Rectors & Vicars of the Parish Church of Holy Trinity, Bledlow


In 1847 George Lipscomb in his "The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham" lists the following rectors and vicars for Bledlow:


1281 John Oudenarde - also listed in 1298 and presumed to be rector in between.
---- John Grenestede - presented by the Convent of Grestein. Died 1316
1316 Ingeramus de Blanville - presented by the Procurator of Gresteyn Convent
1340 David de Waley or Walters - presented by the King
1343 John Briers, or de Brian - presented by the King.
1344 Roger Ottery - presented by the King.
1389 John Cassels - presented by William Sleaford, Dean of St. Stephen's College, Westminster


1414 John Markhan, alias Spoynel
---- John Grebard - died vicar 1476. Succeeded by
---- Henry Tybard - died 1506.
1506 William Heron, A.B. - presented by St. Stephen's College, Westminster. Died 1525 and was succeeded by
1531 John Underhill - He resigned in 1534
1534 John Barber, or Barlow - occurs in 1538 also.
1556 William Fortescue - presented by Anthony Sampson
1578 John Smith
1592 William Syer - presented by Queen Elizabeth. Died Rector of Radnage and was buried there.
1605 Edward Stevens, A.M. - presented by the King
1617 William Sharpe - pesented by the King, in the minority of William Fitz-Herbert, Patron. Also listed in 1650
1662 Adam Langley, B.D. - presented by James Blancks, Gent. He died 1663 (also Rector of Radnage)
1663 Brian Emott - presented by James Blancks Esq. (also Vicar of Great Missenden)
1674 Timothy Hall, A.B. - presented by Mrs Eliz. Blancks, widow.
1678 William Stevenson, A.M. - presented by John Crosse, Gent. He died in 1728
1728 Hugh Whistler, A.M. - presented by Henry Crosse, Esq. On his cession
1732 John Taylor, A.M. - presented by Henry Crosse, Esq. Also Rector of Weston Turville until his death in 1775
1775 John Davey, A.M. - presented by Elizabeth Hayton of Ivinghoe, widow. He died in 1798 and was succeeded by
1798 Nathaniel Gilbert - presented by Samuel Whitbread Esq. He was a native of the Island of Antigua. He died at his Vicarage-house in 1807 and was succeeded by
1808 William Stephen, A.M. - presented by the Right Hon. Robert (Smith) Baron Carrington.