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Surname Index to Robson's 1839 Directory of Buckinghamshire Names G - O

Indexed by David Kolle, Melbourne, Australia. 1994

    Name                Occupation/Profession            Location    
 GALE -                  Baker                    Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 GALE Jacob              Tailor                   Burnham                       
 GALE William            Rein Deer Inn            Slough & Salt Hill            
 GALL Wm.                Coach & Cart Wheelwright Slough & Salt Hill            
 GALLOWAY John           Crown Inn/Excise Office  Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 GAMBLE Thos.            Tailor                   St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 GAME W.                 Parish Clerk             Cookham                       
 GANTERTON John          Wheelwright              Wolverton End, Stony Stratford
 GARDNER Richard         Shopkeeper               Little Brickhill              
 GARLAND Edward          Carpenter                Prince's Risborough           
 GARNER Josh             Pastry Cook              Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 GARNER Thos.            Grocer & Confectioner    Walton St, Aylesbury          
 GARRATT John            Tanner                   Amersham                      
 GARRATT William         Wheat Sheaf              Bow Brickhill                 
 GARRAWAY Wm.            Three Tuns               Slough & Salt Hill            
 GARRETT Frances         Baker                    North End, Buckingham         
 GARRETT John            Tanner                   High St, Chesham              
 GATEHOUSE William       Officer                  Ivinghoe                      
 GATES Joseph            Shopkeeper               Castle St, Aylesbury          
 GAUNTLETT S.            Surgeon                  Bridge St, Olney              
 GAVILLER Augustine      Paper Maker              Loudwater, High Wycombe       
 GAWTHORN E.             Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Newport Pagnell      
 GENT J.S.               Surgeon                  Calverton End, Stony Stratford
 GENT Linch              Surgeon                  Fenny-Stratford               
 GENT Wm. Henry          Beer Retailer            Oxford St, Aylesbury          
 GEORGE Jno.             Glover                   Walton St, Aylesbury          
 GIBBONS Charles         Beer Retailer            Dean St, Great Marlow         
 GIBBONS J.              Grocer/Tallow/Spirits    West St, Great Marlow         
 GIBBONS James           Plumber & Glazier        Green End, Aylesbury          
 GIBBONS John Thos.      Grocer                   High St, Eton                 
 GIBBONS Joseph          Maltster                 High St, Olney                
 GIBBONS R.              Brewer/Wharfinger        Duck Ln, Great Marlow         
 GIBBONS Thomas          Coal Merchant            Thames Bank, Great Marlow     
 GIBBONS W.              Fruiterer                Cookham                       
 GIBBS & Sons            Auctrs/Bksrs/Pwnbkrs     Market Pl, Aylesbury          
 GIBBS Elizabeth         Milliner/Dressmaker      Winslow                       
 GIBBS I.R.              Editor/Prop.Aylsbry News Walton St, Aylesbury          
 GIBBS James             Blacksmith               Fenny-Stratford               
 GIBBS Samuel            Uphstr/Cabnt Maker       Market Pl, Aylesbury          
 GIBSON William          Collar Maker             Long Crendon                  
 GIGG Henry              Plumber                  Ivor                          
 GILBERT Edward          Tailor & Draper          Silver St, Aylesbury          
 GILBERT James           Millwright               Prince's Risborough           
 GILBERT James           St.Geo.Inn/Excise Office Prince's Risborough           
 GILBERT John            Boot Maker               Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 GILBERT John            Millwright               Prince's Risborough           
 GILBERT John            White Hart               Prince's Risborough           
 GILBERT M.              Straw Hat Manuf          Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 GILBERT R.              Milliner &c              High St, Eton                 
 GILES W. & Son          Auctioneers/Estate Agts. High St, High Wycombe         
 GILKES Thomas           Upholsterer              Butchers Row, Buckingham      
 GILLIN John             Boot & Shoemaker         Oxford St, High Wycombe       
 GILLING Geo.            Butcher                  High St, Stony Stratford      
 GLENISTER John          Bricklayer/Tea Dealer    Chenies                       
 GLENISTER W.            Saddle/Harness Maker     High St, Chesham              
 GLOVER Jane             Drapery/Sundries         Spital St, Great Marlow       
 GODDARD Geo.            The Old Bells            Burnham                       
 GODDARD Philip Esq.     Guardian Amersham Union  Amersham                      
 GODDARD William         Ostrich                  Colnbrook                     
 GODDARD Wm.             Plumber/Glazier          High St, Eton                 
 GODFREY Geo.            Painter/Glazier          Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 GODFREY Geo.Sen.        Painter/Glazier          High St, Stony Stratford      
 GODFREY Martha          Beer Retailer            Cookham                       
 GODFREY Mrs.            Dressmaker               High St, Newport Pagnell      
 GODFREY Thos.           Cooper                   Church St, Stony Stratford    
 GODFREY Thos.           Tailor                   St.Giles St, Stony Stratford  
 GODLING William         Punch Bowl               Colnbrook                     
 GOLBY Wm.               Maltster                 High St, Stony Stratford      
 GOLBY Wm.Jun.           Agent                    High St, Stony Stratford      
 GOMM John               Red Lion                 Chesham                       
 GOMM John               Butcher                  High St, Chesham              
 GOMM John               Grocer                   Prince's Risborough           
 GOMM T.                 Carpenter/Joiner         Chesham                       
 GOMM William            Butcher                  High St, Chesham              
 GOMME J.R.              Auctioneer/Estate Agent  High St, Chesham              
 GOMME James             Bull                     New Land, High Wycombe        
 GOODCHILD E.            Royal Adelaide           High St, Eton                 
 GOODCHILD E.            Butcher                  High St, Eton                 
 GOODCHILD Wm.           Grocer/Baker             West Wycomb                   
 GOODEY Mary             Shopkeeper               New Rd, Aylesbury             
 GOODMAN ---             Butcher/Auctioneer       Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 GOODMAN Benj.           Miller                   Wolverton Mill, Stony Stratfor
 GOODMAN D.              Brick Mkr/Corn Dealer    Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 GOODMAN Eliz.           Rope/Twine Maker         High St, Stony Stratford      
 GOODMAN Wm.             Butcher                  Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 GOODRIDGE Wm.           Blacksmith               Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 GOODWIN Josh.           Coffee/Wine/Brandy Mrcht High St, Newport Pagnell      
 GOSENTON W.             Beer Retailer            Cookham                       
 GOSS Thomas             Plumber & Glazier        Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 GOUGE G.                Saddler/Harness Maker    Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 GOUGH James             Butcher                  Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 GOUGH Thomas            The Harrow               Langley                       
 GOULD Eliz.             Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Eton                 
 GOULD John              Tailor                   Temple St, Aylesbury          
 GOULD Mary              The Plough               Langley                       
 GOULD Mary              Red Lion                 Langley                       
 GRACE Daniel            Gents Boarding School    Winslow                       
 GRACE George            Blacksmith               Winslow                       
 GRACE James             Wheelwright              Ivor                          
 GRACE Jeremiah          Baker                    Silver St, Aylesbury          
 GRACE William           Bricklayer               Whitchurch                    
 GRANT Thomas            Miller                   Haddenham                     
 GRANT William           Linen/Woollen Draper     West St, Great Marlow         
 GRANTHAM Charles        Grocer                   Slough & Salt Hill            
 GRANTHAM I.T.Rev.       Rector                   Cookham                       
 GRAY Edward             Blacksmith               Winslow                       
 GRAY John               Agent                    High St, Eton                 
 GRAY Joseph             Tailor                   High St, Great Marlow         
 GRAY Richard            Farrier                  Walton St, Aylesbury          
 GRAY T.N.               Surgeon                  Amersham                      
 GRAY Thomas             Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Great Marlow         
 GRAY William            Baker                    Great Brickhill               
 GREATHURST J.           Boot & Shoemaker         Cookham                       
 GREAVES John            Saracens Head Inn        High St, Newport Pagnell      
 GREEN James             Butcher                  Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 GREEN Joseph            Wheelwright              Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 GREEN M.A.              Dressmaker               Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 GREEN Mary and Son      Coal Dealers             Walton St, Aylesbury          
 GREEN Thomas            Builder                  Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 GREEN William           Builder                  Temple St, Aylesbury          
