Blunham Directory of Trades and Professions for 1877


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BLUNHAM in Kelly's Directory of 1877.

Parish Clerk:

  • William Clarke.

Post Office:

  • Robert Judd, postmaster.


  • Letters received through Sandy at 8.30 a.m.; dispatched at 4.30 & to Bletchley at 7.15 p.m.
  • The nearest money order office is at Sandy.

National School (mixed),

  • Reuben Bearcock, master (certificated)

Railway Station,

  • John Adams, station master

Carrier to Bedford,

  • John Cope, monday, wednesday & saturday, returning same days

Private Residents:

  • Abbott Rev. William [Baptist]
  • Battle Thomas
  • Baxter Mrs
  • Jarvis ----,The Orchard
  • Joyce Mrs
  • Lilley Mrs
  • Mountain Mrs. The Cottage
  • Payne Sir Salusbury Gillies, bart. J.P. Blunham house
  • Polhill Miss, The Cottage


  • Armstrong Charles, gardener
  • Barker John, market gardener
  • Bonness James, beer retailer
  • Brockett William, gardener
  • Clarke Harry Arthur, farmer
  • Clarke William Thomas, Jun. farmer
  • Clarke William, beer retailer & farmer
  • Dennis John Eyre, butcher & farmer
  • Ekins Frederick, grocer
  • Elliott Thomas, Old Horseshoes inn
  • Ellwood John, beer retailer
  • Fairy Moses, farmer
  • Goodship George, boot & shoe maker
  • Hills John, gardener
  • Howard William, Old Salutation
  • Jeeves Charles Carter, farmer
  • Jeeves Samuel Thomas, gardener
  • Judd Henry, farmer
  • Judd Mary (Miss), draper
  • Judd Walter, farmer
  • Judd William, grocer
  • Kimpton George, wheelwright
  • King Nathaniel Kifford, Railway tavern, & gardener & cattle dealer
  • Lovell Joseph, farmer
  • Music Thomas, gardener
  • Norman Mark, miller & farmer
  • Noy John, baker
  • Odell John, gardener
  • Powers Frank & William, bakers
  • Pridensor Mark, gardener
  • Richardson John, butcher
  • Samway James, beer retailer
  • Saunders Daniel, gardener
  • Sharpe Francis William, plumber, painter & glazier
  • Squires Samuel, market gardener
  • Tatman Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper
  • Thomas George, beer retailer
  • Thomas John, gardener
  • Triplow Oscar John, farmer, Ham barn
  • Wakefield George, shoeing smith
  • Williamson William, gardener
  • Wootton William, tailor

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SOUTH MILLS in Kelly's Directory of 1877.

Miscellany of trades

  • Pope Cornelius, manager for Charles Powers, Oil mills
  • Triplow John, farmer