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Surname Index to Robson's 1839 Directory of Buckinghamshire Names A - F

Indexed by David Kolle, Melbourne, Australia. 1994

    Name                Occupation/Profession            Location    
 ABBEY Henry             George Inn               Butcher Row, Buckingham       
 ABBEY John              Saracen's Head Inn       Fenny-Stratford               
 ABBOTT John             Parish Clerk             Winslow                       
 ABRAHALL Edward         Grocer                   Whitchurch                    
 ADAMS Ely               Nectell Mill             Long Crendon                  
 ADAMS James             Leather Cutter/Pawnbrkr  Chesham                       
 ADAMS John              Red Lion                 Great Brickhill               
 ADAMS John              Green Grocer             High St, Newport Pagnell      
 ADAMS Martha            Bull Inn                 Well St, Buckingham           
 ADAMS Miss              Toy Warehouse            High St, Newport Pagnell      
 ADAMS T.                Shoemaker                Blucher St, Chesham           
 ADAMS T. Sen.           Shoemaker                High St, Chesham              
 ADAMS Thomas            Grocer/Tea Dealer        Chesham                       
 ADCOCK N.               Boot & Shoe Maker        Red Lion Ln, Buckingham       
 ADCOCK Richd.           Boot & Shoe Maker        Market Sq, Buckingham         
 ADCOCK Samuel           Grocer                   Market Pl, Aylesbury          
 AINSWORTH George        Baker                    Amersham                      
 AINSWORTH James         Baker                    London End, Beaconsfield      
 ALDERMAN William        Cooper                   Whitchurch                    
 ALDRIDGE James          Boot & Shoemaker         Great Marlow                  
 ALLAM J.                Grocer/Beer Retailer     Langley                       
 ALLAN George            Chemist & Druggist       High St, Chesham              
 ALLAND H.               Beer Retailer            High St, Eton                 
 ALLBRIGHT T.            Pig Dealer               St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 ALLEN J.                Beer Retailer            Cookham                       
 ALLEN Jas.              Beer Retailer            Oxford St, Aylesbury          
 ALLEN John              Bricklayer               Horton                        
 ALLEN Mary              Dressmaker               Prince's Risborough           
 ALLEN R.                Painter/Glazier          Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 ALLEN Richard           Bricklayer               Winslow                       
 ALLEN S.M.              Linen/Wool Draper        Castle St, Buckingham         
 ALLEN Wm.               Seedsman                 London Rd, High Wycombe       
 ALLNUT Thomas           Grocer &c                Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 ALLUM James             Tailor                   West St, Great Marlow         
 ALLUM William           Tailor                   High St, Great Marlow         
 ALLWRIGHT Henry         Beer Retailer            Chesham                       
 AMES Thos.              Boot and Shoemaker       Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 AMES Thos.              Hair Dresser             Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 AMES Thos.              Hair Dresser             Silver St, Aylesbury          
 ANDERSON Daniel         Tailor                   High St, Stony Stratford      
 ANDERSON Robt.          Wine/Spirit Mrchnt/Tailr Market Hill, Buckingham       
 ANDREW John             Mother Red Can           Wooburn                       
 ANDREWS George          Baker                    Colnbrook                     
 ANDREWS Henry           Grocer/Cheesemonger      Colnbrook                     
 ANDREWS John            Tailor                   Amersham                      
 ANDREWS John            Beer Retailer            Shreedding Green, Ivor        
 ANDREWS T.              Surveyor/Appraiser       Church St, Chesham            
 ANDREWS T.P.            General Merchant         Fenny-Stratford               
 ANDREWS W.              Surveyor/Broker          High St, Chesham              
 ANDREWS William         Civil Engr.              Ivinghoe                      
 ANDREWS Wm. Rev.        Chpln/Vicar/Magistrate   West St, Buckingham           
 ANGEL C.                Millboard Manuf          Lower Mills, Wooburn          
 ANGEL Caroline          Pasteboard Manuf         Bore End, Great Marlow        
 ANGSTONE Thomas         Beer Retailer            Colnbrook                     
 ANSTISS Thomas          Red Lion                 Wycomb Marsh, High Wycombe    
 ANSTISS Wm.             Carpenter &c             Wycomb Marsh, High Wycombe    
 ANTHONY Jno.            Beer Retailer            Whitehall St, Aylesbury       
 ARCHER A.               Grocer/Cheesemonger      Chesham                       
 ARCHER H.               Horse & Cattle Dealer    Church St, Chesham            
 ARCHER Thomas Rev.      Vicar                    Whitchurch                    
 ARCHER William          Green Man                Chesham                       
 ARIES Edward            Corn Chandler            Amersham                      
 ARIES George            Hairdresser & Broker     Church St, Chesham            
 ARIS Nathaniel          Chair Maker              Amersham                      
 ARNOLD George           Carpenter/Joiner         High St, Stony Stratford      
 ARNOLD Hannah           Kings Arms               Little Brickhill              
 ARNOLD Jno.             Clothes Dealer           Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 ARNOTT G.               Hairdresser              Church St, Chesham            
 ARNOTT James            Boot & Shoemaker         Chesham                       
 ARROWSMITH Jas.         Solicitor                High St, Newport Pagnell      
 ASHBY Robert            Beer Retailer            Mill End, Newport Pagnell     
 ASHBY Wm.               Cutler/Gun Maker         High St, Newport Pagnell      
 ASHLEE Thomas           Baker                    Ivor                          
 ASHLEE Thomas Wm.       Grocer/Cheesemonger      Ivor                          
 ASHLEE W. Jun           Beer Retailer            Shreedding Green, Ivor        
 ASHTON Chas.            Tailor                   Burnham                       
 ASHTON John             Schoolmaster             Colnbrook                     
 ASPRAY Chas.            Surgeon                  High St, Olney                
 ASPRAY Ebenzr.          Grocer                   High St, Olney                
 ASPRAY Thos.            Rope/Twine Merchnt       High St, Olney                
 ASPREY Thomas           Rope Manuf.              Chesham                       
 ASTON W.G.              Haberdasher              Market Pl, Aylesbury          
 ATKINS E.               Beer Retailer            Wycomb Marsh, High Wycombe    
 ATKINS George           Weaver                   Amersham                      
 ATKINS H.T. Rev.        Boarding School          Langley                       
 ATKINS J.               Grocer                   High St, Eton                 
 ATKINS John             Cornchandler             Slough & Salt Hill            
 ATKINS Thomas           Dyer                     Amersham                      
 ATKINS Thomas Grant     Beer Retailer            Amersham                      
 ATKINS Thos.            Bootmaker                North End, Buckingham         
 ATKINS Wm.              Haberdasher              Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 ATTERBURY William       Black Horse              Stony Stratford               
 ATTKINS Henry           Carrier                  High St, Stony Stratford      
 ATTKINS James           Linen/Woollen Draper     High St, Stony Stratford      
 ATTKINS Mrs.            Straw Hat Maker          High St, Stony Stratford      
 ATTWOOD Richard         The Cook                 Wing                          
 AUSTIN R.               Beer Retailer            Taplow                        
 AUSTIN Sarah            Grocer/Cheesemonger      Burnham                       
 AVELINE F.              Upholsterer/Cabinet Mkr  High St, Stony Stratford      
 AVELING Richard         Grocer                   High St, Great Marlow         
 AVERY James             Linen/Woollen Draper     Oxford St, High Wycombe       
 AVERY Michl.            Shoemaker                Walton St, Aylesbury          
 AXTEN Charles           Tailor                   Amersham                      
 AYCKBOURN Augustus      Surgeon                  Wendover                      
 AYES J.D.               Lce Manuf                St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 AYRES John              Draper/Parish Clerk      Prince's Risborough           
 AYRES Joseph            Prospect Academy         Oxford St, High Wycombe       
 BACHELDOR T.            Registrar of College     Eton                          
 BACON James             Boot & Shoemaker         Slough & Salt Hill            
 BACON Nat.              Baker                    High St, Eton                 
 BADCOCK C.              Broker/Gen.Dealer        White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 BADGER Henry            Parish Clerk             Great Marlow                  
 BADGER John             Beer Retailer            Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 BAILEY W.H.             Tallow Chandler          Colnbrook                     
 BAILEY William          Beer Retailer            Colnbrook                     
 BAINES B.               Confectioner/Pastrycook  High St, Great Marlow         
 BAKER Samuel            Bull Coml Inn/Post Hse   Market Pl, Olney              
 BALDWIN Benjn.          Iron Founder/Ag.Implemt. Burnham                       
 BALDWIN Jacob           Beer Retailer/Bootmaker  Back St, Aylesbury            
 BALDWIN Jacob           Beer Retailer            Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 BALDWIN Mary            Fruiterer                Chesham                       
 BALDWIN Richard         Baker                    Winslow                       
 BALDWIN William         Hen & Chickens           Betley St, Chesham            