 GREEN William           Toy Dealer               New Rd, Aylesbury             
 GREEN William           Beer Retailer            Mill Ln, Colnbrook            
 GREEN Wm.               Tea/Coffee Dealer        St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 GREENFIELD Thos.        George Inn               Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 GREENING Sarah          Straw Hat Manuf          Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 GREENLAND J.            Boot & Shoemaker         Cookham                       
 GREENWOOD George        Vet. Surgeon             West St, Great Marlow         
 GREGORY George          Nags Head                Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 GREGORY George          Butcher                  Windsor St, Beaconsfield      
 GREGORY William         Miller                   Upper Mill                    
 GREGORY William         Boot & Shoemaker         Prince's Risborough           
 GRIFFIN Robert          Baker                    Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 GRIFFIN Wm.             Bird in Head             Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 GRIFFITHS John          Saddler                  Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 GRIFLIN Richard Esq.    Guardian Amersham Union  Coleshill, Herts              
 GRIMMETT Josh           Old Swan                 London End, Beaconsfield      
 GRIMSDELL Jane          Milliner/Dressmaker      Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 GRIMSDELL W.            Ironmonger               Pauls Ward Row, High Wycombe  
 GRINDON Geo. Horace     Surgeon                  High St, Olney                
 GRINSTED R.             Grocer/Cheesemonger      High St, Great Marlow         
 GROOM George            Wheelwright              Ivinghoe                      
 GROOM H.                Linen Draper/Agent       High St, Great Marlow         
 GROSS Wm.               Grocer                   High St, Olney                
 GROSS Wm.               Grocer                   Market Pl, Olney              
 GROSSMITH Frederick     Master of Workhouse      Amersham                      
 GROSSMITH Silvia        Matron of Workhouse      Amersham                      
 GROVE Edmd.             Coal Merchant            London End, Beaconsfield      
 GROVE Edmund            Grocer & Tea Dealer      Amersham                      
 GROVE Edward            Swan                     Slough & Salt Hill            
 GROVE G.                Fancy Turner             Waterside, Chesham            
 GROVE George            Wheelwright              Aylesbury St, Beaconsfield    
 GROVE Sarah             Shopkeeper               High St, High Wycombe         
 GROVES Joseph           Tea Dealer               High St, Eton                 
 GROVES William          Butcher                  Bow Brickhill                 
 GULLIVER Henry          Royal Oak                Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 GUNDREY Thomas          Bacon Factor             Slough & Salt Hill            
 GUNN John               Grocer                   Market Pl, Aylesbury          
 GUNN William            Independent Minister     Castle St, Aylesbury          
 GURNEY James            Timber Merchant          Walton St, Aylesbury          
 GURNEY James            Carpenter                Bull, Fenny-Stratford         
 GURNEY John             Bell Inn                 Walton St, Aylesbury          
 GURNEY John             Bell Inn                 Walton Sq, Aylesbury          
 GURNEY M.               Stay Maker               Colnbrook                     
 GURNEY Richard          Ironmonger               Colnbrook                     
 GURNEY William          Shoemaker                Castle St, Aylesbury          
 GURNEY William          Green Dragon             Haddenham                     
 GURNEY William          Carpenter/Joiner         Haddenham                     
 GUYATT Han              Goat                     East St, High Wycombe         
 HACKSHAW J.             Saddler/Harness Maker    West St, Great Marlow         
 HADLAND James           Baker                    Church St, Buckingham         
 HADWEN ---              Draper                   St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 HAILEY Alfred           Plumber/Painter/Glazier  Church St, Stony Stratford    
 HAILEY Richd.           Butcher                  Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 HAILEY Thomas           Plumber &c               Amersham                      
 HAILEY Thos.            Wheelwright              Windsor St, Beaconsfield      
 HAINES Chas.            Boot & Shoemaker         Common Slough, Great Marlow   
 HALL ---                Butcher                  West St, Great Marlow         
 HALL H.                 Tailor                   High St, Eton                 
 HALL J.                 Gents School             Waterside, Chesham            
 HALL J.D.               Chemist                  High St, High Wycombe         
 HALL John               Baker                    Ivor                          
 HALL Mrs.               Ladies Seminary          Chesham                       
 HALL Wm.                Saracen's Head Inn       Beaconsfield                  
 HALTON G.               Stationer/Hair Dresser   Market Pl, Beaconsfield       
 HAMBLIN J.              Day & Boarding School    Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 HAMILTON John           Tobacconist              Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 HAMILTON Mary Ann       Milliner/Dressmaker      Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 HAMMOND Thos.           Surgeon                  High St, Eton                 
 HANCOCK S.& C.          China/Glass Dealer       High St, Stony Stratford      
 HANLOR B.               Tailor                   High St, Newport Pagnell      
 HANNEY Thomas           Blacksmith               Back St, Aylesbury            
 HANSON William          Shopkeeper               Long Crendon                  
 HANVELL William         Crooked Billett          Langley                       
 HARDING H.              Crown & Cushion          High St, Eton                 
 HARDING J.              Grocer/Baker             High St, Chesham              
 HARDING J.              Carpenter/Joiner         Cookham                       
 HARDING John            Blacksmith               Whitchurch                    
 HARDING John            Basket Maker             Amy Ln, Chesham               
 HARDING S.              Grocer/Cheesemonger      London End, Beaconsfield      
 HARDING S.              Grocer/Cheesemonger      Wooburn                       
 HARDING William         Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Great Marlow         
 HARDING Wm.             Baker                    London End, Beaconsfield      
 HARDING Wm.             Beer Retailer            High St, Great Marlow         
 HARDING Wm.             Gardener/Seedsman        High St, High Wycombe         
 HARDWICK Joseph         Carpenter                Wing                          
 HARE Mary               Grocer/Cheesemonger      London End, Beaconsfield      
 HARE Thomas             Beer Retailer            Ivor                          
 HARES William           Miller                   Stoke Poges                   
 HARGRAVE G.             Umbrella Manuf           Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 HARLEY Thos.            Plumber/Glazier          Great Missenden               
 HARMAN Chas.            Solicitor                High St, High Wycombe         
 HARMAN G.               Cock Coml Inn/Pstg Hse   High St, Stony Stratford      
 HARMAN Geo.             Receiving House          High St, High Wycombe         
 HARMAN John             Grocer/Baker             New Land, High Wycombe        
 HARMAN Richard          Boot & Shoemaker         Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 HARPER Joseph           Plat Dealer              Wing                          
 HARRETT J.              Bricklayer               Ivor                          
 HARRIS --               Cheese/Bacon Factor      Slough & Salt Hill            
 HARRIS James            Black Boy                Colnbrook                     
 HARRIS John             Shoemaker                Great Brickhill               
 HARRIS John             Boot & Shoe Maker        Market Hill, Buckingham       
 HARRIS John             Boot & Shoemaker         Stoke Poges                   
 HARRIS Rich.            Tea Dealer               High St, Eton                 
 HARRIS Richard          Miller                   Wing                          
 HARRIS Thomas           Carpenters Arms          High St, High Wycombe         
 HARRIS Thos.            Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Olney                
 HARRIS Thos.            Saddler/Harness Maker    High St, Olney                
 HARRIS W.D.             Agent                    Fenny-Stratford               
 HARRIS William D.       Ironmonger               Fenny-Stratford               
 HARRIS Wm.              Watch & Clockmaker       High St, Eton                 
 HARRISON Edward         Chemist and Druggist     Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 HARRISON James          White Hart Coml Inn      Market Sq, Buckingham         
 HARRISON James          Actnr/Estate Agent/Srvyr Market Sq, Buckingham         
 HARRISON Wm.            Stone & Marble Man       North End, Buckingham         
 HARRUP George           Painter/Plumber/Glazier  Winslow                       
 HARTNELL --             Schoolmaster             Town Field Yd, Chesham        
 HARVEY A. & Son         Stay Makers              Bridge St, Newport Pagnell    
 HATCH B.                Fruiterer                Cookham                       
 HATCH E.                Hare & Hounds            Cookham                       
 HATCH J.                Kings Arms Inn           Cookham                       
 HATCH James             Carpenter &c             Amersham                      
 HATCH James             Builder                  Amersham                      
 HATTON & RABON Misses   Ladies Boarding School   West St, Buckingham           
 HATTON Henry            Solicitor & Agent        New Road, Aylesbury           
