Rectors of the Parish Church of St Faith, Newton Longville


In 1847 George Lipscomb in his "The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham" listed the following Rectors for Newton Longville:

---- Ralph de Croppery
1278 Nicholas Fitz-Nicholas
1330 Roger Lucas, or Lucy
1343 William Fits-Nicholas de Huitte de Fenny-Stratford
1377 Stephen Godericke
1388 John Fisher
1398 John Wisbeach
1406 John Wilowe
14-- John Strensham
1455 John Jeffry, A.M.
1473 Walter Hill, A.M.
1479 William Grocyn
1504 Richard Makett, A.M.
1525 John Young, A.M.
1542 Henry Cole, LL.D.
1552 Thomas White, LL.D.
1557 Maurice Bullock, A.M.
1558 Sextus Quartermaine
1613 William Twisse, B.D.
1620 Nathaniel Giles, A.M.
1655 Henry Winnington, A.M.
1678 Edward Young, LL.B.
1680 Joseph Lavington, A.B.
1709 John Lydiatt, A.M., "having holden this Living about a year, he quitted it, on account of ill treatment by his sordid parishioners".
1710 Richard Ridge, LL.B.
1727 James Edmonds, A.M., "by a troublesome and expensive law-suit, contributed to drive him distracted".
1765 Anthony Nourse Sanderson, B.C.L.
1795 William Glasspole, A.M.
1799 Thomas Le Mesurier, A.M.
1813 Robert Wetherell, LL.B.
1843 James Roydon Hughes, A.M.