Curates of the Parish Church of All Saints, Brill


In 1847 George Lipscomb in his "The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham" listed the following perpetual curates for Brill:

1297 William de Wrotham
1515 William Worset
15-- Sir John Vestyd
1530 and 1536 John Welsted
1561 No curate
1572 Hugh Johnson, Vicar
1588 Cadwallader Hughes
1596 Hierome Gregory
1603 James Brittle, Minister
1603 John Pim
1605 Laurence Brome
1614 William Cooke
1619 John Lewis
1619 and 1623 Thomas Lusher, or Lushton
1633 Benedict Grace
1638 William Franklin
1644 William Hall
1662 John Moseley
1665 Nicholas Herward

After this the Curacy of Brill was united with Boarstall, and George Lipscomb, lists the following perpetual curates for the united curacy:

1674 John Taylor, A.B. "He hanged himself in the Gatehouse at Boarstall"
1678 Abraham Browne, A.B.
1687 Gervase, or Jervase Widdows, A.M.
1720 Morgan Leyson, A.M.
1736 Robert Twycross, A.B.
---- Joseph Laurentius Littlehales
---- James Tomlin, A.M.
1808 John Nelson, A.M.
1814 John Samuel Baron, A.B.