 HATTON S.A              Confectioner             College, Eton                 
 HAWARD J.               Carpenter                Church St, Chesham            
 HAWES Richd.            Boot & Shoemaker         Oxford St, High Wycombe       
 HAWKER John             Grocer/Baker             Slough & Salt Hill            
 HAWKES Edwin            Carrier                  High St, Chesham              
 HAWKES G.               Brush Mkr/Beer Retailer  Church St, Chesham            
 HAWKES J.               Beer Retailer            Slough & Salt Hill            
 HAWKINS A.              Tailor                   High St, Eton                 
 HAWKINS E.              Milliner &c              High St, Chesham              
 HAWKINS Geo.            Turks Head Inn           High St, Eton                 
 HAWKINS H.              Baker                    Langley                       
 HAWKINS James           Fishmonger               Church Yard, High Wycombe     
 HAWKINS Jeffrey         Grocer                   Well St, Buckingham           
 HAWKINS Richard         Butcher                  High St, Great Marlow         
 HAWKINS S.              Watch & Clock Maker      High St, Chesham              
 HAWKINS S.              Gunsmith                 High St, Chesham              
 HAWKINS William         Grocer                   Whitchurch                    
 HAWKINS William         Plumber & Glazier        Whitchurch                    
 HAWKSLEY Caroline       Dress Maker              Well St, Buckingham           
 HAWLEY James            Grocer                   Winslow                       
 HAYLLAR R.              Grocer                   St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 HAYNE Richd.            Tailor                   Bridge St, Buckingham         
 HAYNES Jas.             Carpenter                Great Marlow                  
 HAYWARD Henry           Surgeon                  Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 HAYWARD James           Baker                    Buckingham                    
 HAYWARD Wm.             The Trooper              Buckingham                    
 HAZZARD James           Confectioner             Winslow                       
 HEARN & NELSON          Solicitors               West St, Buckingham           
 HEARN & VERAY           Grocer/Linen Drapers     High St, High Wycombe         
 HEARN Joseph            Beer Retailer            Little Marlow                 
 HEARN R.                Boot & Shoemaker         Market Sq, Chesham            
 HEARN Thomas            Crown                    Long Crendon                  
 HEARN Thos.             Solicitor                West St, Buckingham           
 HEATH Eliz.& Caroline   Ladies Seminary          High St, High Wycombe         
 HEDGES James            Boot Maker               Market St, Aylesbury          
 HEDGES James            Butcher                  Whitchurch                    
 HEDGES Thos.            Shoemaker                Red Lion Ln, Buckingham       
 HELEY Geo.              Shopkeeper               High St, Newport Pagnell      
 HELEY George            Plumber                  Ivinghoe                      
 HELEY James             Plumber/Beer Retailer    Ivinghoe                      
 HELEY M.                Shopkeeper               Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 HELEY Thomas            Butcher                  Wing                          
 HELEY William           Maltster/Corn Dealer     Wing                          
 HEMMENS John            Bookseller               High St, Eton                 
 HEMMINGS J.             Beer Retailer            Shreedding Green, Ivor        
 HEMMINGS T.             Beer Retailer            Ivor                          
 HENDERSON Wm.           Clothes Dealer           High St, Stony Stratford      
 HENINGHAM Caleb         Beer Retailer            New Land, High Wycombe        
 HENINGHAM E.            Wool Stapler/Fellmonger  Canal, High Wycombe           
 HENSON Thos.            Basket Maker             High St, Stony Stratford      
 HEPBURN G.              Guardian of Chesham Dist Chesham                       
 HEPBURN G.              Tanner                   High St, Chesham              
 HEPBURN W.              Printer/Stationer        High St, Chesham              
 HERBERT Richd.          Cross Keys Inn           Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 HERBERT William         Blacksmith               Fenny-Stratford               
 HERBERT Wm.             Beer Retailer            West End, Newport Pagnell     
 HERRING Jonas           Beer Retailer            North End, Buckingham         
 HERVEY Wm.              Grocer/Cornchandler      Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 HESTEN Jas.             Tailor                   High St, Eton                 
 HESTER Mary             Academy                  Prince's Risborough           
 HESTER William          Beer Retailer            Church Gate, Aylesbury        
 HETHERINGTON John       Tea Dealer/Grocer        High St, Eton                 
 HEWETT G.               Shopkeeper               High St, Chesham              
 HEWETT T. Rev.          Curate                   Parsonage Hse, Chesham        
 HEWITT Margaret         Grocer                   Back St, Aylesbury            
 HEWITT Thomas           Grocer/Cheesemonger      Ivor                          
 HEWITT Thomas           Butcher                  High St, Great Marlow         
 HEWITT Wm.              General Dealer           High St, Eton                 
 HIBBERT E.              Harness Maker            Colnbrook                     
 HIBBERT Misses          Ladies Seminary          High St, Chesham              
 HICKINBOTTOM John       Bricklayer               Wing                          
 HICKMAN & BRINSDEN      Surgeons                 High St, Great Marlow         
 HICKMAN T.              Grocer/Timber Dealer     West St, Great Marlow         
 HICKMAN William         Surgeon                  West St, Great Marlow         
 HICKSON Wm.             Hair Dresser             High St, Stony Stratford      
 HIFFE & GARRARD         Solicitors               High St, Olney                
 HIGGINS Barth.          Old Royal Oak            Calverton End, Stony Stratford
 HIGGINS Jas.            Hair Cutter              Burnham                       
 HIGGINS T.              Whitesmith               Dungeon Ln, Newport Pagnell   
 HIGGINS Thomas          Pig Dealer               Church Row, Aylesbury         
 HILL Alfred             Butcher                  Temple St, Aylesbury          
 HILL David              Painter &c               Haddenham                     
 HILL Hen.               Boot & Shoemaker         Crown Ln, High Wycombe        
 HILL James              Grocer &c                Wendover                      
 HILL Joseph             Shopkeeper               Whitchurch                    
 HILL Robert             Shopkeeper               Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 HILL Samuel             Horse & Groom            North End, Buckingham         
 HILL Susannah           Cock Inn                 Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 HILL W.                 Plait Manuf              Waterside, Chesham            
 HILL William            Butcher                  Silver St, Aylesbury          
 HILLIER Josh            Grocer                   Church St, Buckingham         
 HILTON Wm.              Wheat Sheaf              Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 HINDE Hannah            Plumber/Glazier          High St, Olney                
 HINDES William Henry    Watchmaker               Market St, Aylesbury          
 HINTON Edward           Tailor                   Bourbon St, Aylesbury         
 HINTON William          Grocer                   Winslow                       
 HIPWELL Mary            Shopkeeper               Olney                         
 HIPWELL Wm.             Anchor Maker/Wine/Brandy High St, Newport Pagnell      
 HIRST James             Watch/Clock Maker        Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 HIRST James             Watch & Clock Maker      High St, Great Marlow         
 HITCHCOCK J.            Beer Retailer            Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 HITCHCOCK J.W.          Plumber                  London End, Beaconsfield      
 HITCHCOCK James         Baker                    Haddenham                     
 HITCHCOCK John          White Lion Coml Inn      Little Brickhill              
 HITCHCOCK Maria         Plumber &c               Burnham                       
 HITCHCOX M.             Harness/Collar Maker     Spital St, Great Marlow       
 HOARE J.                Mealman/Agent            Wendover                      
 HOARE Jos.              Linen Draper             High St, Eton                 
 HOARE Wm.               Baker                    Great Missenden               
 HOBBS Samuel            Two Brewers              Great Marlow                  
 HOBBS Samuel            Baker                    High St, High Wycombe         
 HOBBS William           Harness Maker            Amersham                      
 HOBBS William           Grocer &c                High St, Great Marlow         
 HOBLEY T.               Fellmonger               Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 HOBSDEN Hen.            Carver/Corn Dealer       Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 HOBSON Charlotte        Straw Hat Maker          High St, Great Marlow         
 HODGKINS Wm.            Ornamental Painter       New Road, Aylesbury           
 HODGSON J.B.            Surgeon                  Chesham                       
 HOLDEN Samuel           Brick Maker              Church End, Buckingham        
 HOLDERNESS Alexander    Ironmonger               Colnbrook                     
 HOLDERNESS John         Grocer                   Colnbrook                     
 HOLHER Sophia           Post Mistress            Market Sq, Buckingham         
 HOLLAND Benjn.          Dark Lanthorn            Silver St, Aylesbury          
 HOLLAND Benjn.          Coal & Corn Dealer       Walton St, Aylesbury          
 HOLLAND J.              Currier/Leather Cutter   Canal, High Wycombe           
