Perpetual Curates of the Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Dorton


The patronage of the churches of Ashendon and Dorton were both the same, and as a consequence one Perpetual Curate was appointed to serve both churches. In 1847 George Lipscomb in his "The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham" lists the following curates for Ashendon and Dorton:

1483 John Giffith
1536 William Meade
1539 John Penley
1543 Richard Asex, Presbyter
1561 John Golding
1594 William Ingley
1608 William Hobson
1609 William Johnson
1624 Thomas Taylor A.B.
1663 Hugh Hart - Curate of Ashendon only
1663 John Moseley -Curate of Dorton only
1664 Richard Clegg
1666 John Law
1671 Robert Vicaris A.M.
1673 Thomas Gerard A.M.
1676 Walter Hinckley A.M.
1701 John Robinson A.M.
1703 Timothy Markham A.M.
1713 Thomas Barnwell A.M.
1722 Thomas Fenton A.M.
1722 Vincent Warren A.M.
1726 Abraham Gregory A.M.
1754 John Kipling A.M.
1754 Samuel Long (signs as Curate of Dorton in this year)
1762 Charles Kipling A.M. (signs as Curate of Dorton in this year)
1810 John Bradford A.M.
1829 John Oakley Hill A.M.