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Help and advice for Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for DUNSTABLE in The Universal British Directory Directory of 1791.

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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for DUNSTABLE in The Universal British Directory Directory of 1791.

    Miscellany of trades

    • Gentry, &c.
    • Miller John, Esq. (F.) Receiver General and Justice of the Peace
    • Miller Miss
    • Reynolds Mr. William, (F.)


    • Hughes Rev. Mr. (F.) Dissenting Minister
    • Mead Rev. William, (F.) Rector of Higham Gobian, and Curate of Dunstable
    • Physicians:
    • Farr Charles Surgeon and Apothecary


    • Cooke Thomas, (F.) Attorney
    • Hooper John, (F.) Attorney

    Traders, &c.:

    • Arnold Richard, Butcher
    • Brown Mark, (F.) Straw Hatter
    • Boddington John, Victualler
    • Coates Tho. Inn and Post-office-keeper
    • Custance James, Sadler
    • Church John, Peruke-maker
    • Cole Thomas, Victualler
    • Coleman Mary, Shopkeeper
    • Champkin Matthew, Victualler
    • Crouch George, (F.) Bricklayer
    • Crouch William, (F.) Taylor
    • Cooke John, (F.) Victualler
    • Chibnal Geo. Blacksmith and Farrier
    • Coles William, (F.) Grocer, Tallow-chandler and Draper
    • Christmas William, (F.) Peruke-maker
    • Durrant David, Innkeeper
    • Elliott Joseph, (F.) Straw-worker
    • Elliott William, Straw-worker
    • Eggleton Robert, (F.) Currier
    • Fowler William, Baker
    • Fossey George, (F.) Farmer
    • Fossey Jer. Victualler and Gardener
    • Fossey Elizabeth, Innkeeper
    • Fox John, Collar-maker
    • Feary John, Bricklayer
    • Gosstelow James, (F.) Farmer
    • Gutteridge P. (F.) Brazier and Auctioneer
    • Gutteridge Richard, (F.) Farmer
    • Gresham J. School-master
    • Holton William, (F.) Common-brewer
    • Hedges Thomas, Victualler
    • Hickman John, (F.) Common-brewer
    • Hickman Robert, Bricklayer
    • Hickman William, (F.) Shepherd
    • Hall George, (F.) Shoemaker
    • Holland Thomas, Coach-master
    • Hobbs Thomas, (F.) Innkeeper
    • Kent Richard, Victualler
    • Mellor Thomas, (F.) Maltster
    • Naile William, Peruke-maker
    • Oliver James, (F.) Farmer
    • Nichols Mary, Blacksmith
    • Norris Joseph, (F.) Shoemaker
    • Oliver William, (F.)
    • Oliver George, Butcher
    • Orsborn Daniel, Wheelwright
    • Parker Daniel, (F.) Common Brewer
    • Parrott Richard, Glover
    • Pearson Thomas, (F.) Cordwainer
    • Powell Thomas, Watch-maker
    • Proctor James, (F.) Farmer
    • Puddyphatt Jeremiah, Carpenter
    • Porter J. School-master
    • Queneborough William, Baker
    • Queneborough Daniel, (F.) Grocer
    • Read John, Butcher
    • Rutland Thomas, Victualler
    • Roberts Thomas, Carpenter
    • Roe Elizabeth, Butcher
    • Snoxell Edward, (F.) Farmer
    • Squire Thomas, (F.) Grocer
    • Simonds George, (F.)
    • Shelton John, Bookseller
    • Smith William, Victualler
    • Smith Nassau, (F.)
    • Smith Mary, Innkeeper
    • Sanders William, Taylor
    • Stern William, Victualler
    • Simmonds Samuel, Brandy-merchant
    • Taylor Ann, Baker
    • Twigg Wm. Victualler and Blacksmith
    • Waterer John, Peruke-maker
    • Walter Jonathan, Victualler
    • Waterfield William, (F.) Shoemaker
    • Ward J. W. Coach-master
    • West Mark, Innkeeper
    • Wright Leeson, (F.) Draper and Wool-dealer
    • White Richard, (F.)
    • Willoughby James, (F.) Glazier
    • [Transcribed by Craig Pickup ©2002]