Vicars & Curates of the Parish Church of St. James, Barton Hartshorn


In 1847 George Lipscomb in his "The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham" listed the following vicars and curates for Barton Hartshorn & Chetwode (the patronage of both Barton Hartshorn and Chetwode, were held by the same person, and as a result the vicars and curates served both places):


1290 Frater, or Friar Will. De Brickesworth Canon of Chetwode
1301 Frater Roland de Langham Canon of Chetwode
1328 Robert de Barton
1333 Philip de Winchingdon
1349 Adam de Chetwode
1351 John de Norton
1352 Richard Evenlode
1392 John Sampson
1398 Richard Schrovesbury Canon of Chetwode
1411 Nicholas de Awdeswell


1525 Michael Bone
1542 John Crewer
1561 James Eaton
1583 Edward le Mortin
1598 Henry Beverley
1617 and 1639 Philip Stokes
1640 and 1660 Thomas Bury
1663 James Platt
1664 Thomas Horne
1676 Arthur Stanton LL.B.
1690 Thomas Osborn
1693 Thomas Crowle
1694 James Maddox
1697 Littleton Burton
1701 Thomas Cooper
1707 and 1713 John Welles Grimes
1725 John Stanton
1730 Roger Price
1734 George Burton