Churchwardens of the Parish Church of St Michael, Horton


The following list of Churchwardens for Horton have been extracted from a book by Gordon Willoughby James Gyll, Esq., entitled "History of the Parish of Wraysbury, Ankerwycke Priory, and Magna Charta Island, with the History of Horton, and the Town of Colnbrook, Bucks" which was published in 1862:

The earliest extant book of Churchwardens dates from 1737, for which Edmund Bowry paid 13s.6d; but there are some few names recoverable as Churchwardens prior to 1736, which have been inserted.

1615    Thomas Pitt
1616    Thomas Pitt
        Maurice Fisher
1637    John Hawkins
        Thomas Bowden
1638    John Hieron
        John Spencer
1639    Nicholas Michel
1736-38 Edmund Bowry
        Thomas Virgo
1739-41 Moses Brads and Thomas Virgo
1741    Henry Crowder was nominated by the Rector, Mr.Edwards, in room of Moses Brads, but he was rejected by the Parish; notwithstanding Crowder was sworn at the visitation, the Rector having a right to choose one, but the Court order that Brads should have his costspaid him. Henry Crowder and William Warden nominated for Overseers.
1742    Missing leaf
1743    Thomas Virgo
        Francis Haynes
1744-45 Thomas Virgo
        Thomas Bowry
1746-47 Thomas Webb
        William Shortland
1748-49 William Pearson
        Richard Hibbard
1750    William Pearson
        Moses Brads
1751    Robert Singer
        Moses Brads
1752-53 Robert Singer
        Francis Bowry
1754-55 Edmund Haynes
        Francis Bowler
1756    Peter Levery
        Francis Bowler
1757    Peter Levery
        Richard Mayo
1758    Thomas Fennel
        Richard Mayo
1759    Thomas Fennel
        Charles Prince
1760    William Cobbet
        Charles Prince
1761    William Cobbet
        Francis Haynes
1762    James or William Pearson
        John Holland
1763    Francis Haynes
        John Holland
1764    Francis Haynes
        William Trout
1765    Francis Haynes
        James Pearson
        William Trout
1766    Francis Haynes
        William Trout
1767-68 Francis Haynes
        Francis Bowler
1769-70 Francis Haynes
        Richard Mayo
1771-72 Francis Haynes
        Edmund Haynes
1773    Charles Prince
        Edmund Haynes
1774    Charles Prince
        James Hugford
1775-76 Richard Moore
        James Hugford N.B. Mr.Barrow nominated Richard Moore for Dr.Blair 1776
1777    Richard Moore
        James Hugford
1778-79 Richard Moore
        John May
1780-82 Francis Haynes
        John Spurling
1783    Francis Haynes
        William Durham
1784    Francis Haynes
        Booker Derby
1785    William Hart
        Booker Derby
1786    William Hart
        Robert Singer
1787-88 Robert Singer
        Richard Shurley
1789-90 John Sheppard
        William Osborn
1791    John Sheppard
        Thomas Wood
1792-93 William Haynes
        Charles Powell
1794    William Hart
        Charles Powell
1795-1800 William Hart
        John May
1801    William Learner
        John May
1802    James Haynes
        John May
1803    James Haynes
        William Haynes
1804    Richard Hart
        William Haynes
1805-06 Richard Hart
        John Philpot
1807-10 Thomas Maish
        Henry Hickman
1811    James Haynes
        William Haynes
1812    Stephen Pullin
        William Haynes
1813-14 Stephen Pullin
        Henry Hickman
1815    George Stafford
        William Giblet
1816    George Stafford
        John Fulkes
1817    George Stafford
        Stephen Pullin
1818    Colonel Edward Parkinson
        Stephen Pullin
1819-20 James Holderness
        James Stevens
1821    Timothy Colley Jenks, Esq.
        Richard Hibbard
1822    Timothy Colley Jenks, Esq.
        Evan Evans
1823    John Cook
        Evan Evans
1824-27 John Cook
        Stephen Pullin
1828-29 John Cook
        Joseph Reffell
1830    John Cook
        James Holderness
1831-32 John Cook
        Henry Stevens
1833    John Cook
        Charles Williams, Esq.
1834-42 John Cook
        Stephen Pullin
1843    Stephen Pullin, junior
        Francis Mallet Spong
1844    Stephen Pullin, junior
        Thomas Ford
1845-48 Stephen Pullin, junior
        J. Curtis
1849-52 Stephen Pullin
        John Holderness
1853    Stephen Pullin, junior
        George Tupp
1854-55 Stephen Pullin
        Edward Tyrell, Esq.
1856    William Ashton, Esq.
        Henry Pullin
1857    George Tupp
        Stephen Pullin
1858    Henry Lamb
        Stephen Pullin
1859    Henry Lamb
        R.L. Groom
1860    Stephen Pullin
        R.L. Groom
        Henry Lamb
1861    William Stevens
        John Williams
        Thomas Lawrence