 HOLLAND John            Banker                   Canal, High Wycombe           
 HOLLAND John.           Beer Retailer            Oxford St, Aylesbury          
 HOLLAND Joseph          Eating Hse Keeper        High St, Stony Stratford      
 HOLLAND Richard         Two Brewers              Wendover                      
 HOLLINGSHEAD Jas.       Watch/Clock Maker        Market Pl, Olney              
 HOLLIS James            Beer Retailer            Amersham                      
 HOLLOWAY J.             Grocer                   Ashridge, Chesham             
 HOLLOWAY R.             White Horse Inn          Whitchurch                    
 HOLLOWAY Robert         Wheelwright              Whitchurch                    
 HOLLOWAY Thos.          Hair Dresser             High St, Stony Stratford      
 HOLLYMAN James          Bricklayer's Arms        Walton St, Aylesbury          
 HOLLYMAN James          Butcher                  Walton St, Aylesbury          
 HOLT John               Baker                    Whitchurch                    
 HOLT John               Plaisterer               Church St, Buckingham         
 HOLTON John             Parish Clerk             Bow Brickhill                 
 HOMEYER Wm.             Grocer                   Walton St, Aylesbury          
 HONE Francis            Baker                    West St, Great Marlow         
 HONE G.                 Boot & Shoemaker         Ivor                          
 HONNOR Joseph           Beer Retailer            Shreedding Green, Ivor        
 HOOD Thos.              Grocer/Cheesemonger      Burnham                       
 HOOTON James            Tailor                   Church St, Stony Stratford    
 HOOTON Wm.              Baker                    Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 HOPCRAFT John           Tailor                   Long Crendon                  
 HOPEROF Job             Tailor                   Prince's Risborough           
 HOPKINS F.              Supervisor Excise Office Ivinghoe                      
 HOPKINS Miss            Dress Maker              Well St, Buckingham           
 HORN J.                 Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Chesham              
 HORNE H.                Brass & Iron Founder     Botley St, Chesham            
 HORNETT W.R.            Tailor                   Cookham                       
 HORWOOD Benj.           Beer Retailer            Church St, Chesham            
 HORWOOD C.              Butcher                  Chesham                       
 HORWOOD George          Baker                    Whitchurch                    
 HORWOOD Henry           Waggon & Horses          High St, Chesham              
 HOSKINS George          Coal & Brick Dealer      Slough & Salt Hill            
 HOUGHTON Charles        Hair Dresser             White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 HOULTON J.              Boot & Shoe Maker        Colnbrook                     
 HOUSE Richard           Wheelwright              Wooburn                       
 HOUSE Thomas            Smith                    Ivor                          
 HOW E.                  Smith & Farrier          Amersham                      
 HOW Michael             Butcher                  Wendover                      
 HOW Thomas              Kings Head               Wendover                      
 HOWARD C.               Bricklayer/Beer Retailer Chesham                       
 HOWARD George           Grocer &c                Wooburn                       
 HOWARD J.               Cabinet Maker            Chesham                       
 HOWARD J.               Undertaker &c            Chesham                       
 HOWARD Joseph           Coal & Salt Mct.         Walton St, Aylesbury          
 HOWARD Martha           Royal Oak                Wooburn                       
 HOWARD P.               Beer Retailer            Church St, Chesham            
 HOWARD W.               Carver & Turner          Chesham                       
 HOWARD W. Sen.          Turner                   Chesham                       
 HOWARD W.J.             Pawnbroker               Chesham                       
 HOWE James Esq.         -                        High St, Chesham              
 HOWE Joseph             Chemist/Druggist         High St, Stony Stratford      
 HOWELL Mary             Butcher                  White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 HOWLAND Misses          Dress Makers             Prince's Risborough           
 HOWLAND S.              Painter/Toy Dealer       Church St, High Wycombe       
 HOWLAND Thos.           George Inn               Great Missenden               
 HUBBARD John            Matting Manuf            High St, Olney                
 HUDSON James            Corn Dealer              High St, High Wycombe         
 HUGHES Elizabeth        Baker                    High St, Eton                 
 HUGHES Fras             Surgeon                  Ivinghoe                      
 HUGHES J.               Furnishing Ironmonger    Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 HUGHES John             Tailor                   Chenies                       
 HUGHES R.               Tea Dealer/Grocer        Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 HUGHES Robt.            Baker                    West St, Buckingham           
 HUGHES T.               Baker                    Taplow                        
 HUGHES Thos.            Baker                    High St, Eton                 
 HULL I.                 Coppersmith              Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 HULL Wm.                Painter/Glazier/Agt      High St, Olney                
 HULLS J.sen.            Iron/Tin Plate Worker    Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 HUMPHREYS Humphrey      Tanner/Fellmngr/Leather  Prebend End, Buckingham       
 HUMPHREYS Jeremiah      Beer Retailer            Spital St, Great Marlow       
 HUMPHREYS John          Fishmonger               Ivinghoe                      
 HUMPHREYS W.            Saddler/Harness Maker    West St, Great Marlow         
 HUMPHRIES John          Smith &c                 High St, Chesham              
 HUNT Charles            Grocer                   High St, Eton                 
 HUNT George Harman      Wheelwright              Canal, High Wycombe           
 HUNT J.                 Grocer/Cheesemonger      White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 HUNT James Rogerson     Tailor                   High St, Great Marlow         
 HUNT Thomas             Tailor                   High St, Eton                 
 HURDITCH Thomas         White Hart Inn           Colnbrook                     
 HURST Henry             Broker                   Market Pl, Olney              
 HURST Thos.             Boot & Shoemaker         Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 HUSBAND William         Post Master              New Road, Aylesbury           
 HUSSEY Edwin            Grocer/Tea Dealer        Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 HUSSEY J.               Grocer/Cheesemonger      Little Marlow                 
 HUTCHESON Mary          White Horse              London End, Beaconsfield      
 HUTCHINSON J.           Surgeon/Reg.of BDM       Beaconsfield                  
 HUTTON John             Stone Mason              St.Giles St, Stony Stratford  
 HYATT Henry             Greyhound                St.Thomas St, Great Marlow    
 HYDE Thos.              Grocer/Tea Dlr/Cheese    Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 HYDE William            Tailor                   High St, Eton                 
 IBOTSON R.& P.          Papermakers              Poyle Mills, Colnbrook        
 IMPEY John              Miller                   Amersham                      
 IMPEY Mrs               Straw Hat Maker          Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 ING George              Eight Bells              Long Crendon                  
 INGALTON H.             Builder                  High St, Eton                 
 INGALTON S.             Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Eton                 
 INGALTON T.             Bookseller/Stationer     High St, Eton                 
 INGRAM Fred             Hair Dresser             Amersham                      
 INNES J.                Super Chesham Dispensary Chesham                       
 INWOOD John             Cabinet Maker            High St, Stony Stratford      
 INWOOD Wm.              Gardener/Seedsman        High St, Stony Stratford      
 IVALL Robert Thos.      Coach Maker              High St, High Wycombe         
 IVATTS Chas.            Boot Maker               Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 IVATTS Josh             Boot and Shoemaker       Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 IVE J.                  Swan Inn                 Ivor                          
 IVERY J.                Timber Mercht/Builder    Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 IVES Josh.              Butcher                  Great Missenden               
 JACKEMAN Edward         Blacksmith               Winslow                       
 JACKMAN Thos.           Blacksmith               Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 JACKMAN William         Tailor                   Winslow                       
 JACKSON Frances         Upholsterer/Cabinet Mkr. Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 JACKSON J.              Ironmonger/Watchmaker    London End, Beaconsfield      
 JACKSON Samuel          Corn Chandler            -, Aylesbury                  
 JACKSON Wm.             Surgeon                  High St, High Wycombe         
 JACOB William           Blacksmith               Prince's Risborough           
 JACOBS M.               Carpenter                High St, Eton                 
 JAMES James             Solicitor & Agent        Temple Sq, Aylesbury          
 JAMES James             Master Bap. Free School  Bridge St, Olney              
 JANAWAY James           Baker                    Spital St, Great Marlow       
 JANES W.                Shovel Manuf             Church St, Chesham            
 JARVIS John             Baker                    Little Marlow                 
