Blunham, Roll of Honour transcription


Blunham parish:

Blunham, Roll of Honour transcription:

The Roll of Honour for WWI in St. Edmund's Church, Blunham

1914 - 1918
Roll of Honour

Brocklebank RobertHull ArchibaldPayne Charles
Benny Alfred Ives Ernest Pitts Walter
Battle Leonard Ives Robert Pitts Horace
Battle Mavis Jeeves Ernest Reid Herbert
Battle Fred Jeeves Fred Reid William
Beeson James Jeffries William Reid Reg
Baldwin Charles Jeffries Sam Reid Arthur
Brownass R Jeffries Ernest Rowles George
Clarke Bernard Judd Dudley Sims John
Christie Sidney Knight Richard Sims Joshua
Currant Herbert Lawson Walter Sims William
Daniels Fred Little Bert Spavins Ben
Dennis Frank Mann William Sawford Harold
Ekins Charles Mardlin William Sawford Ernest
Ekins Jack Mardlin Fred Sawford Charles
Ekins Fred Mardlin Charles Stevens Arthur
Edwards Walter Maries Thomas Stevens Fred
Gaylor Albert Martin Sidney Tuppen John
Goulding Thomas Murphy Terence Troutbridge Percy
Goodship Fred Norman Fred Troutbridge Cyril
Harding Frank Norman George Watts Herbert
Harding George Norman Horace Williamson Torn
Harding Herbert Odell Sidney Williamson George
Harding Fred Odell Percy Wakefield William
Hunt Herbert Odell Ernest Wakefield Alfred
Hunt George Odell Charles Watts William
Hunt Percy Odell Frank Watts Charles
Hunt Fred Pratt Albert Watts Bert
    Wheatley Jim
    Terrill Charles
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Data transcribed by
Colin Hinson © 2009
from photography by himself