Y - Buckinghamshire Vocabulary

The following list of words are quoted from three articles published in the "Records of Buckinghamshire" by Alfred Heneage Cocks, M.A, between 1897 and 1909 (some editing has been used to produce a unified list). See the introduction for further details..

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YAFFEL, the Green Woodpecker (Gecinus viridis).
YARN, or AIRN, to earn.
YAWP, for yap, to make a loud, unmeaning noise. YAWPING, noisy.
YEALM (dissyl.) for halm, = straw or stalk of potatoes, peas, etc. See Alm.
YELK, for yolk.
YELLER BOB, the Yellow Hammer (Emberiza citrinella).
YELM, TO, to prepare straw for thatching, or hay for cutting into chaff, by arranging it in one direction. AS gilm, gelm, a handful of reaped corn, a sickle-full of corn.
YILT, see Jilt.
YOWE, for ewe (sheep).