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BEDFORDSHIRE: Bedfordshire Census Statistics

The following statistics show the various growths and contractions over the period 1801-1991. This purely for information only.

Parishother information180118511901195119911801 to 1851 +-1851 to 1901+-1901 to 1951 +-1951 to 1991+-
Ampthill 1,2341,9612,1772,7836,0997272166063,316
Arlesey 4041,0952,2212,9624,2636911,1267411,301
Aspley Guiseincludes Aspley Heath in 1801 and 18516791,3031,2611,5332,171624-42272638
Aspley Heathincluded under Aspley Guise in 1801 and 1851--462460507-247
Astwickincluded under Stotfold in 199181816239-0-19-23
Great Barford 4318656817601,718434-18479958
Little Barfordincluded under Roxton in 19918011213788-3225-49
Barton-le-Clay 4489158161,1253,447467-993092,322
Battlesdenincluded under Milton Bryan in 19911331607271-27-88-1
Bedford, St.Cuthbertno separate figures kept after 19313516634,905--3124,242
Bedford, St.Johnno separate figures kept after 1931254453671--199218
Bedford, St.Maryno separate figures kept after 19316161,6705,615--1,0543,945
Bedford, St.Paulno separate figures kept after 19312,1506,70917,753--4,55911,044
Bedford, St.Peterno separate figures kept after 19315772,1986,200--1,6214,002
Biddenhampart of Biddenham transferred to Bedford in 19342523733255031,183121-48178680
Biggleswade 1,7944,4605,1207,43112,7342,6666602,3115,303
Billington 200456263287432256-19324145
Bletsoe 32140728626523686-121-21-29
Blunham 376667598598899291-690301
Bolnhurstcombined figures for Bolnhurst & Keysoe from 1951225378188--153-190
Bolnhurst & Keysoecombined figures from 1951---58866779
Brogboroughbecame a Civil Parish in 1990----318
Bromham 2973433211,2203,82546-228992,605
Caddingtonincludes Beds and Herts figures until 1901 when Herts portion transferred to Beds1,0731,8661,5152,2965,463793-3517813,167
Camptonincludes Chicksands figures from 19913165484373812,293232-111-561,912
Cardingtonpart of Cardington transferred to Bedford in 193450957443333324965-141-100-84
Carltonfigures given for Carlton & Chellington from 1951376432351--56-81
Carlton & Chellingtonseparate figures given for Carlton and Chellington until 1951---517921404
Chalgravepart of Chalgrave was transferred to Hockliffe in 1929534952593364447418-359-22983
Chellingtonfigures included in Carlton & Chellington from 195111213887--26-51
Chicksandsfigures included with Campton from 1991427462687-32-12625
Claphampart of Clapham was transferred to Bedford in 19341574457882,2033,4112883431,4151,208
Clifton 3291,0531,2831,1612,580724230-1221,419
Clophill 7061,1868938441,648480-293-49804
Colmworth 347543297271375196-246-26104
Cople 403552377479744149-175102265
Cranfield 9611,5151,2392,1604,405554-2769212,245
Deanfigures given for Dean & Shelton from 1951385547344--162-203
Dean & Sheltonfigures given separately for Dean and Shelton before 1951---33337138
Dunstablepart of Houghton Regis was transferred to Dunstable in 19071,2963,5895,15717,10933,2022,2931,56811,95216,093
Dunton figuresinclude Edworth from 1991336467392450604131-7558154
Eastcottspart of Eastcotts was transferred to Bedford in 19345048818713,6751,853377-102,804-1,822
Eaton Bray 5831,4551,1171,1652,300872-338481,135
Eaton Soconpartly transferred to Huntingdonshire in 1965, Staploe figures for 1991 were 3331,6252,8028713,03211,8201,177-1,9312,1618,788
Edworthfigures included with Dunton from 1991901048666-14-18-20
Eggington 206431239228266225-192-1138
Elstowpart of Elstow was transferred to Bedford in 1934475581479417608106-102-62191
Eversholt 715982574441388267-408-133-53
Everton 141246221279475105-2558196
Eyworth 86141121936155-20-28-32
Farndishfigures included with Podington from 18916882---14
Felmersham 329520395362723191-125-33361
Flitton 2926564495831,059364-207134476
Flitwick 4367321,0292,52210,8332962971,4938,311
Goldingtonfigures included under Bedford from 1931339606587--267-19
Gravenhurstincludes Upper and Lower Gravenhurst249415364387504166-5123117
Harlington 3445975306202,278253-67901,658
Harrold 7631,0839091,0191,118320-17411099
Cockayne Hatleyfigures included under Wrestlingworth from 199110211284116-10-2832
Haynes 5889377467961,097349-19150301
Heath & Reachpart of the parish was transferred to Leighton Buzzard in 19345419251,0628161,316384137-246500
Henlow 5529709054,1863,268418-653,281-918
Higham Gobionfigures included under Shillington from 1991911345927-43-75-32
Hockliffepart of Chalgrave was transferred to Hockliffe in 1929256439267477735183-172210258
Holwelltransferred to Hertfordshire in 1897113189197--768
Houghton Conquest 5077865711,0001,290279-215429290
Houghton Regispart transferred to Dunstable in 1907 and part to Luton in 19397842,2132,6082,82615,7621,42939521812,936
Hulcotefigures included under Hulcote & Salford from 1951656245---3-17
Hulcote & Salfordseparate figures for Hulcote and Salford before 1951---233182-51
Husborne Crawleyfigures exclude Brogborough from 199154361439731724671-217-80-71