 JARVIS Richard          Butcher                  High St, Stony Stratford      
 JARVIS Thomas           White Hart               Haddenham                     
 JARVIS Thos.            Baker                    Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 JARVIS W.               Baker                    Amersham                      
 JARVIS William          Grocer and Cheesemonger  Amersham                      
 JEFCOATE Edward         Blacksmith               Bull Yd, Stony Stratford      
 JEFFREY David           Hat Manuf                Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 JEFFREYS Wm.            Straw Hat Manuf          High St, Eton                 
 JEFFRIES George         Cross Keys               High St, Stony Stratford      
 JENKINS John            Brazier                  Bristle Hill, Buckingham      
 JENNINGS Bernard        Red Lion Inn             Slough & Salt Hill            
 JENNINGS G.             Wooden Ware Manuf        Church St, Chesham            
 JENNINGS Henry          White Swan               Wendover                      
 JENNINGS Henry          Punch Bowl               Winslow                       
 JENNINGS Joseph         Crape Factor             Amersham                      
 JENNINGS T.             Butchers Tray Maker      Chesham                       
 JENNINGS William        Tailor                   Wing                          
 JEROME Wm.              Tailor                   High St, Eton                 
 JOBSON Rebecca          Straw Hat Maker          High St, Stony Stratford      
 JOEL Saml.              Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Eton                 
 JOHNSON Chs.            Livery Stable Keeper     Green End, Aylesbury          
 JOHNSON William         Linen Draper             Chesham                       
 JOHNSON William         Carpenter                Little Marlow                 
 JOHNSON William         General Dealer           West St, Great Marlow         
 JOLLY Joseph            Cooper                   New Rd, Aylesbury             
 JONES Ann               Griffin Inn              Amersham                      
 JONES D.                Tailor                   High St, Chesham              
 JONES D.                Grocer/Tea Dealer        Wendover                      
 JONES Daniel            Tailor                   Church St, Chesham            
 JONES David             Tailor                   West St, Great Marlow         
 JONES Edward Rev.       Vicar                    Little Brickhill              
 JONES George            Tailor &c                Wooburn                       
 JONES H.                Grocer/Cheesemonger      Colnbrook                     
 JONES Hen.              Fruiterer/Fishmonger     White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 JONES Henry             Chemist & Druggist       Colnbrook                     
 JONES Joseph            Tailor                   Church End, Buckingham        
 JONES W.                Carpenter/Builder/Cooper Crandon Ln, High Wycombe      
 JONES William           Baker                    Winslow                       
 JONES William           Three Pigeons            Winslow                       
 JONES Wm.               Boot & Shoemaker         Bridge St, Olney              
 JONES Wm. jun.          Crooked Billet           Winslow                       
 JORDAN T.               Watch & Clock Maker      High St, Chesham              
 JOSEPH John             Weavers Arms             Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield   
 JOYCE Edward            Printer/Pawnbroker       St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 JUDD John               Saddler/Collar/Harness   Slough & Salt Hill            
 JUDGE Augustus          Black Swan               Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 JUDKINS John            Surveyor of Roads        Stony Stratford               
 JUDKINS Samuel          Boot and Shoemaker       Little Brickhill              
 JUDKINS Wm.             Baker                    Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 KEEN John               Beer Retailer            Amersham                      
 KEEN William            Boot and Shoemaker       Amersham                      
 KEEP LABRUM & KEEP      Wharfingers              Newport Wf, Newport Pagnell   
 KEEP Wm.                Grocer                   High St, Newport Pagnell      
 KEIGHTLEY Matthew       Fishmonger               High St, Newport Pagnell      
 KEINCH Daniel           Butcher                  Whitchurch                    
 KEINCH Thomas           Butcher                  Whitchurch                    
 KEINCH William          Butcher & Mealman        Whitchurch                    
 KEMP Wm.                Beer Retailer            Waterside, Chesham            
 KEMPSTER John           Baker/Butcher            Prince's Risborough           
 KENNINGS John           Collar Maker             Whitchurch                    
 KERSEY Wm.              Beer Retailer            Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 KEYS Stacey             Butcher                  Winslow                       
 KIGHTLY Geo.            Baker/Confectioner       High St, Stony Stratford      
 KIGHTLY George          Wheelwright              High St, Stony Stratford      
 KIGHTLY Hy.             Confectioner             Church St, Stony Stratford    
 KILLINGWORTH John       Watch Maker              High St, Olney                
 KIMBER Peter            Ironmonger               Colnbrook                     
 KIMBER Richard          Butcher                  Long Crendon                  
 KIMBLE                  Grocer/Draper            Haddenham                     
 KING E.                 Bookseller/Statnr/Prntr  Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 KING Francis            Wheelwright              Blucher St, Chesham           
 KING Francis            Tailor/Beer Retailer     Horton                        
 KING George             Grocer/Tea Dealer        Winslow                       
 KING James              Clothes Warehouse        High St, Eton                 
 KING James              Farrier                  Wendover                      
 KING John               Beer Retailer            Back St, Aylesbury            
 KING John               Solicitor/Clerk          Well St, Buckingham           
 KING John               Land Surveyor            Winslow                       
 KING Joseph             Wheelwright              Winslow                       
 KING Joseph             The Windmill             Winslow                       
 KING Miss               Straw Hat Maker          Winslow                       
 KING Samuel             Maltster                 Little Brickhill              
 KING Samuel & Sons      Coach Builders           New Rd, Aylesbury             
 KING William            Bull & Butcher           Fenny-Stratford               
 KING William            Tailor                   Wooburn                       
 KING Wm.                Wheelwright              Bosley St, Chesham            
 KING Wm.                Butcher                  High St, Chesham              
 KIPLING Chas.           Surgeon                  St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 KIPLING Chas. Rev.      Vicar                    High St, Stony Stratford      
 KIRBY Frances           Harnessmaker             Fenny-Stratford               
 KIRBY John              Miller                   Castle Mill, Buckingham       
 KIRBY John              Miller                   Red Lion Ln, Buckingham       
 KIRBY Joseph            Linen/Woolen Draper      Market Sq, Buckingham         
 KIRBY Mary              Milliner/Dress Maker     Market Sq, Buckingham         
 KIRBY William           Navigation Inn           Fenny-Stratford               
 KIRBY Wm.               Draper                   Temple St, Aylesbury          
 KIRBY Wm.               Baker/Confectioner       Market Sq, Buckingham         
 KIRBY Wm.               Baker/Cornchandler       Market Hill, Buckingham       
 KITCHENER Thos.         Hair Dresser             Market Pl, Olney              
 KIVE John               Hair Dresser/Perfumer    Slough & Salt Hill            
 KNIGHT J.               Linen Draper             High St, Chesham              
 KNIGHT J.               Livery Stable/Greengroc. High St, Eton                 
 KNIGHT John             Wheelwright              Bourbon St, Aylesbury         
 KNIGHTON Thos.          Grocer/Tallow Chandler   High St, Stony Stratford      
 KNIGSTON H.             Bkslr/Statnr/China/Glass White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 KNOCK Wm.               Confectioner             High St, Eton                 
 KNOX W.                 Grocer/Chemist           High St, Chesham              
 LACEY Henry             Plumber/Painter/Glazier  Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 LACEY J.                Boot & Shoemaker         Windsor St, Beaconsfield      
 LACEY J.                Beer Retailer            Cookham                       
 LACEY James             Grocer/Cheesemonger      High St, High Wycombe         
 LACEY Miss              French Teacher/Piano     Bedford Row, High Wycombe     
 LACEY Samuel            Beer Retailer            Prince's Risborough           
 LACEY W.                Saddler/Harness Maker    High St, Chesham              
 LACEY W.                Baker                    Cookham                       
 LACEY Wm.               Bricklayer               Great Missenden               
 LACK Thomas             Grocer/Cheesemonger      Stoke Poges                   
 LAD Wm.                 Tailor                   Well St, Buckingham           
 LADDS C.                Grocer/Lace Dealer       High St, Newport Pagnell      
 LAMBERT William         Carpenter                Little Brickhill              
 LANCASTER J.            Carpenter & Joiner       Chenies                       
 LANDON W.& I.           Canal Carriers           Walton St, Aylesbury          
 LANE A.& EDMONDS J.     Paper Makers             Upper Marsh/Bowden, High Wycom
 LANE Amelia             Three Tuns               High St, Eton                 
 LANE George             Baker                    Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 LANE J.                 Blacksmith               Cookham                       