 BALDWIN Wm.             Bootmaker                Temple St, Aylesbury          
 BALL Henry              Smith/Beer Retailer      High St, High Wycombe         
 BALL James              Surveyor                 Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 BALL John               Saddler                  Burnham                       
 BALL Robert             Miller                   Common Mill, Chesham          
 BALL Samuel             Queens Head              Queen Sq, High Wycombe        
 BALL Seymour            Linen Draper             Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 BALL W.P.               Boot & Shoemaker         High St, High Wycombe         
 BALL Wm.                Confectioner             High St, High Wycombe         
 BALL Wm.                Watch/Clock Maker        Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 BAMBURY Henry           Grocer/Tallow Chandler   Fenny-Stratford               
 BANNISTER Ann           Straw Hat Maker          High St, Olney                
 BANYARD Martin          Grocer/Cheesemonger      Stoke Green                   
 BARGE Francis           Grer/Tallow Chandler     Market Sq, Buckingham         
 BARGENT R.              Butcher                  High St, Eton                 
 BARKER Chas.            Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Olney                
 BARKER James            Baker                    Amersham                      
 BARKER Jas.             Kings Arms               Tichford End, Newport Pagnell 
 BARKER Thos.            China & Glass Warehouse  High St, Eton                 
 BARKER Wm.              March of Intellect       Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 BARLEY John             Glazier &c               Prince's Risborough           
 BARLEY Robert           Tailor                   Prince's Risborough           
 BARNARD S.              Grocer & Draper          Whitchurch                    
 BARNARD Wm.             Bricklayer               Prince's Risborough           
 BARNES A.               Beer Retailer            Chartridge, Chesham           
 BARNES F.               Carpenter/Beer Retailer  Chartridge, Chesham           
 BARNES Francis          Boarding School          Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 BARNES J.               Blue Boar/Builder        Ashridge, Chesham             
 BARNES John             Harrow Inn               Back St, Aylesbury            
 BARNES Mary             Queens Head              Chesham                       
 BARNES W.               Seven Stars              Chesham                       
 BARNES W.               Grocer                   High St, Eton                 
 BARNES William          Chequers                 Market Sq, Chesham            
 BARNES William          Draper/Confectioner      Fenny-Stratford               
 BARNETT Isaac           Clothes Salesman         Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 BARNETT J.              Baker                    Cookham                       
 BARNETT Richard         Beer Retailer            Burnham                       
 BARNETT Richard         Grocer &c                Wooburn                       
 BARNEY John             Wheelwright              Ashridge, Chesham             
 BARNS John              Boot & Shoemaker         Slough & Salt Hill            
 BARRATT C.              Leather Glove/Gaiter Mkr High St, Chesham              
 BARRATT E.              Bricklayer &c            Colnbrook                     
 BARRATT Miss            Dress Maker              High St, Newport Pagnell      
 BARRATT Susan           Ladies Board School      High St, Newport Pagnell      
 BARRATT Wm.             Saddler/Harness Maker    Market Sq, Buckingham         
 BARRETT C.P.            Genl Agent/Accountant    High St, Eton                 
 BARRETT Thos.           Basket Maker             Great Missenden               
 BARROW Elizabeth        Stationer                Colnbrook                     
 BARTER & Son            Coal Merchants           Wolverton End, Stony Stratford
 BARTER Rich.            Grocer                   High St, Stony Stratford      
 BARTER Wm.              Plough Inn               Calverton End, Stony Stratford
 BARTLETT & Co.          Coal Merchants           New Wharf, Buckingham         
 BARTLETT Ann            Parochial School Mstrss  Cookham                       
 BARTLETT Mrs.           Ladies Boarding School   Church St, Aylesbury          
 BARTLETT NELSON & Co.   Buckingham Bank          High St, Stony Stratford      
 BARTLETT Thos.          Woolstapler              Prebend End, Buckingham       
 BARTLETT/PARROTT/HEARN  Bankers                  Market Pl, Buckingham         
 BARTON Alfred           George Coml Inn/Maltster Winslow                       
 BARTON C.               Upholsterer              High St, Eton                 
 BARTON Chas.            Grocer/Draper            Great Missenden               
 BARTON Elis.            Butcher                  High St, High Wycombe         
 BARTON John             Boot & Shoemaker         Great Missenden               
 BARTON Richard          White Horse              Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 BASON Miss              Straw Hat Maker          Castle St, Buckingham         
 BASON Richd.            Boot & Shoe Maker        Bristol Hill, Buckingham      
 BASS Henry              Linen/Woollen Draper/Agt High St, Olney                
 BASS Sarah              Milliner &c              High St, Olney                
 BASSATT & GRANT         Leighton Bank Branch     High St, Newport Pagnell      
 BATCHELLOR              Rake Maker               Ashley Green, Chesham         
 BATCHELLOR W.           Unicorn                  Waterside, Chesham            
 BATCHELOR George        Painter/Tomb Stone Cuttr Prebend End, Buckingham       
 BATCHER Charles         Baker & Cornchandler     Amersham                      
 BATES ---               Saddler                  Little Brickhill              
 BATES John              Carpenter                Whitchurch                    
 BATES John              Baker                    Haddenham                     
 BATES R.                Harness Maker            Ivor                          
 BATES Richard           Catherine Wheel Inn      Colnbrook                     
 BATES Thomas            Butcher                  High St, Stony Stratford      
 BATES William           Boot & Shoemaker         Ivinghoe                      
 BATES William           Beer Retailer            Ivinghoe                      
 BATES Wm.               Grocer/Beer Retailer     Bone End, Great Marlow        
 BATHE John              Tailor                   Winslow                       
 BATTING Alfred          Brazier/Tinplate Wkr.    West St, Great Marlow         
 BAVINGTON ---           Basket Maker             Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 BAXTER & DEVERIL        Plumbers/Painters/Glazrs Slough & Salt Hill            
 BAXTER E.               Ladies Day Boarding Sch. Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 BAYLISS Robt.           Grocer/Tea Dealer        Market Sq, Buckingham         
 BAYNES Thos.            Greyhound                High St, High Wycombe         
 BEALES John             Fruiterer                Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 BEASLEY Anthony         Cooper                   Whitchurch                    
 BEASLEY Wm.             Cooper                   Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 BECK E.                 Baker                    White Hart Pl, High Wycombe   
 BECKETT James           Carpenter/Joiner         Whitehead Pl, Great Marlow    
 BECKETT Jonathan        Grocer/Beer Retailer     Wing                          
 BECKETT Richard         Beer Retailer            London End, Beaconsfield      
 BECKLEY Ann             Crown                    Botley St, Chesham            
 BECKLEY W.              Beer Retailer            Waterside, Chesham            
 BEDFORD Joseph          Boot & Shoemaker         Wing                          
 BEESLEY J.              Beer Retailer            Cookham                       
 BEESON George           Baker                    Chenies                       
 BEESON Henry            Baker                    Chenies                       
 BEESON Joseph           Vet Srgn, Smith, Farrier Amersham                      
 BEESON William          Smith & Farrier          Chenies                       
 BELL Robt.              Day & Boarding School    Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 BENNETT C.I.            Grocer/Tea Dealer        West St, Buckingham           
 BENNETT Helen           Geo.Hl.Com.Inn/Post Hse. Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 BENNETT Henry           Baker/Confectioner       Chesham                       
 BENNETT James           Farrier                  Well St, Buckingham           
 BENNETT John            Vet. Surgeon             High St, Stony Stratford      
 BENNETT S.              Wheelwright/Beer Retail  West St, Great Marlow         
 BENNETT Sophia          Plumber & Glazier        West St, Buckingham           
 BENNETT Thomas          Gents Boarding School    Horton                        
 BENNETT Wm.             Baker                    Burnham                       
 BENSON Rich.            Mast in Chancery         Church St, Aylesbury          
 BENTALL Anthy           Draper/Grocer            Great Missenden               
 BERNASEONI Innocenti    Hare & Hounds            Canal, High Wycombe           
 BERRILL Geo.            Brazier/Tinman           High St, Stony Stratford      
 BERRILL Thos.           Butcher                  Market Pl, Olney              
 BERRILL Thos.           Wheelwright              High St, Olney                
 BERRY J.T.              Green Man & Still        Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 BERRY Thos.             Cabinet Maker            Walton St, Aylesbury          
 BERRY William           Kings Arms               Amersham                      
 BERRY Wm.               Black Boy                Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 BETTLE Thomas           Boot & Shoemaker         Langley                       
