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The Magistracy of Buckinghamshire in 1861

The following list of names has been extracted from James Joseph Sheahan's "History and Topography of Buckinghamshire", 1862.

Lord-Lieutenant and Custos Rotolorum - Right Hon. Robert John, Lord Carington,
The Abbey, High Wycombe, and Gayhurst, Newport Pagnell.
High Sheriff of Bucks - Sir Anthony de Rothschild, Bart., Aston Clinton.
Chairman of Quarter Sessions - Lord Carrington.
Vice-Chairman - Rev. George Chetwode, Chilton House, Thame.

Justices - Residing within the County

Allen, Thomas Newland, Esq., The Vache, Gerrards Cross
Athawes, Rev. John, Loughton, Stony Stratford
Atkinson, Benjamin, Esq., Great Marlow
Barker, Thomas Raymond, Esq., Hambledon, Henley-on-Thames
Baron, Rev. John Samuel, Brill, Thame
Bartlett, John Edward, Esq., Aylesbury
Barrington, Hon. Percy, Westbury Manor, Brackley
Bell, Rev. William, Lillingstone Dayrell, Buckingham
Bent, John, Esq., Wexham Lodge, Slough
Bernard, Thomas Tyringham, Esq., Winchendon Priory, Thame
Boston, Right Hon. George Ives, Lord, Hedsor Lodge, Maidenhead
Cameron, Donald, Esq., Hampden House, Great Missenden
Carrington, George, Esq., The Abbey, Great Missenden
Carter, Rev. Thomas, Burnham, Slough
Cavendish, The Hon. William George, M.P., Latimer, Chesham
Cavendish, The Hon. Richard, Thornton Hall, Buckingham
Chandos, Most Noble Richard Plantagenet Campbell Grenville, Marquis of, Wotton House, Aylesbury
Chester, Charles Montague, Esq., Chicheley Hall, Newport Pagnell
Chesham, Right Hon. Charles Compton, Lord, Latimer, Chesham
Clayton, Sir William Robert, Bart., Harleyford, Great Marlow
Clayton, Rice Richard, Esq., Hedgerley Park, Gerrards Cross
Clowes, Charles, Esq., Delaford Park, Iver, Uxbridge
Cocks, Thomas Somers, Esq., Thames Bank, Great Marlow
Coker, Rev. John, Radclive, Buckingham
Connel, Abraham James Nisbet, Esq., Lilies, Aylesbury
Crewe, Randolph Henry, Esq., Loakes Hill, Chipping Wycombe
Curzon, Right Hon. George Augustus Frederick Louis, Viscount, Penn House, Beaconsfield
Cust, Rev. Arthur Perceval, Cheddington, Tring
Darby, Abraham, Esq., Stoke Poges, Slough
Dashwood, Sir George Henry, Bart. M.P., West Wycombe Park
Dauncey, Philip, Esq., Little Horwood, Winslow
Dayrell, Edmund Francis, Esq., Lillingstone Dayrell, Buckingham
De Rothschild, Mayer Amschel. Esq., Mentmore, Leighton Buzzard
Dewes, Edward, Esq., Buckingham
Disraeli, Right Hon. Benjamin, M.P., Hughendon Manor, High Wycombe and Grosvenor Gate, Hyde Park, London
Drake, Rev. John Tyrwhitt, The Rectory, Amersham
Drake, Thomas Tyrwhitt, Esq., Shardeloes, Amersham
Drake, Admiral John, Castle Thorp, Stony Stratford
Drummond, Harvey, Esq., The Fishery, Denham, Uxbridge
Duncan, William George, Esq., Bradwell, Stony Stratford
Duncombe, Sir Philip Duncombe Pauncefort, Bart., Great Brickhill, Fenny Stratford
Du Pre, James, Esq., Wilton Park, Beaconsfield
Du Pre, Caledon George, Esq., M.P., Wilton Park, Beaconsfield
Erle, Rev. Christopher, Hardwick, Aylesbury
Eyton, Rev. Charles Watkin Wynne, Aston Clinton, Aylesbury
Farrer, William Frederick, Esq., Brayfield House, Newport Pagnell
Fitzgerald, Richard Purefoye, Esq., Shalstone House, Buckingham
Fitzgerald, Thomas, Esq., Shalstone House, Buckingham
Foulis, Rev. Sir Henry, Bart., Great Brickhill, Fenny Stratford
Freeman, Robert Marriott, Esq., Stony Stratford