Hydefigures included under Luton before 1901--55761139554-216
Kempstonafter 1901 figures broken down into Urban and Rural Parishes1,0351,962---927
Kempston (Urban Area)figures before 1901 are under Kempston--4,7298,64517,9383,9169,293
Kempston Ruralfigures before 1901 are under Kempston--7191,1711,163452-8
Kensworthtransferred to Bedfordshire in 18975101,0335168171,516523-517301699
Keysoefigures under Bolnhurst & Keysoe from 19513701834525--1,464-1,309
Knottingfigures from 1951 under Knotting & Souldrop105187107--82-80
Knotting & Souldropfigures before 1951 separately under Knotting and Souldrop---281246-35
Langford 4589861,1871,1422,688528201-451,546
Leagravea parish from 1896 to 1928, figures otherwise under Luton--801--
Leighton Buzzardtown [not parish] until 1891 then Urban District; from 1965 includes Linslade1,9634,4656,3319,02531,8892,5021,8662,69422,864
Lidlington 5598535158531,069294-338338216
Limburya parish from 1896 to 1928, figures otherwise under Luton--377--
Luton Civil Parishfigures until 1901 then Borough figures3,09512,78736,404110,381167,0099,69223,61773,97756,628
Marston Moretaine 7091,1839731,8362,605474-210863769
Maulden 7381,4571,1471,5212,586719-3103741,065
Melchbournefigures for Melchbourne & Yielden from 1951229290174--61-116
Melchbourne & Yieldenfigures for Melchbourne and Yielden listed separately until 1951---2922942
Meppershall Hertfordshireportion of the parish transferred to Bedfordshire in 18443095036556571,3821941522725
Millbrook 327500218146117173-282-72-29
Milton Bryanfigures include Battlesden and Potsgrove from 199133337618215819843-194-2440
Milton Ernest 300445367380608145-7813228
Mogerhanger 345455432618659110-2318641
Northillpart transferred to Sandy in 19337151,3641,3481,2982,127649-16-50829
Oakley 2654572994782,333192-1581791,855
Odell 361538281235249177-257-4614
Pavenham 447556333380655109-22347275
Pertenhall 190405252185221215-153-6736
Podingtonfigures include Farndish from 1891415612529737388197-83208-349
Potsgroveincluded under Milton Bryan from 199115726211485 105-148-29-85
Potton 1,1031,9222,0332,0424,16281911192,120
Pulloxhill 317688395403729371-2938326
Ravensden 218371375429640153454211
Renhold 2454844255711,103239-59146532
Ridgmontfigures from 1991 exclude Brogborough581999591983408418-408392-575
Riseley 5769497355251,296373-214-210771
Roxton 4656223496071,264157-273258657
Salfordincluded under Hulcote and Salford from 1951210309147--99-162
Sandypart of Northill transferred to Sandy in 19331,1151,9463,1103,6678,7978311,1645575,130
Sharnbrook 5858886857651,898303-203801,133
Sheffordfigures include Shefford Hardwick4741,1159361,8733,234641-1799371,361
Sheltonfigures under Dean & Shelton from 195110012496--24-28
Shillingtonincludes Lower Stondon 1951-1981 and Higham Gobion from 19918991,5981,6292,2781,71169931649-567
Silsoe 4477555287261,559308-227198833
Souldropfigures under Knotting & Souldrop from 1951188267171--79-96
Southill 9851,4001,0541,0781,022415-34624-56
Stagsden 492727429368355235-298-61-13
Stanbridge 262597342416710335-25574294
Staploe Civil Parishcreated from Eaton Socon in 1965, part transferring to Huntingdonshire----335
Little Staughton 272521267218434249-254-49216
Steppingley 264365273221220101-92-52-1
Stevington 415586536409555171-50-127146
Stewartbyparish created in 1937 from Kempston and Wootton---1,638964-674
Upper Stondonfigures include Lower Stondon [previously Shillington] from 1991296658621,53137-841,469
Stopsleyseparate parish from 1896, lost part to Luton in 1928 and the rest in 1933--787--
Stotfoldincludes Astwick from 19914941,3952,7685,1536,4349011,3732,3851,281
Streatleypart transferred to Luton in 19642093852791,621609176-1061,342-1,012
Studhampartly in Hertfordshire until 18973346683175911,160334-351274569
Sundonpart transferred to Luton in 19643154643902,357481149-741,967-1,876
Sutton 301449242271304148-2072933
Swinesheadtransferred from Huntingdonshire in 189621426716011513753-107-4522
Tempsford 409622434481474213-18847-7
Thurleigh 411698485460603287-213-25143
Tilbrooktransferred to Huntingdonshire in 1896219359296--140-63
Tilsworth 195337218227337142-1199110
Tingrith 11619615113213480-45-192
Toddington 1,1432,4381,9622,2754,4241,295-4763132,149
Totternhoe 3327535258841,272421-228359388
Turvey 7581,0287827331,043270-246-49310
Old Warden 455627413343248172-214-70-95
Westoning 4107825017881,797372-2812871,009
Whipsnade 14018312525147043-58126219
Wilden 300483319334429183-1641595
Willington 22924920447576220-45271287
Wilshamstead 4779236898802,300446-2341911,420
Woburn 1,5632,0491,129864776486-920-265-88
Woottonpartly transferred to Stewartby in 19377321,2041,2521,3303,69347248782,363
Wrestlingworthincludes Cockayne Hatley from 1991330588456391736258-132-65345
Wymington 22629650965283370213143181
Yieldenfigures under Melchbourne & Yielden from 1951209328197--119-131

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