 LANE James              Surveyor                 College, Eton                 
 LANE James              Grocer/Cheesemonger      Wooburn                       
 LANE Jane               Grocer/Cheesemonger      Bone End, Great Marlow        
 LANE John               Grocer/Marine Stores     Wooburn                       
 LANE Joseph             Wheelwright              Burnham                       
 LANE Joseph             Paper Manuf              Ash Mill, High Wycombe        
 LANE Lydia              Ironmonger               West St, Great Marlow         
 LANE Thomas A.          Boarding School          Ivor                          
 LANGLEY Jno. Rev.       Vicar                    Olney                         
 LANGSTONE T.            Gardener/Seedsman        Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 LANGTON William         Butcher                  Prince's Risborough           
 LANHAM Josh.            Tin Plate Wkr.           Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 LASENBY Robert          George Coml Inn          High St, Chesham              
 LAVER James             Pin Maker                High St, Stony Stratford      
 LAVERIDGE --- Esq.      Magistrate               Well St, Buckingham           
 LAW Aaron               Beer Retailer            Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 LAWMAN T.               Baker                    Bridge St, Newport Pagnell    
 LAWRENCE Geo.           Anchor                   Walton St, Aylesbury          
 LAWRENCE Henry          Beer Retailer            Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 LAWRENCE J.             Corn Dealer              Colnbrook                     
 LAWRENCE James          Brewer                   Colnbrook                     
 LAYT Joseph             Stone & Marble Mason     Walton St, Aylesbury          
 LAYTON Mrs              Milliner                 Bristle Hill, Buckingham      
 LAZARUS Samuel          Umbrella Maker           Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 LEAK John               Shopkeeper               Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 LEE Henry               Butcher                  Burnham                       
 LEE James               Grocer/Cheesemonger      Spital St, Great Marlow       
 LEE Joseph              Saddler &c               Winslow                       
 LEE Wm.                 Shopkeeper               Bristle Hill, Buckingham      
 LEE Wm.                 Bricklayer               Burnham                       
 LEONE John              Jeweller & Weather Glass Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 LEPPER Henry            Veterinary Surgeon       Walton St, Aylesbury          
 LESTER Thomas           Boot Maker               Silver St, Aylesbury          
 LEVER William           Carrier                  Haddenham                     
 LEVY Alexander          Watchmaker               High St, Eton                 
 LEWIN Wm.               Beer Retailer            Aylesbury St, Beaconsfield    
 LEWIS Drake             Chemist & Druggist       High St, Eton                 
 LEWIS G.W.              Schoolmaster             Church St, Chesham            
 LEWIS Ricd.             Hat Manufacturer         High St, Eton                 
 LEWIS T. Harris         Surgeon                  Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 LIDDIARD Thomas         Beer Retailer            Slough & Salt Hill            
 LIDDINGTON Ann          Butcher                  Batchelors Row, Buckingham    
 LINE Geo.               Beer Retailer/Grocer     Wooburn Gr, Wooburn           
 LINE Weller             Chair Manufacturer       Amersham                      
 LINE William            Wheelwright              Amersham                      
 LINE William            Fellmonger               Wycomb Marsh, High Wycombe    
 LINEGAI John            Bricklayer               Horton                        
 LINEGAR John            Bricklayer               Horton                        
 LINELL John             Butcher                  Great Brickhill               
 LINES E.D.              Chemist & Druggist       Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 LINES Miss              Boarding School          Winslow                       
 LINES William           Hay Dealer               Walton St, Aylesbury          
 LINES William           Auctioneer/Maltster      Haddenham                     
 LINNELL William         Baker                    Fenny-Stratford               
 LIPSCOMBE J.            Butcher                  Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield   
 LIPSCOMBE Joseph        Old Elm Tree             Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield   
 LIPSCOMBE Josiah        Butcher                  Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 LIPSCOMBE Wm.           Butcher & Hare           Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield   
 LITCHFIELD M.           Pork Butcher             Market Pl, Olney              
 LITCHFIELD Saml.        Saddler/Harness Maker    High St, Olney                
 LITCHFIELD Thos.        The Chequers             High St, Newport Pagnell      
 LITTLE J.               Tea/Coffee Dealer        East St, High Wycombe         
 LITTLE Kezia            Straw Hat Manuf          Haddenham                     
 LITTLE Thomas           Beer Retailer            Prince's Risborough           
 LITTLEBURY Josh.        Grocer                   Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 LIVINGS Thomas          Boot & Shoemaker         Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 LLOYD Miss              Mistress Infant School   Buckingham                    
 LOADER Frederick        Beer Retailer            Church St, Chesham            
 LOCK Mrs                Straw Hat Maker          Castle St, Aylesbury          
 LOCK W.S.               Butcher                  Castle St, Aylesbury          
 LOCKETT Mary            Cross Keys               High St, High Wycombe         
 LOCKEY Oliver           Woolpack                 Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 LOCKWOOD Thos.          Currier                  West End, Newport Pagnell     
 LOE John                Chequers                 Fenny-Stratford               
 LOE John                Lace Manuf               High St, Stony Stratford      
 LOGGIN Fredk            Chemist & Druggist       Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 LOMATH George           Boot & Shoemaker         Winslow                       
 LOMATH Thomas           Boot & Shoemaker         Winslow                       
 LONG Daniel             Swan Inn                 Burnham                       
 LONG Edward             Tailor                   Wooburn                       
 LONG George             Grocer/Draper            Loudwater, High Wycombe       
 LONG J.                 Broker/Carpenter         Wooburn                       
 LONG Rev.               Rector                   Market Hill, Buckingham       
 LONGLAND Edw.           Baker/Confectioner       Well St, Buckingham           
 LOOSLEY Ann             Dress Maker              Prince's Risborough           
 LORD David              Dolphin                  High St, Olney                
 LORD Eleanor            Ladies School            West St, Great Marlow         
 LORD George             Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Olney                
 LORD George             Duke William             High St, Olney                
 LORD George             Sun                      Dagnell Ln, Olney             
 LORD Joseph             Maltster                 High St, Olney                
 LORP Leonard            The Cock                 Market Pl, Olney              
 LOUCH J.                Grocer/Draper            Cookham                       
 LOVEGROVE H.            Garden/Windsor Chair Mnf Slough & Salt Hill            
 LOVEGROVE James T.      Plumber &c               West St, Great Marlow         
 LOVEGROVE Thos          Unicorn                  Walton St, Aylesbury          
 LOVELL J.               Boot & Shoemaker         Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 LOVELL James            Carpenter/Joiner         Long Crendon                  
 LOVELL T.               Lancasterian School Mstr Back Ln, Olney                
 LOVETT David            Smith & Farrier          Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 LOVETT Thos.            Carpenter                Burnham                       
 LOW Abraham             Maltster                 Prince's Risborough           
 LOWE Abraham            Baker                    Prince's Risborough           
 LOWNDES W.A.Esq.        Magistrate               Chesham                       
 LOWNDES Wm. Selby jun.  Manor House              Winslow                       
 LOXLEY Chas.            Builder                  Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 LUCAS & POWELL          Solicitore/Clerks        High St, Newport Pagnell      
 LUCAS Benjamin          Butcher                  Fenny-Stratford               
 LUCAS Job               Shopkeeper               St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 LUCAS Richard           Brewer/Maltster          Canal, High Wycombe           
 LUDGATE William         Lace Dealer              Prince's Risborough           
 LUDGATE Wm.             Beer Retailer            Oxford St, Aylesbury          
 LUFF Henry              Pied Horse               Slough & Salt Hill            
 LUFF Maria              Stag Inn                 Slough & Salt Hill            
 LUM Wm.                 Windmill                 High St, Stony Stratford      
 LUNNON J.               Beer Retailer            Cookham                       
 LUNNON Thos.            Miller/Paper Manuf       Hedsor/Fullers Mills, Wooburn 
 LUTMAN Giles            Tailor                   Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 LYDDON Herbert          Bell                     Canal, High Wycombe           
 LYNCH John              Carpenter                Burnham                       
 MABLEY Mary             Day & Bdg School         Market Pl, Olney              