 BETTS Elizabeth         Shopkeeper               Haddenham                     
 BETTS William           Boot & Shoemaker         Haddenham                     
 BIGG John               Green Man                Little Brickhill              
 BIGGS James             Grocer/Cheesemonger      Wing                          
 BIGGS James             Bricklayer/Plasterer     High St, High Wycombe         
 BIGGS Samuel            Black Horse              Castle St, Aylesbury          
 BILLING Wm.             Shopkeeper               High St, Olney                
 BIRCH Edwin             Fly/Livery Stable Keeper Chesham                       
 BIRCH G.                Bootmaker                Aylesbury St, Beaconsfield    
 BIRCH John              Grocer and Cheesemonger  Amersham                      
 BIRCH John              County Chronicle Agent   Amersham                      
 BIRD Henry              Sig./Reg.of BDM          Walton St, Aylesbury          
 BIRD J.                 Grocer/Cheesemonger      Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 BIRD James              Wheelwright              Fenny-Stratford               
 BIRD John               Wheelwright/Red Lion     Little Brickhill              
 BIRD Joseph             Tea Dealer               Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 BIRD T.                 Boot & Shoemaker         Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 BIRDSEYE W.             Royal Oak/Corn Dealer    High St, Chesham              
 BISHOP John             Baker                    Wendover                      
 BISHOP Ruth             Straw Bonnet Maker       Prince's Risborough           
 BISHOP Thomas           Baker                    Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 BISS Mary               Grocer                   Well St, Buckingham           
 BLABERY Thos.           White Horse              High St, Stony Stratford      
 BLACKWELL James         Old Fleece               Market Hill, Buckingham       
 BLACKWELL John          Beer Retailer            Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield   
 BLACKWELL Sarah         Beer Retailer            Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield   
 BLAKE D.                Greyhound Inn            Windsor St, Beaconsfield      
 BLAKE Giles             Portrait Painter         Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 BLAKE Richard           Carver/Gilder            Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 BLAKE S.                Butcher/Grocer/Chsmr     Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 BLAKE W.                Grocer/Ironmonger        Cookham                       
 BLENCOE Benjm. Robt.    Wine /Spirit Merchant    Market Sq, Buckingham         
 BLINCOE J.W.            Fruiterer                Langley                       
 BLINCOE W.              Baker                    Langley                       
 BLINKO Moses            Baker/Grocer             High St, High Wycombe         
 BLINKO Wm.              Salesman/Butcher         -, Beaconsfield               
 BLISS Walter            Brewer/Spirit Merchant   Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 BLOWFIELD William       Blacksmith               Whitchurch                    
 BODDY Eliz. Mrs.        Boarding School          London End, Beaconsfield      
 BODDY H.                Nursery/Seedsman         Little Marlow                 
 BODDY Henry             Boot and Shoemaker       Amersham                      
 BODDY James             Cornchandler             London End, Beaconsfield      
 BONCEY John             Grocer/Baker             Queen Sq, High Wycombe        
 BOND Thomas             Baker                    Whitchurch                    
 BOND William            Carpenter/Builder        High St, Great Marlow         
 BONE Barnard            Beer Retailer            Wing                          
 BONE George             Royal Oak                Wing                          
 BONE John               Baker                    Wing                          
 BONE Joseph             Beer Retailer            Wing                          
 BONE Josh.              China/Glass Dealer       High St, Newport Pagnell      
 BONSOR Richd.           Mast of Union            Oxford St, Aylesbury          
 BOOT H.                 Farrier/Beer Retailer    High St, High Wycombe         
 BOSWORTH Wm.            Tailor                   Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 BOUGH Thos.             Boot & Shoemaker         Great Missenden               
 BOULD R.                General Shop             Taplow                        
 BOULTON J.              Beer Retailer            Oxford Ln, Great Marlow       
 BOVINGTON Edward        Butcher                  Great Missenden               
 BOVINGTON Wm.           Linen Draper             Amersham                      
 BOWDREY H.              Grocer/Cheesemonger      Little Marlow                 
 BOWDREY William         Old Red Lion             Little Marlow                 
 BOWEN Thomas            Lion                     West St, Great Marlow         
 BOWEN W.                Currier                  High St, Eton                 
 BOWLER Richard          Carpenter                Prince's Risborough           
 BOWLER Thos.            Rising Sun               Oxford St, Aylesbury          
 BOWLER W.               Beer Retailer            Langley                       
 BOWLER W.               Broom Maker              Langley                       
 BOWLES Ann              Beer Retailer            Spital St, Great Marlow       
 BOWLES Thomas           Beer Retailer            Spital St, Great Marlow       
 BOX Wm.                 Clothier                 London End, Beaconsfield      
 BOYES Wm.               Linen/Woollen Draper     Market Sq, Stony Stratford    
 BRACE & CURTIS Misses   Ladies School            Winslow                       
 BRACKLEY Jonathan       Beer Retailer            St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 BRADFORD Henry          Ironmonger/Seedsman      Market Sq, Buckingham         
 BRADFORD Thos.          Saddler/Beer Retailer    New Rd, Aylesbury             
 BRADFORD Wm. Rev.       Academy Magistrate       Beaconsfield                  
 BRADLEY Rebec.          Marquis of Chandos       St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 BRADSHAW Anthony        Beer Retailer            Little Brickhill              
 BRAID Robert            Crispin Arms             Burnham                       
 BRANDOM Thomas          Smith/Grocer &c          Wing                          
 BRANSCOMB & BENSON      Solicitors               Church St, Aylesbury          
 BRANT T.                Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Eton                 
 BRAY John               Grocer/Sundries Dealer   Slough & Salt Hill            
 BRAY John               Beer Retailer            Slough & Salt Hill            
 BREED James             Butcher                  Chenies                       
 BRENT Thomas            Smith                    Stoke Poges                   
 BREWERTON Elias         Beer Retailer/Mealman    North End, Buckingham         
 BRIANT John             Corn Chandler            Amersham                      
 BRIANT John             Beer Retailer            Bourbon St, Aylesbury         
 BRICKWELL J.            Boot & Shoemaker         Pauls Ward Row, High Wycombe  
 BRICKWELL Thomas        Surgeon                  Amersham                      
 BRIDGER Samuel          Ironfounder              Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 BRIDGES Henry           Crown                    Horton                        
 BRIGHT Wm.              Wheatsheaf               Amersham                      
 BRIGHTLINAHAW J.        Saddler/Harness Maker    Wooburn Gr, Wooburn           
 BRIGHTON Benjamin       Baker                    High St, Great Marlow         
 BRIGINSHAW John         Baker                    Burnham                       
 BRINSDEN Thomas Evans   Surgeon                  High St, Great Marlow         
 BRISCOE Thomas          Star                     Long Crendon                  
 BRISTOW Edward          Draper                   Fenny-Stratford               
 BRITTEN William         Baker                    Bow Brickhill                 
 BRITTIN Edwd.           Schoolmaster             St.Johns Chapel, Buckingham   
 BRODERICK Geo.          Vet. Surgeon             Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 BROMWICK M.             Tailor/Draper/Hatter     High St, Newport Pagnell      
 BROOKS Honor            Dressmaker               Whitchurch                    
 BROOKS James Bird       Baker/Corn Dealer        High St, Great Marlow         
 BROOKS Jno.             Solr.& Magists.   Walton St, Aylesbury          
 BROOKS John             Beer Retailer            North End, Newport Pagnell    
 BROOKS Saml.            Tailor                   High St, Stony Stratford      
 BROOKS Thos.            Baker                    Market Pl, Beaconsfield       
 BROOKS Wm.              Baker                    Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 BROTHWELL Chas.         Hair Dresser             Church St, Stony Stratford    
 BROUGHTON Wm.           Stonemason               Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 BROWHEAD Geo.           Shopkeeper               High St, Newport Pagnell      
 BROWN Elizth.           Carrier                  Chenies                       
 BROWN G.                Grocer                   High St, Eton                 
 BROWN George            Farrier                  Colnbrook                     
 BROWN J.                Boot & Shoemaker         Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 BROWN Jabez             Rose & Crown             Market Pl, Olney              
 BROWN James             Brush Maker              Chesham                       
 BROWN John              Seedsman                 West St, Great Marlow         
 BROWN John              Angel                    High St, Stony Stratford      
 BROWN Michael           Miller                   Bowdorings Ln, High Wycombe   
 BROWN T.                Grocer                   Chenies                       
