Rectors of the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Hartwell


The Rectors of Hartwell were also the incumbents for Little Hampden - the Church at Little Hampden being appendant ecclesiastically to Hartwell.

In 1847 George Lipscomb in his "The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham" listed the following Rectors for Hartwell:

1219 William Ferebraz
1299 Geoffrey de Melburn
1320 Ralph Gidy of Stokegomer
1349 William, son of Ralph (or Fitz-Ralph) of Great Horwood
1377 Robert de Pulton
1431 William Prestwold
14-- Richard Prestwold
1452 John Bordeville, B.D.
1452 Edmund Hawiger
1476 Thomas King
1490 John Wharton, A.M.
1500 John Game, A.M.
1507 John Warner, S.T.P.
1509 Thomas Radish
1535 Christopher Rock
1548 Thomas Hampden
15-- Alexander Chetham
1558 John Yeoman
1560 Thomas Latham
1573 Matthew Jennings
1596 Thomas Cawarden, A.B.
1601 Roger Porter, B.D.
1635 Francis Warren, A.M.
1650 Samuel Harrison, A.M.
1694 Alexander Croke, A.M.
1726 Clement Wakelin,
1733 Robert Smith, A.M.
1783 Edward Stone, A.M.
1793 George Lee, A.M. son of Sir William Lee, Bart.
1803 John Rush , B.C.L.