 MACINN Jane             Haberdasher              High St, Eton                 
 MACKIE --               Saddler                  Burnham                       
 MACLEAN James           Tin Plate Wkr.           High St, Great Marlow         
 MADDOCKS Robert         Carpenter/Builder        High St, Great Marlow         
 MALLETT Emanuel         Baker                    Wing                          
 MALPAS Elizabeth        Swan & Cow Inn           Fenny-Stratford               
 MARCH Wm.               Draper                   Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 MARGESSON Ann           Crn Comm Inn             Market Place, Aylesbury       
 MARKHAM Benjm           Cross Keys               Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 MARKHAM Samuel          Beer Retailer            Chenies                       
 MARKHAM Shem.           Kings Head Inn           North End, Buckingham         
 MARKS John              Baker                    Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 MARLIN Samuel           Baksr and Statr          Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 MARR Matthew            Tailor                   St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 MARRIOTT Joseph         Swan Inn                 High St, Stony Stratford      
 MARSH George            Beer Retailer/Shopkeeper Horton                        
 MARSH Mary              Stamp Sub-Distributor    Winslow                       
 MARSH Thomas            Butcher                  Colnbrook                     
 MARSHALL & HEATH        Solicitors               Chesham                       
 MARSHALL Geo.           Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Newport Pagnell      
 MARSHALL J.A.           Surgeon                  Temple Sq, Aylesbury          
 MARSHALL Jas.           Shopkeeper               Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 MARSHALL Jas. Henry     Printer/Baksr/Stamp Dstr Temple St, Aylesbury          
 MARSHALL Sarah          Lace Manuf               High St, Olney                
 MARSHALL Thomas         Solicitor/Reg.BDM        Amersham                      
 MARSHALL Thos.          Phoenix Agent            Amersham                      
 MARSHALL W.             Grocer/General Dealer    Canal, High Wycombe           
 MARTIN John             Beer Retailer            Burnham                       
 MARTIN Thomas           Dealer in Clothes        Canal, High Wycombe           
 MARTIN W.               Game Dealer/Farrier      West St, Buckingham           
 MARTIN W.H.             Bookseller               High St, Eton                 
 MARTIN Wm.              Grocer                   Great Missenden               
 MASHALL Wm.             Currier                  Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 MASON K.& E.            Milliners/Dressmakers    High St, Great Marlow         
 MASON Robert            Surgeon                  Slough & Salt Hill            
 MASON Samuel            Beer Retailer            Stoke Poges                   
 MASON Sarah             Watchmaker               Market Pl, Olney              
 MASON Wm.               Bricklayer               High St, Newport Pagnell      
 MASSEY Nicholas         Beer Retailer            Fenny-Stratford               
 MASTERS A.              Confectioner             High St, Eton                 
 MATHAM M.               Montague Arms            Langley                       
 MATHEWS Thomas          Shoemaker                Whitchurch                    
 MATTHEW Ann             Red Lion Inn             Red Lion Ln, Buckingham       
 MATTHEWS William        Carpenter/Joiner         Winslow                       
 MAVOR Alexr             Nurseryman/Seedsman      Market Pl, Aylesbury          
 MAY James               Printer & Jeweller       Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 MAYDON George           Butcher                  Winslow                       
 MAYDON George           Maltster                 Winslow                       
 MAYES J.                Dyer/Scourer             High St, High Wycombe         
 MAYES John              Tailor                   Market Pl, Olney              
 MAYNE George            Carpenter/Joiner         Winslow                       
 MAYNE George            Maltster                 Winslow                       
 MAYNE John              Tailor                   Winslow                       
 MAYNE Samuel            Two Brewers              Back St, Aylesbury            
 MAYNE Sarah             Day School               Winslow                       
 MAYNE Thomas            Saddler/Harness Maker    Winslow                       
 MAYO Daniel             Turner                   Chesham                       
 MAYO J.                 Turner/Wooden Ware Manuf High St, Chesham              
 MAYO Jesse              Turner                   Chesham                       
 MAYO M.                 Beer Retailer            Chesham                       
 MAYO N.                 Beer Retailer/Butcher    Church St, Chesham            
 MEACHER & RACKSTRAW     Maltsters/Brewers        Ivinghoe                      
 MEAD J.                 Brazier/Tin Plate Wkr.   Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 MEAD John               Coach Maker              Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 MEAD John               Cooper                   High St, Olney                
 MEAD John               The Two Coopers          High St, Olney                
 MEAD Michael            Plough Inn               Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 MEAD William            Butcher                  London End, Beaconsfield      
 MEAD William            Baker/Beer Retailer      Wendover                      
 MEAD William            Painter/Glazier          Crown Ln, High Wycombe        
 MEADEW Richard Rev.     Vicar                    Prince's Risborough           
 MEADOWS E.& A.          Dealer in Shoes          High St, Newport Pagnell      
 MEADOWS John            Linen/Woollen Draper     High St, Great Marlow         
 MEAKES H.& J.           Blacksmiths              Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 MEAKES Henry Thos.      Cross Keys               Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 MEAKES J.               Smith                    Wooburn                       
 MEAKES Joseph           Smith                    Little Marlow                 
 MEALING Ann             Butcher/Beer Retailer    Loudwater, High Wycombe       
 MEALING Edmund          Upholsterer/Cabinet Mkr. High St, Great Marlow         
 MEALING W.              Chairmaker/Beer Retailer New Land, High Wycombe        
 MEDES Jas.              Smith                    Burnham                       
 MEDHURST Cns.           Milliner & Hbdsr         Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 MEEKS J.                Vet.Srgn/Farrier/Smith   Spital St, Great Marlow       
 MELLETT Ann             Baker                    High St, Eton                 
 MELLETT James           Beer Retailer            New Land, High Wycombe        
 MENDAY Henry            Baker                    West St, Great Marlow         
 MERRICK R.              Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Eton                 
 MESSER Henry            Watchmaker               Colnbrook                     
 MICHAEL A. & Son        Watch & Clock Makers     Germin St, Chesham            
 MILES A.                Plumber/Painter/Glazier  Amersham                      
 MILES Wm.               Wheelwright              Bristle Hill, Buckingham      
 MILLARD Eliz.           Dolphin                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 MILLER Caroline         Milliner & Ds Mr         Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 MILLER Jas.             Hat Manuf                High St, Chesham              
 MILLER T.               Furrier/Hatter           High St, High Wycombe         
 MILLER Wm.              Cabinet Maker            High St, Newport Pagnell      
 MILLETT Mad             Ladies Seminary          London End, Beaconsfield      
 MILLS -                 Umbrella Maker           High St, Chesham              
 MILLS A.                Butcher                  Amersham                      
 MILLS Geo.              Butcher                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 MILLS J.                White Hart Inn           Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield   
 MILLS J.                Tripe Dresser            Chesham                       
 MILLS Thos.             Bookbinder               Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 MILLS Wm.               Bull Inn                 Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 MILLWARD John           Lace Manuf               High St, Olney                
 MILWARD Wm.             Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Eton                 
 MITCHELL H.             Milliner/Dress Maker     White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 MITCHELL J.             Harness/Collar Maker     White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 MITCHELL John           Grocer                   High St, Eton                 
 MITCHELL T.             Butcher                  Walton St, Aylesbury          
 MITCHELL Thomas         Tailor                   Wendover                      
 MOGFORD Henry           Vet.Surgeon              West St, Great Marlow         
 MOLD J.& STUCHBERY W.   Maltsters                West St, Buckingham           
 MOLD John               Builder                  West St, Buckingham           
 MOLD Thomas             Cabinet Maker            Red Lion Ln, Buckingham       
 MOLE Wm.                Bricklayer &c            Colnbrook                     
 MONDAY James            Beer Retailer            Great Missenden               
 MONEY Joseph            Smith                    Canal, High Wycombe           
 MONTAGUE T.             Wheelwright              Langley                       
 MONTAGUE Thomas         Linen Draper             Amersham                      
 MONTAGUE Thomas         Wheelwright              Haddenham                     
 MONTGOMERY J. & Sons    Timber Merchants         High St, Eton                 