 BROWN T.                Tailor                   High St, Eton                 
 BROWN Thos.             Swan Hotel/Posting Hse.  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 BROWN Thos.& Edward     Nursery/Seedsman         Slough & Salt Hill            
 BROWN W.                Grocer/Cheesemonger      Little Marlow                 
 BROWN Wm. Rev.          Rector                   Horton                        
 BROWNETT John           Boot & Shoemaker         Winslow                       
 BRUCE John              Boot & Shoemaker         Long Crendon                  
 BRUCE William           Cock                     High St, Chesham              
 BRYANT Samuel           Carpenter & Joiner       Chenies                       
 BUCKINGHAM Alice        Earthenware Dealer       Haddenham                     
 BUCKLAND Fredk          Smith                    Stoke Green                   
 BUCKLAND Thomas         Smith                    Stoke Poges                   
 BUDD Mary               Post Mistress            Winslow                       
 BUGGINS Thomas          Seven Stars              High St, High Wycombe         
 BULL Edmund             Queen's Head             Temple Sq, Aylesbury          
 BULL Edwin              Solicitor/Agent Fire Ins.Temple Sq, Aylesbury          
 BULL Jos. Rev.          Min.Ind.Chapel           Dungeon Ln, Newport Pagnell   
 BULL Samuel             Royal Oak                Winslow                       
 BULL T.P. Rev.          Dissenting Minister      High St, Newport Pagnell      
 BULL W.B.               Solicitor/Agent          Dungeon Ln, Newport Pagnell   
 BULL W.B.               Solicitor                Bridge St, Olney              
 BUMBY John              Grocer &c                Stoke Poges                   
 BUNCE James             Beer Retailer            Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 BUNCE Mark              Boot & Shoemaker         Winslow                       
 BUNTING W.M.            Butcher                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 BUNYAN M.               Grave Stone Cutter       Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 BURBIDGE Wm.            Coal Merchant            North End, Buckingham         
 BURGISS G.              Currier/Leather Seller   High St, Eton                 
 BURGISS R.              Butcher                  High St, Eton                 
 BURMAN Thos.            Cornchandler             High St, Olney                
 BURN Wm.                Boarding School          High St, Newport Pagnell      
 BURNETT George          Beer Retailer            Church End, Buckingham        
 BURNHAM Edw.            Beer Retailer            Crandon Ln, High Wycombe      
 BURNHAM J.W.            Bookseller/Stationer     West St, Great Marlow         
 BURNHAM Wm.             Beer Retailer            St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 BURRETT J.              Broker                   High St, Eton                 
 BURRIDGE W.A.           Surgeon                  Colnbrook                     
 BURROWS C.              Plumber &c               Cookham                       
 BURROWS Robt.           Shopkeeper               New Rd, Aylesbury             
 BURROWS Wm.             Tailor                   Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 BURSELL T.              Smith/Farrier/Ironmgr    West St, Great Marlow         
 BURTON William          Maltster                 Ivor                          
 BUSBY Charles           Coal Merchant            High St, High Wycombe         
 BUSBY Thomas            Boot & Shoemaker         Chesham                       
 BUSBY William           Painter/Glazier          Prince's Risborough           
 BUTCHER C.              Currier/Leather Cutter   Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 BUTCHER J.              Grocer                   High St, Eton                 
 BUTCHER John            Shoemaker                Fenny-Stratford               
 BUTCHER Thos.& Sons     Drewett & Co.            Bank St, Aylesbury            
 BUTCHER W.              Currier & Leather Seller High St, Chesham              
 BUTLER Charles          Beer Retailer            Wooburn                       
 BUTLER T.               Grocer/Cheesemonger      West St, Great Marlow         
 BUTLER W.T.             Stationer/Chemist        Beaconsfield                  
 BUTLER W.T.             Chemist & Druggist       St.Thomas St, Great Marlow    
 BUTLER W.T.             Chemist/Druggist/Bookslr Church Sq, High Wycombe       
 BUTLER William          Butcher                  Wooburn                       
 BUTTFIELD J.G.          Grocer/Cheesemonger      High St, Chesham              
 BYLES J.O.              Brush & Basket Manuf     Eton                          
 CALLIDINE John          Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Stony Stratford      
 CAMBRAY Jas.            Saddler/Harness Maker    Great Missenden               
 CAMDEN Steadman         Leather Seller           High St, Great Marlow         
 CAMERON John            Linen Draper             Wooburn Gr, Wooburn           
 CAMPBELL Henry          Beer Retailer            Hull Layes, Aylesbury         
 CANCUTT Mark            Chemist                  High St, Stony Stratford      
 CANE Isaac              Miller                   Mill Ln, Colnbrook            
 CANNON George           Bookseller/Stationer     Market Pl, Great Marlow       
 CANNON Thos.            Draper                   Great Missenden               
 CAPCUTT William         Boot & Shoemaker         Ivinghoe                      
 CAPON Mrs.              Dressmaker               High St, Newport Pagnell      
 CAPP Stephen            Carpenter                Wing                          
 CAPP Thomas             Boot & Shoemaker         Wing                          
 CARDWELL Cooper         Saracens Head            Amersham                      
 CARR George             Beer Retailer            Dean St, Great Marlow         
 CARR James              Butcher                  Colnbrook                     
 CARRAD H.               Grocer/Cheesemonger      Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 CARRAD Henry            Plumber &c               Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 CARROL B.               Watchmaker               Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 CARTER John             Blacksmith               Wendover                      
 CARTER John             Tanner                   Temple, High Wycombe          
 CARTER Mrs.             Midwife                  Colnbrook                     
 CARTER Rev.             Rector                   Burnham                       
 CARTER Richard          Agent/Clerical           Market Pl, Buckingham         
 CARTER Samuel           Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Great Marlow         
 CARTER Wm.              Corn Dealer              Long Crendon                  
 CARTLAND E.             Milliner & Dress Maker   High St, Eton                 
 CARTWRIGHT Chas.        Tinman                   Great Missenden               
 CARVELL Thos.           Grocer/Cheesemonger      High St, Chesham              
 CASBROOK Ann            White Hart Inn           White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 CASTELL G.              Butcher                  High St, Eton                 
 CASTER Thomas           Carpenter                Shreedding Green, Ivor        
 CASTLE Henry            Beer Retailer            Canal, High Wycombe           
 CASTLE Laurence         Baker                    Burnham                       
 CASTLE Wm.              Cooper                   North End, Buckingham         
 CASTLE Wm. B.           Pastry Cook              Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 CASTLEDINE Josh.        Butcher                  West End, Newport Pagnell     
 CASTLEDINE Robt.        Beer Retailer            March End, Newport Pagnell    
 CATLING Thomas          London Carrier           Chesham                       
 CATO Mrs.               Milliner                 Temple St, Aylesbury          
 CAVENDISH Henry         Furniture Warehouse      High St, Chesham              
 CEELY R.& I.H.          Surgeons                 Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 CHADDOCK Jas.           Clerk to Messrs Weller   Amersham                      
 CHADWELL James          Carpenter                Ivor                          
 CHAMPNESS C. Rev.       Vicar                    Langley                       
 CHAMPNESS Rev.          Vicar                    Slough & Salt Hill            
 CHANBRILL Hannah        Baker                    Red Lion Ln, Buckingham       
 CHANDLER Richd.         Printer/Binder/Agent     Market Sq, Buckingham         
 CHANEY Henry            Beer Retailer            Winslow                       
 CHANTLER Wm.            Chemist/Druggist         St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 CHAPLIN & KING          Drapers/Mercerers        West St, Buckingham           
 CHAPMAN & VEARY         Stone/Marble Masons      Haddenham                     
 CHAPMAN Geo.            Grocer                   Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 CHAPMAN Hen.            Draper/Habad/Clothier    High St, Newport Pagnell      
 CHAPMAN John            Lace Manuf               Haddenham                     
 CHAPMAN T.& T.S.        Bankers                  Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 CHAPMAN T.S.            Superintend./Reg. BDM    Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 CHAPMAN T.S.            Bricklayer/Retailer      Windsor St, Beaconsfield      
 CHAPMAN Wm.             Straw Bonnet Maker       Windsor St, Beaconsfield      
 CHAPMAN Wm.             Linen/Wool Draper        High St, Newport Pagnell      
 CHARGE William          Bricklayer               Prince's Risborough           
 CHARLTON Henry          Butcher                  High St, Stony Stratford      
 CHARSLEY & PARTON       Solicitors/Commissioners London End, Beaconsfield      
 CHARTER R.              Leather Breeches/Glover  White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 CHDL Charles            Linen Draper             Amersham                      
