Preamble to the Protestation 1641


(Preamble to the protestation which, with the protestation,
was subscribed by members of the House of Commons on the 3rd of May
sent up to the Lords for their concurrence and subscribed by them on the 4th.)

House of Lords Record Office: File HL/PO/JO/10/1/56

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transcribed by

J. M. Jolliffe


Die Mercurri 5 Maii 1641


IT is this day Ordered by the Houfe of Commons now affembled in Parliament, That the Preamble, together with the Proteftation, which the Members of this Houfe made the third of May, fhall be forthwith Printed, and the Copies Printed brought to the Clark of the faid House, to atteft under his hand, to the end that the Knights, Citizens, and Burgeffes may fend them down to the Sheriffs and Juftices of Peace of the feverall Shires, and to the Citizens and Burgeffes of the feverall Cities, Boroughs, and Cinque Ports, refpectfully. And the Knights, Citizens, and Burgeffes, are to intimate unto the Shires, Cities, Boroughs, and Cinque Ports, with what willingneffe all the Members of this Houfe made this Proteftation: And further to fignifie, that as they juftifie the taking of it in themfelves, fo they cannot but approve it in all fuch as fhall take it.

WE the Knights, Citizens, and Burgeffes of the Commons houfe in Parliament, finding, to the great grief of our hearts, that the defignes of the Priefts and Jefuites, and other Adherents to the See of Rome, have of late been more boldly and frequently put in practice then formerly, to the undermining and danger of the ruine of the true reformed Protestant Religion in His Majefties Dominions eftablifhed: And finding alfo that there have been, and having juft caufe to fufpect that there ftill are, even during this fitting in Parliament, indeavours to fubvert the fundamentall Laws of England and Ireland, and to introduce the exercife of an Arbitrary and Tyrannicall Government, by moft pernicious and wicked Councels, Practifes, Plots, and Confpiracies: And that the long intermiffion, and unhappy breach of Parliaments, hath occafioned many illegall Taxations, whereupon the Subject hath been profecuted and grieved: And that divers Innovations and Superftitions have been brought into the Church; multitudes driven out of His Majefties Dominions; Jealoufies raifed and fomented betwixt the King and His People; a Popifh Army leavied in Ireland, and two Armies brought into the bowels of this Kingdome, to the hazard of His Majefties Royall Perfon, the confumption of the Revenues of the Crown, and Treafure of this Kingdome: And laftly, finding great caufe of Jealoufie, that indeavours have been, and are ufed to bring the Englifh Army into a mifunderstanding of this Parliament, thereby to incline that Army, with force to bring to paffe thofe wicked Councels, Have therefore thought good to joyn ourfelves in a Declaration of our united Affections and Refolutions, and to make this enfuing Protestation.

I A.B. do in the presence of Almighty God, Promife, Vow, and Proteft, to maintain and defend, as far as lawfully I may, with my life, power, and eftate, the true Reformed Proteftant Religion, expreffed in the Doctrine of the Church of England againft all Popery and Popifh Innovations within this Realm, contrary to the fame Doctrine, and according to the duty of my Allegiance, His Majefties Royall Perfon, Honour, and Eftate; As alfo the Power and Priviledges of Parliament; The lawfull Rights and Liberties of the Subject, and every person that maketh this Proteftation, in whatfoever he fhall do in the lawfull purfuance of the same. And to my power, and as far as lawfully I may, I will oppofe, and by all good wayes and means indeavour to bring to condigne punifhment, all fuch as fhall either by Force, Practife, Councels, Plots, Confpiracies or otherwife, do any thing to the contrary of any thing in this prefent Proteftation contained. And further, that I fhall in all juft and Honourable wayes indeavour to preferve the Vnion and Peace, between the three Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland; And neither for hope, fear, nor other refpect, fhall relingquifh this Promife, Vow, and Proteftation.

WHereas some doubts have been raifed by feveral perfons one of this Houfe, concerning the meaning of thefe words contained in the Proteftation lately made by the Members of this Houfe, (viz.) The true reformed Proteftant Religion, expreffed in the Doctrine of the Church of England agaift all Popery and Popifh Inovations within this Realm, contrary to the fame doctrine; This Houfe doth declare, That by thofe words, was and is meant, only the publike Doctrine profeffed in the faid Church, fo farre as it is oppofite to Popery and Popifh Innovations; And that the faid words are not to be extended to the maintaining of any form of Worfhip, Difcipline, or Government, nor of any Rites or Ceremonies of the faid Church of England.

Die Veneris 30: Iulii: 1641.

Refolved upon the Question.

THat this Houfe doth conceive that the Proteftation made by them, is fit to be taken by every perfon that is well affected in Religion, and to the good of the Common-wealth; And therefore doth declare, That what perfon foever fhall not take the Proteftation, is unfit to beare Office in the Church or Common-wealth.

Refolved upon the Queftion.

That the Knights, Citizens, and Burgeffes, and Barons of the Cinque-Ports refpectively, fhall forthwith fend down to the feverall places for which they ferve, Copies of this Vote of the Houfe, concerning the Proteftation.

Refolved upon the Queftion.

That thefe Votes fhall be Printed and Attefted under the Clerks hand.

Die Sabbati 8: Iannarii, 1641.

At the Committee of the Houfe of Commons appointed to fit in London to confider of the fafety of the Kingdome, and of the City of London, and of vindicating the Priviledges of Parliament.

Resolved upon the Question.

THat the actions of the Citizens of London, or of any other perfon whatfoever, for the defence of the Parliament, or the Priviledge thereof, or the prefervation of the Members thereof, are according to their duty, and to their late Proteftations, and the Lawes of this Kingdome. And if any person shall arreft or trouble any of them, for fo doing, he is declared to be a publike enemy of the Common-wealth.

Resolved upon the Question.

That this Vote fhalbe made known to the Common Councell of the City of London.

Iohn Wilde Sergeant at Law fitting in the Chaire of that Committee.

London, Printed by R. Oulton and G. Dexter, 1641.