fast, and caries a large cargo. This handsome vessel was built at Berwick, under special inspection, in 1852, of the best materials, well found in stores, and every way adapted for carrying troops or passengers, having a good height between decks, and fitted with air ports. Now lying near the New Quay, North Shields, where she may be inspected on application to Capt. Gladston, on board.

For particulars and inventory of stores, apply to

Trinity Chambers, Newcastle.