 CHECKLEY Geo.           Butcher                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 CHECKLEY Thos.          Baker/Confectioner       St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 CHEESE Josh.            Red Lion                 St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 CHEESE Wm.              Hemp Manufacturer        Walton St, Aylesbury          
 CHENEY Holmes           Chemist & Druggist       Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 CHERRY W.               Grocer/Draper            Great Brickhill               
 CHESHIRE George         White Swan               Whitchurch                    
 CHESTER --              Solicitor                High St, Chesham              
 CHESTER I.B.            Solicitor                Great Missenden               
 CHEW T.                 Reg. of BDM Newport Dist Great Brickhill               
 CHEW Thomas             Shoemaker                Great Brickhill               
 CHEW William            Parish Clerk             Great Brickhill               
 CHIBNAL Rich.           Reg.B &c  Pottersbury Dist Stony Stratford               
 CHILD Benjn.            Watch/Clock Maker        Great Missenden               
 CHILD W.                Timber Dlr/Builder       Windsor St/Wycombe End, Bcnsfl
 CHILTON Geo.            Shoemaker                Walton St, Aylesbury          
 CHILTON George          Shoemaker                Whitchurch                    
 CHILTON H.              Carpenter/Beer Retailer  Blucher St, Chesham           
 CHILTON J.              Builder                  Chesham                       
 CHILTON Wm.             Buckingham Arms          Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 CHIMSON E.              Chair Maker              Amersham                      
 CHITTLE Thomas          Chemist & Druggist       Colnbrook                     
 CHRISTIE Sophia         New Inn                  Wendover                      
 CHRISTMAS W.            Crown Coml Inn           High St, Chesham              
 CHURCH George           Hair Dresser             Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 CHURCH J.               Bootmaker                High St, Eton                 
 CHURCHILL Jno.          Ger.& Tlw.Chandler/Agent Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 CLACK W.G.S.            Surgeon                  High St, Eton                 
 CLARABUT Danl.          Linen/Woollen Draper     Market Pl, Olney              
 CLARE Wm.               The Sportsman            Marsh End, Newport Pagnell    
 CLARIDGE John           Master Natl School/Clerk High St, Stony Stratford      
 CLARK C.                Locksmith/Bellhanger     High St, Great Marlow         
 CLARK George            Beer Retailer            Dean St, Great Marlow         
 CLARK J.& W.            Boot & Shoemaker/Sales   High St, High Wycombe         
 CLARK James             China Dealer             Temple St, Aylesbury          
 CLARK John              White Hart               High St, Newport Pagnell      
 CLARK John              Milr & Chequers Inn      Bassetts Bury, High Wycombe   
 CLARK Josiah            Grocer/Lace/Linen Manuf  High St, Great Marlow         
 CLARK Samuel            Beer Retailer            Chenies                       
 CLARK Samuel            Tailor                   High St, Great Marlow         
 CLARK Solomon           Butcher                  Great Missenden               
 CLARK T.                Tailor                   Castle St, Buckingham         
 CLARK Thos.             Chair Maker              Canal, High Wycombe           
 CLARK Thos.             Lion in the Wood         Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 CLARK Wm.               Beer Retailer            Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 CLARK Wm.               Christopher Inn          College, Eton                 
 CLARK Wm.               Butcher                  High St, Eton                 
 CLARK Wm.               Baker                    Great Missenden               
 CLARK Wm.               Butcher/Beer Retailer    Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 CLARKE Charles          Miller                   Haddenham                     
 CLARKE E.& Sons         Drapers                  Prince's Risborough           
 CLARKE Edward           Crown Inn                Haddenham                     
 CLARKE Elizabeth        Draper                   Prince's Risborough           
 CLARKE G.O.             General Merchant/Carrier Sympson, Fenny-Stratford      
 CLARKE I.               Beer Retailer            Walton St, Aylesbury          
 CLARKE John             Baker                    Whitchurch                    
 CLARKE John             Boot & Shoemaker         Prince's Risborough           
 CLARKE John             Maltster                 Prince's Risborough           
 CLARKE Joseph           Collar Maker             Haddenham                     
 CLARKE R.P.             Builder                  Great Missenden               
 CLARKE Susanna          Grocer                   North End, Buckingham         
 CLARKE Thos.            Natl School Master       Bridge St, Olney              
 CLARKE Thos.            Grocer/Tallow Chandler   High St, Stony Stratford      
 CLARKE Thos.            Beer Retailer            Great Missenden               
 CLARSON William         Boy's School             Haddenham                     
 CLAYDON Susannah        Carrier                  North End, Buckingham         
 CLAYTON William Sir     Magistrate               Great Marlow                  
 CLEARE Richard          Butcher                  Burnham                       
 CLEAVER James           Grocer                   Whitchurch                    
 CLEMENTS A.             Grocer/Cheesemonger      Windsor St, Beaconsfield      
 CLEMENTS Joseph         Beer Retailer            Great Brickhill               
 CLIFFORD & WILLIAMS     Brewers/Maltsters        Windsor St, Beaconsfield      
 CLIFFORD James          Beer Retailer            Aylesbury St, Beaconsfield    
 CLIFFORD Theophilus     Statuary & Mason         High St, Great Marlow         
 CLIFFORD W.             Saddler/Harness Maker    London End, Beaconsfield      
 CLIFT P.                Grocer/Boot & Shoemaker  Cookham                       
 CLIFTON Robt.           Bricklayer               High St, Olney                
 CLIMPSON & Son          Ironmonger               Amersham                      
 CLIMPSON Chas.          Boot & Shoemaker         Great Missenden               
 CLIMPSON Susan          Plough                   Great Missenden               
 CLIMPSON Thomas         Butcher                  Chesham                       
 CLIVEERD John           Boot & Shoemaker         Stoke Poges                   
 CLOSS Charles           Butcher                  Ivinghoe                      
 CLOVER Wm.              Beer Retailer            Burnham                       
 COALES W.P.& D.         Watch & Clock Maker      High St, Newport Pagnell      
 COBB John & Son         Builders                 High St, Olney                
 COBB Joseph             Carpenter/Joiner         High St, Olney                
 COBBINS A.W.            Tailor                   Colnbrook                     
 COBDEN Ben.             Tailor                   High St, Eton                 
 COCK Samuel             Tailor                   Great Missenden               
 COCK William            Boot & Shoemaker         Market Pl, Great Marlow       
 COCK Wm.                Saddler                  Great Missenden               
 COE Robert              Brewer                   Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 COE Wm.                 Hair Dresser             St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 COGHILL James           Land Surveyor            Long Crendon                  
 COLBOURNE R.            Surgeon                  High St, Great Marlow         
 COLE Geo.               Land Surveyor            Church St, Aylesbury          
 COLE John               Oxford Arms/White Bird   Loudwater, High Wycombe       
 COLE Wm.                Blacksmith               Burnham                       
 COLEMAN George          Boot & Shoemaker         St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 COLES Benjm.            Grocer/Tallow Chandler   High St, Olney                
 COLES John              Maltster                 Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 COLES Richard           Grocer/Beer Retailer     Wing                          
 COLES Richd.            Watchmaker               Castle St, Buckingham         
 COLES Samuel            Baker                    Buckingham                    
 COLESHILL William       Beer Retailer            Dean St, Great Marlow         
 COLLETT Thos.           Fishmonger               Market St, Aylesbury          
 COLLIER Francis         Plumber/Glazier          High St, Chesham              
 COLLIER Wm.             Kings Head               Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 COLLINGRIDGE Ed.        Painter/Glazier          Church St, Stony Stratford    
 COLLINGRIDGE Sarah      Milliner &c              Market Pl, Olney              
 COLLINGRIDGE Thos.      Bookseller/Stationer/Agt Market Pl, Olney              
 COLLINGS James          Beer Retailer            Castle St, Aylesbury          
 COLLINGS Thos. Geo.     Grocer                   Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 COLLINGS Thos. Geo.     The Chandos Arms         New Rd, Aylesbury             
 COLLINS J.              Beer Retailer            Langley                       
 COLLINS John            Tailor                   Whitchurch                    
 COLLINS John            Shoemaker                Chenies                       
 COLLINS John            Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Great Marlow         
 COLLINS John            Beer Retailer            High St, Great Marlow         
 COLLINS Philip          Tailor                   Haddenham                     
 COLLINS T.              Straw Plait Dealer/Manuf Chesham                       
 COLLINS William         Tailor                   Ivor                          
 COLLINS Wm.             Tailor                   New Rd, Aylesbury             
