Chaplains or Ministers of the Chapel of St. Leonards, St. Leonards


In 1847 George Lipscomb in his "The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham" listed the following chaplains or ministers for St. Leonards:

1273 Thomas
1273 Ranulph
1299 Henry de Risburgh
13-- William de Gocelyn
1318 John de Fareford
1322 Henry de Marter (the year given is that of his death)
1322 Richard de Oldesworth
1344 Walter de Yerdeley
1632 Thomas Hall
1655 George Swinnow, or Swynow
1665 John Wood A.B.
1697 Joseph Willis A.B.
1738 Richard Penn
1784 Joseph Smith A.M.
1802 Isaac King LL.B.
18-- Edward Owen A.M.