 MOODEY James            Maltster                 White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 MOORCROFT James         Butcher                  Winslow                       
 MOORCROFT John          Butcher                  Haddenham                     
 MOORCROFT John          Butcher                  Winslow                       
 MOORE M.                Straw Hat Maker          Colnbrook                     
 MOORE Thomas            Boot & Shoemaker         Winslow                       
 MOORES William          The Chequers             Ivor                          
 MOORES William          Smith                    Ivinghoe                      
 MORBEY E.               Paper Maker              Beech Mill, High Wycombe      
 MORECRAFT William       Butcher                  Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 MORETON Jas.            Iron Founder &c          Burnham                       
 MORGAN E.A.             Stationer/Bookseller     High St, Newport Pagnell      
 MORGAN Jas.             Shopkeeper               High St, Chesham              
 MORGAN Maria            Lace Manuf               High St, Olney                
 MORLEY Geo. Rev.        Rector                   St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 MORLEY John Revd        Vicar                    -, Aylesbury                  
 MORRIS Anthy.           Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Olney                
 MORRIS J. & Son         Linen Drapers/Slop Slrs  High St, Great Marlow         
 MORRIS John             White Hart Inn           Sympson, Fenny-Stratford      
 MORRIS John Rev.        Vicar                    High St, Olney                
 MORRIS Stephen          Kings Arms               Eton                          
 MORTEN Thomas           Boot and Shoemaker       Amersham                      
 MORTEN Thomas           Brewer                   Amersham                      
 MORTEN Thomas           Corn Dealer              Amersham                      
 MORTEN Thomas           Maltster                 Amersham                      
 MORTIMER Wm.            Reg.B.& D. for Wing      Wing                          
 MORTON H.               Plumber/Painter          High St, High Wycombe         
 MOSS John               Millwright/Engineer      High St, Great Marlow         
 MOSS Lydia              Clothier &c              High St, Great Marlow         
 MOSS Maria              Milliner/Dress Maker     West St, Great Marlow         
 MOUNTFORD Charles       Butcher                  Slough & Salt Hill            
 MUDDIMAN Josh           Hair Dresser             Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 MUNDAY E.M.             Coal Merchant            Accomodation Wf, Newport Pagne
 MUSKETT Thos.           Cornchandler             High St, Olney                
 MUSKETT Thos.           Mealman                  Market Pl, Olney              
 MUSPRATT John           Three Tuns               West St, Great Marlow         
 MUSPRATT Richard        Basket Maker             West St, Great Marlow         
 MYERS Wm.               Jeweller                 Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 NASH & HUTT             Millers                  Prince's Risborough           
 NASH Ellen              Ladies Boarding School   Oxford St, High Wycombe       
 NASH F. & PATER G.      Croc & Tallow Chandlers  High St, Chesham              
 NASH James              Butcher                  Haddenham                     
 NASH James              Carrier                  Great Missenden               
 NASH John               Butcher                  Silver Ln, Aylesbury          
 NASH John               Baker                    Wooburn                       
 NASH John               Solicitor                High St, High Wycombe         
 NASH Robt.              Maltster                 Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 NASH Saunders           Solicitor                High St, High Wycombe         
 NASH T.                 Guardian Chesham Distr   High St, Chesham              
 NASH T.G.               Brush Maker              Blucher St, Chesham           
 NASH Thomas             Crown                    Loudwater, High Wycombe       
 NASH Thomas             Smith/Carpenter          Loudwater, High Wycombe       
 NASH Thos.              Linen Draper/Haberdasher High St, Chesham              
 NASH Thos.              Blacksmith               Great Missenden               
 NASH Thos. Jun. & James Brewers                  High St, Chesham              
 NASON Thomas Wm.        Fishmonger               High St, Eton                 
 NEAL Chas.              Tailor                   Bristle Hill, Buckingham      
 NEAL Joseph             Haberdasher              High St, Newport Pagnell      
 NEAL Wm.                Saddler                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 NEALE E. Rev.           Acting Magistrate        Taplow, Beaconsfield          
 NEALE Jos.              Bell Inn Post Hse/Excise Winslow                       
 NEALE Robert            Wh?esmith                Temple St, Aylesbury          
 NEALE S.                Vet.Surgeon/Farmer       Chesham                       
 NEALE Sarah             Red Lion                 Colnbrook                     
 NEEDHAM James Wm.       Corn Dealer              High St, Eton                 
 NEEDHAM Titus B.        Ironmonger               High St, Eton                 
 NEGUS Josh.             Carpenter                High St, Olney                
 NEIGHBOUR Edmund        Tailor &c                Beaconsfield                  
 NEIGHBOUR J.            Grocer/Cheesemonger      Market Pl, Beaconsfield       
 NELSON Geo.             Solicitor                Castle St, Buckingham         
 NELSON Geo.             Beer Retailer            Church St, Buckingham         
 NEVILLE REID & Co.      Brewers                  Cookham                       
 NEW John                Fruiterer                High St, Eton                 
 NEWBERY John            Master Nat'l School      Buckingham                    
 NEWELL Matilda          Straw Hat Manuf          High St, Great Marlow         
 NEWLAND John            Carpenter                Ivor                          
 NEWMAN E.& M.           Milliners/Dressmakers    High St, High Wycombe         
 NEWMAN Wm.              Grocer                   North End, Buckingham         
 NEWSOM Jas.             Plumber                  Burnham                       
 NICHOL A.               Gardener &c              Marsh End, Newport Pagnell    
 NICHOLL Wm.             Draper                   High St, Olney                
 NICHOLLS Charlotte      Butcher                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 NICHOLLS Thomas         Butcher                  Slough & Salt Hill            
 NIXEY Joseph            Tailor                   Slough & Salt Hill            
 NIXEY Thomas            Grocer                   Slough & Salt Hill            
 NIXON --                Silk Thrower             Whitchurch                    
 NIXON Saml.             Surgeon                  High St, Stony Stratford      
 NIXON Wm.               Prntr/Bksllr/Statnr      High St, Stony Stratford      
 NOAH Jas.               Gardener/Seedsman        Church St, Chesham            
 NORDBALD Edw.           Reg. BDM Eton Union      Ivor                          
 NORDBALD Edward         Surgeon                  Ivor                          
 NORMAN William          Crown                    Fenny-Stratford               
 NORRIS Arthur           Grocer/Corn Dealer       Ivinghoe                      
 NORRIS Charles          Hair Dresser             Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 NORRIS David            King Charles II          Ivinghoe                      
 NORRIS John             Grocer/Gilder            Bridge St, Buckingham         
 NORRIS John             Surgeon                  Prince's Risborough           
 NORTH Robert            Butcher                  Bridge St, Buckingham         
 NORWOOD S.& E.          Grocer &c                Amersham                      
 NORWOOD Wm.             Coach Builder            Broen St, Eton                
 NOTTS John              Receiving House          Cookham                       
 NUGENT George Sir       Magistrate               Great Marlow                  
 NUNN James              Shoe Maker               Watford St, Aylesbury         
 NUNNELEY Samuel         Grocer/Tallow Chandler   High St, Olney                
 OAK Samuel              Hair Dresser             Colnbrook                     
 OAKLEY A.               Tailor                   Oxford St, High Wycombe       
 OCKENDEN H.             Fishmonger               Slough & Salt Hill            
 ODDELL Isaac            Butcher                  High St, Olney                
 ODELL Robt.             Bricklayer               Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 OGILWY Thomas           Plumber                  Colnbrook                     
 OLDFIELD Robert         Butcher                  High St, Chesham              
 OLDFIELD Robert         Nags Head                Chesham                       
 OLIVER & GOODWIN        Tailors/Drapers          High St, High Wycombe         
 OLIVER John             Baker                    Haddenham                     
 OLIVERS & YORK          Stony Stratford Bank     High St, Newport Pagnell      
 OLIVERS & YORK          Bankers                  High St, Stony Stratford      
 OSBORN Benjamin         Cock Inn                 Whitchurch                    
 OSBORN Geo. & Son       Woolstaplers             High St, Newport Pagnell      
 OSBORN John             Baker                    High St, Olney                
 OSBORN John             Parish Clerk/Sexton      Clifton Reynes, Olney         
 OSBORN Thomas           Tailor                   Slough & Salt Hill            
 OSBORN Wm.              Baker                    Bridge St, Olney              
 OSBORNE Rev.            Rector                   Stoke Poges                   
 OVITTS Char.            Grocer/Spirit Dealer     Castle St, Buckingham         
 OWEN John               Coal Dealer              Walton St, Aylesbury          
 OXLADE Richd.           Grocer/Cheesemonger      Thames Side, Great Marlow