 COLLISON Robert         Surgeon                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 COLLYER Wm.             Reg.BDM Leighton Buzzard Ivinghoe                      
 COLTMAN W.& J.T.        Millwright/Iron Bar Whse High St, High Wycombe         
 COMEY Simon             Pump Maker               Bankers Row, Buckingham       
 COMPTON & BROWN         Tailor                   West End, Newport Pagnell     
 COMPTON Robt.           Hair Dresser             Market Hill, Buckingham       
 CONGREVE J.F.           Solicitor & Clerk        High St, Stony Stratford      
 CONNOR Dr.              Medical Practitioner     Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 CONNOR Michael          Tailor                   Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 CONSTABLE Thos.         Linen Draper             London End, Beaconsfield      
 COOCH Geo.              Solicitor/Agent          St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 COOK J.                 Baker                    Market Sq, Chesham            
 COOK John R.            Perfumer                 High St, Eton                 
 COOK Stephen            Crown & Thistle          Whitchurch                    
 COOK T.L.               Baker                    Chesham                       
 COOK William            Coal Dealer              Ivinghoe                      
 COOPER Chas.            Beer Retailer            New Land, High Wycombe        
 COOPER Henry            Plumber/Painter/Glazier  New Land, High Wycombe        
 COOPER John             Glazier                  Kickles, Newport Pagnell      
 COOPER Robert           Swan                     Stoke Green                   
 COOPER Thomas           Harness Maker            Colnbrook                     
 COOPER Thos.            George Inn               Burnham                       
 COOPER Wm.              Ram Inn                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 COPAS W.                Chequers                 Cookham                       
 COPCUT Frances          Bootmaker                Back St, Aylesbury            
 COPE Philip             Boot & Shoemaker         Langley                       
 COPES Arthur            Saracens Hd/Wine/Spirits Stony Stratford               
 CORBETT John            Baker                    High St, Stony Stratford      
 CORBETT Robert          Baker                    Winslow                       
 CORBY Thomas            Bricklayer/Plasterer     High St, Great Marlow         
 CORDEREY J.             Smith                    Burnham                       
 CORDEROY John           Grocer &c                Stoke Poges                   
 CORDNER Ralph           Crown Inn/Posting Hse.   Slough & Salt Hill            
 CORDREY William         Smith & Farrier          Colnbrook                     
 CORDWELL Thomas         Churchill Arms           Long Crendon                  
 CORWELL Thomas T. Rev.  Rector                   Great Marlow                  
 COSIER Charles          Grocer &c                Wendover                      
 COUGHTREY Charles       Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Chesham              
 COUGHTREY George        Currier                  Church St, Chesham            
 COUGHTREY John          Academy                  Chesham                       
 COUGHTREY John          Schoolmaster             Great Missenden               
 COUGHTREY Joseph        Chair Turner             Chesham                       
 COUTES Nathl.           Grand Junction Inn       North End, Buckingham         
 COWLEY Jno. W.          Solicitor                Well St, Buckingham           
 COWLEY John             Whitesmith               West End, Newport Pagnell     
 COWLEY John             Solicitor                Winslow                       
 COWLEY John & Son       Surgeons                 Winslow                       
 COX --                  Tailor                   St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 COX Ann                 Milliner                 London End, Beaconsfield      
 COX Caleb               Chair Manuf              High St, Chesham              
 COX Henry               Stay Maker               Bristle Hill, Buckingham      
 COX Henry               Saddler                  Wendover                      
 COX J.                  Reg.B.& D. for Wendover  Wendover                      
 COX John                Painter/Plumber/Glazier  Winslow                       
 COX S.                  Beer Retailer            Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield   
 COX Thomas              Fishmonger               Market Pl, Great Marlow       
 COX William             Beer Retailer            Chesham                       
 COXILL Richard          Cooper                   Winslow                       
 COXILL William          Toy Dealer               Winslow                       
 COZENS Thomas           Blacksmith               Long Crendon                  
 CRAKE Robert            Broker                   Great Marlow                  
 CRAKER Jas.             Wheelwright              Great Missenden               
 CRAKER John             Tailor                   Winslow                       
 CRAM Hen.               Shopkeeper               Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 CRANSWICK William       Stationer                Colnbrook                     
 CREFFIELD John          Coach Bldr/Harness Maker Slough & Salt Hill            
 CRESSWELL C.            Baker                    Dean St, Great Marlow         
 CRESSWELL George        Swan                     Causeway, Great Marlow        
 CRESSWELL James         Baker                    St.Thomas St, Great Marlow    
 CRESSWELL James         Butcher                  Spital St, Great Marlow       
 CRESSWELL James         Carpenter/Joiner         High St, Great Marlow         
 CRESSWELL James         Beer Retailer            High St, Great Marlow         
 CRESSWELL James         George & Dragon          High St, Great Marlow         
 CRESSWELL William       Complete Angler          Bridge, Great Marlow          
 CRICK J.                Grocer/Cheesemonger      London End, Beaconsfield      
 CRISP G.W.A.            Chemist & Druggist       Burnham                       
 CROCKETT William        London Carrier           Amersham                      
 CROISS Geo.             Maltster/Agent           Winslow                       
 CROOK Henry             Builder/Surveyor         High St, High Wycombe         
 CROOK John              Carpenter/Joiner         High St, High Wycombe         
 CROOK R.& H.            Plumber/Painter/Glazier  High St, Eton                 
 CROOKS Joseph           Chairmaker               Prince's Risborough           
 CROSS Charles           Post Office              Receiving House, Ivinghoe     
 CROSS GEORGE & KING     Linen Drapers &c         Winslow                       
 CROSS Wm.               Firework Maker           Bristle Hill, Buckingham      
 CROUCH W.               Guardian Amersham Union  Chalford St.Peters            
 CROWDEN James           Chair Maker              Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 CROWLEY Wm.             Wheelwright              West End, Newport Pagnell     
 CROXFORD C.             Saddler/Coal Merchant    Ivor                          
 CROXFORD William        Cabinetmaker             Wendover                      
 CROXON James            General Shop             Dean St, Great Marlow         
 CURTIS Elizabeth & Son  Plumber/Painter/Glazier  Silver St, Aylesbury          
 CURTIS Joe              Carrier                  Church St, Stony Stratford    
 CURTIS Miss             Milliner                 Silver St, Aylesbury          
 CURTIS Mrs.             Milliner/Dress Maker     Church St, Stony Stratford    
 CUSTARD Thos.           Hair Dresser             High Wycombe                  
 DABEY Henry             The George               Ivor                          
 DALTON Riley            Chequers                 Colnbrook                     
 DANCER Miss             Ladies Boarding School   Taplow                        
 DANCER Thomas           Cornchandler             Wendover                      
 DANIELL E.              Surgeon                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 DARVELL George          Beer Retailer            Chesham                       
 DARVELL J.              Grocer                   High St, Chesham              
 DARVELL John            Miller                   Prince's Risborough           
 DARVELL T.              Carrier                  Church St, Chesham            
 DARVELL W.              Baker                    Church St, Chesham            
 DARVELL W.              Windsor Chair Manuf      Town Field Yd, Chesham        
 DARVELL William         Brewer/China/Glass Dlr   High St, Chesham              
 DARVELL William         Beer Retailer            Stoke Poges                   
 DARVILL Joseph          Boot & Shoemaker         Prince's Risborough           
 DARVILL Richard         Baker                    Prince's Risborough           
 DAVIDS C.               Carver & Gilder          High St, Eton                 
 DAVIDS Joseph           Tin Plate Worker         High St, Eton                 
 DAVIS David             Chequers                 High St, Great Marlow         
 DAVIS Jno.              Tobacconist              Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 DAVIS John              Confectioner/Broker      Church St, High Wycombe       
 DAVIS John              Hose                     London Rd, High Wycombe       
 DAVIS Misses            School Mistresses        Ivor                          
 DAVISON John            Butcher                  Market Pl, Olney              
 DAVISON John            Cooper                   Market Pl, Olney              
 DAVISON Maria           Grocer                   High St, Olney                
 DAVISON Richd Saul      Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Olney                
 DAWKES Wm.              Plough Inn               High St, Newport Pagnell      
 DAWNEY Elizabeth        Baker                    Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 DAWSON Stanhope         Chemist/Druggist/Statnr  Slough & Salt Hill            
