Monumental Inscriptions in the Parish Church of Holy Trinity, Bledlow


In 1847 George Lipscomb in his "The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham" lists the following monumental inscriptions from the Parish Church at Bledlow:

"At the east end of the chancel is a mural tablet, with arms:

Quarterly 1 and 4 Az. a cross moline Arg. 2 and 3 Arg. with an escutcheon of pretence party, per fess Gu. and erm. a pale counter changed; on each of the former a demy lion ramp Arg. Crosse and Blancks. Crest, a pelican Proper.

Near this place lie interred the bodies of Johnshall Crosse, Esq. and Elizabeth his wife, sole daughter and heiress of John Blancks of Bledlow Com. Bucks, Esq. wherby she inherited the Manor of that Rectory, the Advowson and Parsonage, with other estates in this county.

Elizabeth departed this life the 21st May 1720, aged 60 years.

Johnshall the 29th Septr. 1723, aged 66 years, having first served the office of High Sheriff.

They had issue, one daughter and one son; Elizabeth, who married Thomas Phillips of Ickford, Esq.; and Henry, who for several years, with credit and esteem, enjoyed a place in the High Court of Chancery. Henry married Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Paul Jodrell, Esq. Clerk to the Honourable House of Commons, and died the 19th of September 1744, aged 66 years, 44 of which he lived in true cojugal felicity with Elizabeth his wife, who died the 5th Sept. 1748, aged 71. Their issue were four sons, viz. John, Henry, Paul, and Thomas; also three daughters, Elizabeth, Jane, and Anne, of all which Elizabeth hath only survived and caused this monument to be erected.

Arms: Ermines. Crosse impaling erminois, three buckles Arg. in fess. point a trefoil slipped Or.

On the south side, on a similar monument, with the arms of Crosse:

Near this place lieth the body of Thomas Crosse, Esq. several years a first Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, in which station he distinguished himself for the service of his King and Country with Honour and Bravery. He was the fourth and only surviving son of Henry Crosse, Esq. and Elizabeth his wife, and departed this life, after a lingering and painful sickness, the 29th June 1747, aged 38 years.

John, his eldest brother, dyed unmarried one month before his father.

Henry, the next brother, and Jane his sister, dyed in their infancy.

Paul dyed without issue January the 8th, 1745.

Anne, their youngest sister, dyed the 15th July 1747.

Elizabeth, wife of William Hayton of Ivinghoe, Clerk of the Peace for this County, and the only surviving and sole Heiress of her once numerous Family, hath erected this Monument in Gratitude to the memory of Thomas, her dear Brother, and as a Lesson for Posterity to reflect on the vicissitudes and uncertainty of human nature, from her having been deprived of so many Relations in so short a space of time.

Arms: Arg 3 Church bells Proper on an Escutcheon of pretence. Crosse

On a marble tablet:

In a Vault
Near this Inscription are the remains of
Too delicately formed to bear the vicissitudes of rougher scenes,
It pleased the wise Disposer of all things
To call her, at the early age of XXV, to those blessed realms,
Where penitence and faith in a
Crucified Redeemer
Fail not, through grace, to receive
The unfading crown of glory and immortality.
She died the XIVth of May MDCCCXXV;
And on the Vth day of June, an intervening space of but three short weeks,
Was removed from the bosom of his affectionately devoted wife and family,
To the Paradise of his Saviour and his God,
In the lxxviiith year of his age.
Thus has a mournful Providence joined in death two dear relatives.
The lovely Daughter having with perculiar fondness
Ministered to the comfort of her venerable parent,
Was in all the bloom of youth
Transplanted only a few days before him into the upper courts of the Lord,
The heavenly Jerusalem.
And thus all the redeemed of the Lord shall return,
And come with singing unto Zion:
And everlasting joy shall be upon their head:
They shall obtain gladness and joy,
And sorrow and mourning shall flee away.- Isa. LI. ii.
Wherefore comfort one another
With these words,
1 Thess. iv. 18.

On a marble in the pavement:

Here lyeth the body of Henry Crosse, Esq. sonne of Henry Crosse, sonne and heir apparent of Johnshall Crosse, of this parish, Esq. and of Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Paul Joddrell, esq. Clerk of the Honourable House of Commons, who departed this life on the 16th day of November 1707, aged two years and three months.

On a black marble in the south aisle:

Here lieth the body of Samuel Sale, late of London, Merchant, second son of James Sale of this parish, Gent. in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to Eternal Life, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

He departed this life the 7th day of March 1729, in the 81st year of his age.

On another:

Here lieth the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Sale, Daughter of James Sale, late of Bledlow-Ridge, Gent. and Sarah his wife: much beloved for her many eminent virtues whilst living, and much lamented when she departed from us, the 5th of December 1727.

In the north aisle, on a neat mural monument:

Ralph Towne, who died 5th May 1755, aged 36.
Elizabeth Towne, who died 29th Aug. 1758, aged 36.
Susannah Towne, who died 3rd April 1759, aged 55.
Mary Towne, who died 3rd Dec. 1761, aged 44.

On another:

Johannis et Helenæ Towne.
Parum heu! pridem conjugalium non inæqualiter dilectissimorum hoc marmor refert mortalitatem.

Hic} Die {28}{ Mensis {Junii}{ AD {1725}
Illa} {22}{ {Augi}{ {1739} {59

Vitæ haud molestiis non parum variatæ extremum vale dixit.

On an old pannel, converted into a door:

Ex dono Jacobi Blankes Gen.
Hujus Ecclesiæ Nuper Patroni
Qui obiit 8o Dec. xbris Anno Dm 1664."