 DAY Alice               Swan Inn                 Amersham                      
 DAY James               Boot & Shoemaker         Pauls Ward Row, High Wycombe  
 DAY John                Agent County Fire Office Fenny-Stratford               
 DAY John                Grocer & Draper          Fenny-Stratford               
 DAY Joseph              Boot & Shoemaker         Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 DAY Thomas              Builder/Ironmonger       High St, Stony Stratford      
 DAY Wm.                 Auctioneer/Appraiser     High St, Stony Stratford      
 DE FRAINE               Hair Dresser             Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 DE FRAINE               Slop Seller              Walton St, Aylesbury          
 DE FRAINE Geo.          Beer Retailer            Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 DE FRAINE Joseph        Hair Dresser             Aylesbury                     
 DEACON Wm.              Wheelwright              Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 DEANE Henry             Baker                    Slough & Salt Hill            
 DEELEY B.               Grocer/Cheesemonger      Town Field Yd, Chesham        
 DEELEY Thos.            The Nelson               Bristle Hill, Buckingham      
 DELAP Lt.Col.           Lord of The Manor        Bow Brickhill                 
 DELL A.                 Milliner/Dress Maker     West End, Newport Pagnell     
 DELL J.                 Fruiterer                Town Field Yd, Chesham        
 DELL John               Brewer & Wine Merchant   Bourbon St, Aylesbury         
 DELL T.A.               Confectioner             High St, Eton                 
 DENCHFIELD George       Carpenter                Wing                          
 DENCHFIELD Thomas       Six Bells                Wing                          
 DENNE John              Surgeon                  Well St, Buckingham           
 DERRICK Wm.             Boot & Shoemaker         Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 DEVERELL J.             Beer Retailer            Langley                       
 DEVERELL W.             Tailor                   Langley                       
 DEVERILL Thos.          Ironmonger               Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 DEWEY William           Boot & Shoemaker         Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 DEWSBURY --             Boot Maker               Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 DICKENS Giles           Grocer/Tea Dealer        Winslow                       
 DICKINS Wm.             Currier                  Back St, Aylesbury            
 DIMOCK William          Surgeon                  Ivinghoe                      
 DIMOCK William          Carpenter                Wing                          
 DIXEY Chas.             China/Glass Dealer       White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 DIXON James             Hair Dresser             Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 DIXON Thomas            Draper                   Wendover                      
 DOCKERY Sarah           Milliner &c              Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 DODD Edward             Crown & Anchor           Slough & Salt Hill            
 DODD George             Miller & Paper Maker     Chenies                       
 DODWELL Charles         Shopkeeper               Long Crendon                  
 DODWELL Emanuel         Shopkeeper               Long Crendon                  
 DODWELL Thomas          Baker                    Long Crendon                  
 DOLLING Joseph          Plumber/Painter/Glazier  Amersham                      
 DOLLING Thomas          Tailor                   Amersham                      
 DOMONEY T.              Straw Hat Maker          Colnbrook                     
 DORELL George           Beer Retailer            Dean St, Great Marlow         
 DORIMORE George         Grocer                   Ivinghoe                      
 DORMAN Henry            Shoemaker                Whitchurch                    
 DORMER John             Boot & Shoemaker         London End, Beaconsfield      
 DORRELL James           Boot and Shoemaker       Amersham                      
 DORSET John             Carpenter                Haddenham                     
 DOUGLASS Robt.          Grocer/Draper            Great Missenden               
 DOVE J.                 Smith                    Langley                       
 DOWNING John            Blacksmith               Church St, Stony Stratford    
 DOWNING Thos.           Blacksmith               Calverton End, Stony Stratford
 DRAKE Colonel           Chairman Amersham Union  Amersham                      
 DRAKE J.Rev.            Magistrate Amersham UnionAmersham                      
 DRAKE S.                Dolphin                  Langley                       
 DRAKE, Thos.Esq.        Magistrate               Amersham                      
 DUDLEY SAMUEL & Son     Auctioneers              Winslow                       
 DUDLEY Wm.              Cloths Warehouse         Walton St, Aylesbury          
 DUKES Thos. E.          China & Glass Dealer     West St, Great Marlow         
 DUKES Wm.               China & Glass Dealer     Market Pl, Aylesbury          
 DULEY Robert            Kings Arms               Colnbrook                     
 DULEY William           Millwright               Colnbrook                     
 DULLEY F.               Grocer/Cheesemonger      Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 DULLEY William          Boot & Shoemaker         Wooburn                       
 DUMVILE Maria           Straw Hat Maker          Market Pl, Olney              
 DUNCOMB P.D.            Lord of The Manor        Great Brickhill               
 DUNKIN James            Beer Retailer            Haddenham                     
 DUNKIN William          Baker                    Long Crendon                  
 DUPRE J. Esq.           Acting Magistrate        Wilton Pk, Beaconsfield       
 DURHAM Geo.             Butcher                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 DURHAM T.               Butcher                  Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 DURLEY James            Shopkeeper               Great Missenden               
 DURLEY Mary             Ladies Seminary          Whitchurch                    
 DWIGHT Hannah           Grocer/Publican          Portobello, Chesham           
 EAGLE Joseph            Grocer &c                Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 EAMES T.                Carpenter/Builder        Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 EARL Robert             Hat Maker                Colnbrook                     
 EARL Robert             Beer Retailer            Colnbrook                     
 EAST & Son              Turners/Wooden Ware      Whitehill, Chesham            
 EAST Ann                Three Tuns               Chesham                       
 EAST E.                 Grocer/Cheesemonger/Beer High St, Chesham              
 EAST Job                Turner                   Chesham                       
 EAST John               Wheat Sheaf              Prince's Risborough           
 EAST Nath.              Wooden Ware/Beer Retail  Whitehill, Chesham            
 EAST Samuel             Umbrella/Glove Maker     North End, Buckingham         
 EAST Stephen            Beer Retailer            Spital St, Great Marlow       
 EAST William            New Crown                Fenny-Stratford               
 EAST William            Butcher                  Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 EDGESON Edward          The Plough               Stoke Poges                   
 EDLE Samuel             Boot & Shoemaker/Crown   Great Missenden               
 EDMONDS G.O.            Wine/Brandy Merchant     High St, High Wycombe         
 EDMONDS James           Mealman/Miller           Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 EDMONDS Joseph          Corn Miller              Bowdon Mill, High Wycombe     
 EDMONDS Thos.           Mealman/Miller           Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 EDMONDS Thos.           Miller/Paper Maker       Rye Mill, High Wycombe        
 EDMONDS Wm. M.D.        Physician                Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 EDWARDS Jas.            Gun Maker                Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 EDWARDS John            Bricklayer               Colnbrook                     
 EDWARDS M.              Grocer/Cheesemonger      High St, Chesham              
 EDWIN John              Shopkeeper               Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 EELE Richard            Beer Retailer            New Land, High Wycombe        
 ELBOURN A.              Hair Dresser             Amersham                      
 ELBOURN Henry           Tailor                   Amersham                      
 ELBURN H.               Watch & Clock Maker      Amersham                      
 ELBURN Henry            Gunsmith                 Amersham                      
 ELDRIDGE Josh.          Tailor                   Great Missenden               
 ELKINGTON Richd.        Wine/Spirit Merchant     Market Hill, Buckingham       
 ELLIOTT J. Jnr.         Paper Maker              London Rd, Chesham            
 ELLIOTT R.              Old Kings Arms           Germin Rd, Chesham            
 ELLIOTT Richard         Paper Maker              Lower Mill, Chesham           
 ELMES Frances           Hat Mkr.& Clothes Dlr.   Temple St, Aylesbury          
 ELMES Mrs.              Straw Hat Maker          Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 ELMES T.                Brazier &c               High St, Newport Pagnell      
 ELSTON John             Tailor                   High St, Stony Stratford      
 ENDALL R.               Beer Retailer            New Land, High Wycombe        
 ENGLAND Rebecca         Coal Dealer              Walton St, Aylesbury          
 ENGLAND Rebecca         Oxford Arms              Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 ENGLAND Thos.           Coal & Corn Dealer       Walton St, Aylesbury          
 ESSEX & ROBINSON        Whsl/Retail Grocers      High St, High Wycombe         
 EUSTACE James           Smith &c                 Wycomb Marsh, High Wycombe    
 EUSTACE Wm.             Cabinet Maker            Walton St, Aylesbury          
 EVANS Chas.             Blacksmith               Great Missenden               
 EVANS Henry             Beer Retailer            Castle St, Aylesbury          
 EVANS John              Red Lion Com Inn         Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 EVE Chas.               Miller                   Mill End, Newport Pagnell     
 EVERETT Thos.           Ironmonger/Cooper        London End, Beaconsfield      
 EVERETT Wm.             Tinman/Brazier           London End, Beaconsfield      
 EVERETT Wm.             George Inn               High St, Stony Stratford      
 EVETT J.                Beer Retailer            Market Pl, Aylesbury          
 FANCUTT Francis         Shopkeeper               High St, Stony Stratford      
 FANE Thomas             Farrier/Smith            Church St, Chesham            
 FANTHAM Joseph          Coal Merchant            Wendover                      
 FARMBOROUGH H.          Baker                    Castle St, Aylesbury          
 FARMBOROUGH Wm.         Maltster                 Castle St, Aylesbury          
 FARR Edward             Boarding School          Ivor                          
 FARR John               Two Brewers              High St, Olney                
 FARR W.B.               Boot Maker               Temple St, Aylesbury          
 FARREN Wm.              Rising Sun               High St, Stony Stratford      
 FARSNIDGE Wm.           Builder                  Great Missenden               
 FASSNIDGE Benjamin      Carpenter/Agent          Chesham                       
 FASSNIDGE Frances       Grocer                   Great Missenden               
 FASSNIDGE Thomas        Carpenter                Chesham                       
 FEATHERSTONAUGH Josh.   Rope/Twine Maker         Marsh End, Newport Pagnell    
 FELLOWES John Capt.     -                        Buckingham                    
 FENNER Wm.              Anchor                   St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 FIELD Dame              Beer Retailer            Amersham                      
 FIELD Daniel            Grocer/Tea Dealer/Linen  Amersham                      
 FIELD Geo.              Cornchandler             High St, Olney                
 FIELD J.                Guardian Chesham         Chesham Vale, Chesham         
 FIELD J.                Post & Schoolmaster      High St, Great Marlow         
 FIELD J.                Agent                    High St, Great Marlow         
 FIELD John              Dyer                     Bankers Row, Buckingham       
 FIELD M.                Carrier                  Horton                        
 FIELD Thos.             Watchmaker/Silversmith   Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 FILBY Freeman           Carpenter/Beer Retailer  Blucher St, Chesham           
 FINCH George            Baker                    Slough & Salt Hill            
 FINCH Mary              Grocer/Cheesemonger      Langley                       
 FINCH Rich.B.           Carpenter/Builder        Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 FINCH T.                Carpenter                Langley                       
 FISH Matthew            Slop Seller              Market Hill, Buckingham       
 FISHER Francis          Butcher                  Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 FLETCHER John           Clock & Watch Maker      Horton                        
 FLETCHER T.O.           White Hart               Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 FLETCHER Thomas         Black Boy                Duck Ln, Great Marlow         
 FLEXMAN Joseph          Corn Dealer              Germin St, Chesham            
 FLEXMAN W.              Corn Dealer              Chartridge, Chesham           
 FLOYD James             King & Queen             Wendover                      
 FLOYD Thomas            Boot & Shoemaker         Wendover                      
 FONTANA C.              Jeweller/Watchmaker      Church St, High Wycombe       
 FOOKES Joseph           Baker                    High St, Stony Stratford      
 FOOTMAN Rich.           Baker                    High St, Eton                 
 FORD & Son              Auctioneers/ Appraisers  Chesham                       
 FORD Elizabeth          Baby Linen Warehouse     West St, Great Marlow         
 FORD Henry              Grocer                   Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 FORD J.                 Bell & Dragon            Cookham                       
 FORD J.                 Carrier                  Cookham                       
 FORD John               Builder/ Black Horse     Waterside, Chesham            
 FORD Thomas             Poulterer                Horton                        
 FORD W. Jun.            Reg. BDM Chesham         Chesham                       
 FORD W. Sen.            Agent                    Blucher St, Chesham           
 FORD William            Builder                  Chesham                       
 FORSTER William         Postmaster               Fenny-Stratford               
 FOSCUT Mary             Grocer & Ironmonger      Whitchurch                    
 FOSKETT Richd.          Swan Inn                 Bridge St, Olney              
 FOSTER John             Smith                    Wing                          
 FOSTER William          Bricklayer               Winslow                       
 FOULKES Joseph          Shopkeeper               High St, Stony Stratford      
 FOUNTAIN Henry          Gardener                 North End, Buckingham         
 FOUNTAIN John           Ship                     Walton St, Aylesbury          
 FOUNTAIN John           Two Brewers              St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 FOUNTAIN John           Boot & Shoemaker         Great Missenden               
 FOUNTAIN Wm.            Butcher                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 FOWLER John Kersley     White Hart Inn/Post Hse. Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 FOWLER Mary             Grocer & Flour Dealer    Whitchurch                    
 FOWLER Wm.              Gros and Tallow Chandler Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield   
 FOWLES -- Rev.          Vicar                    Great Brickhill               
 FOX Charlotte           Miller                   Lords Mill, Chesham           
 FOX Thos.               The Neptune              Bridge St, Newport Pagnell    
 FOXLEY Wm.              Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Stony Stratford      
 FRANCIS Edwd.           Haberdasher              High St, Eton                 
 FRANCIS William         Smith & Farrier          Colnbrook                     
 FRANKLIN John           Mealman                  Red Lion Ln, Buckingham       
 FRANKLIN John           Beer Retailer            Great Missenden               
 FRANKLIN S.             China & Glass Dealer     Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 FRANKLIN Thos.          Butchers Arms            Red Lion Ln, Buckingham       
 FRANKLING Mrs.          Straw Bonnet Maker       Great Missenden               
 FRANKLYN J.             Crown Inn/Posting House  High St, Great Marlow         
 FRANKLYN James          George Inn               Wendover                      
 FRANKLYN John           Shoulder of Mutton       Wendover                      
 FRANKLYN Joseph         Boot & Shoemaker         Wendover                      
 FRANKLYN Mary           Beer Retailer            Wendover                      
 FRANKLYN Thomas         Wheelwright              Haddenham                     
 FRANKLYN William        Tailor                   Wendover                      
 FRANKS Joseph           Carpenter                Wing                          
 FRASER Margaret         Nursery & Sd Line        Temple St, Aylesbury          
 FRAZER Wm.              Tobacconist              High St, Eton                 
 FREEMAN Mary            Grocer                   Church St, Chesham            
 FREEMAN Robt.           Surgeon                  High St, Stony Stratford      
 FREEMAN Sarah           Milliner                 High St, Stony Stratford      
 FREEMAN Thos.           Carpenter/Joiner         High St, Stony Stratford      
 FREERS M.& E.           Straw Hat Makers         High St, Newport Pagnell      
 FRENCH Samuel           Toy Warehouse            Bridge St, Buckingham         
 FRENCH Samuel           Brazier/Agent            Market Hill, Buckingham       
 FRENCH Thos.            Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Stony Stratford      
 FRENCH William          Grocer                   Winslow                       
 FRENCH Wm.              Ironmonger/Seed Factor   Market Sq, Buckingham         
 FRENCH Wm.              Coach Horses             High St, Stony Stratford      
 FRESHWATER T.           Linen/Woollen Draper     High St, Stony Stratford      
 FROMOW P.J.             Paper Maker              Clapton Mill, Wooburn         
 FROST Francis           Beer Retailer            Crandon Ln, High Wycombe      
 FROST Robert            Saddler/Harness Maker    High St, Newport Pagnell      
 FROST T.                Grocer/Cheesemonger      Cookham                       
 FROST T.                Grocer/Cheesemonger      Cookham Dean                  
 FROST Wm.               Glover                   High St, Stony Stratford      
 FROUD Henry             Baker                    Slough & Salt Hill            
 FROYD Wm.               White Swan               Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 FRY Francis             Bootmaker                Temple St, Aylesbury          
 FRY J.                  Carpenter                Langley                       
 FRY Thomas              Baker                    Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 FULLER Benjamin         Acting Magistrate        Chesham                       
 FULLER John             Chalybeate Mineral Sprgs Chesham                       
 FUNDELL John            Boot and Shoemaker       Amersham                      
 FUNDELL John            Tailor                   Wendover                      
 FUNDELL Joseph          Saddler                  Wendover