Fremantle, Right Hon. Sir Thomas Francis, Bart., Swanbourne, Winslow
Fremantle, Thomas Francis, Esq., Swanbourne, Winslow
Fuller, Benjamin, Esq., Chesham
Gleed, Rev. George, Chalfont St.Peter, Gerrards Cross
Gray, Rev. Charles Edward, Princes Risborough, Tring
Gregory, William Johnson, Esq., Castle Hill, Chipping Wycombe
Hale, John, Esq., Chesham
Hall, Lawrence Robert, Esq., Frays House, Uxbridge
Hanmer, Henry, Esq., Stockgrove, Fenny Stratford
Harrison, Rev. John, Dinton, Aylesbury
Harvey, Robert, Esq., Langley Park, Slough
Harvey, Robert Bateson, Esq.; Langley Park, Slough
Hibbert, John Nembhard, Esq., Chalfont House, Gerrards Cross
Hibbert, Frederick Drummond, Esq., Chalfont House, Gerrards Cross
Higgison, Lieutenant General George Powell, Great Marlow, and 9, Wilton Crescent, Belgrave Square
Hubbard, John Gellibrand, Esq., M.P., Addington, Buckingham
Kaye, John, Esq., Fulmer Grove, Gerrards Cross
King, Rev. Isaac, Bradenham, West Wycombe
Knapp, Matthew, Esq., Little Linford, Newport Pagnell
Lane, John, Esq., Calverton House, Stony Stratford
Lee, John, Esq., LL.D., Hartwell House, Aylesbury
Lloyd, Rev. Charles, Chalfont St.Giles, Slough
Lowndes, William, junior, Esq., The Bury, Chesham
Lowndes, William Selby, Esq., Whaddon Hall, Stony Stratford
Lowndes, Edward William Selby, Esq., Winslow
Lowndes, Richard William Selby, Esq., Bletchley, Fenny Stratford
Lowndes, Rev. Charles William Selby, North Crawley, Newport Pagnell
Lucas, George, Esq., Newport Pagnell
Martyn, Rev. Thomas, Ludgershall, Brill, Thame
Martyn, Rev. Claudius, Ludgershall, Brill, Thame
Maul, John Compton, Esq., The Green Newport Pagnell
Morland, Sir Francis Bernard, Bart., Monks Risborough, Tring
Murray Charles Robert Scott Scott, Esq., Danesfield, Great Marlow
Musgrave, Henry Musgrave, Esq., Beech Hill, Chipping Wycombe
Newman, John, Esq., Brand's House, Chipping Wycombe
Ouvry, Rev. Peter Thomas, Wing, Leighton Buzzard
Palmer, Charles James, Esq., Dorney Court, Windsor
Parkinson, James Benners, Esq., Cholesbury, Tring
Partridge, Rev. William Edwards, Horsendon House, Tring
Pennington, William, Esq., Fernacres, Gerrards Cross
Phillimore, Rev. George, Radnage Rectory, Stokenchurch
Pigott, George Grenville, Esq., Doddershall Park, Winslow
Rudyerd, Henry Esq., Iver, Uxbridge
Ricketts, Charles Spencer, Esq., Dorton House, Thame
Rose, Rev. Francis, D.D.
Russell, Rev. Richard Norris, Beachampton, Stony Stratford
Senior, James Trevor, Esq., Broughton House, Aylesbury
Small, Rev. Harry Alexander, Haversham, Stony Stratford
Smith, Martin Tucker, Esq., Chipping Wycombe
Stratton, John Locke, Esq., Turweston, Brackley
Stuart, Charles Pole, Esq., Langley Marish, Slough
Swabey, Maurice, Esq., Langley Marish, Slough
Tarver, Rev. Joseph, Filgrave Rectory, Newport Pagnell
Tower, Christopher, Esq., Huntsmore Park, Uxbridge
Townsend, Joseph, Esq., Wood End, Great Marlow
Townsend, Rev. Richard, Ickford Rectory, Wheatley
Tyringham, William Backwell, Esq., Tyringham, Newport Pagnell
Uthwatt, Rev. William Andrewes, Morton House, Buckingham
Verney, Sir Harry, Bart. M.P., Claydon House, Winslow
Vyse, R.H. Richard Howard, Esq., Stoke Place, Slough
Walpole, Reginald Robert, Esq., Hanslope Park, Newport Pagnell
Wanklyn, Edward, Esq., Fulmer, Gerrards Cross
Ward, Thomas Rawdon, Esq., Upton, Slough
Wethered, Owen, Esq., Great Marlow
Whigham, James, Esq., County Court Judge for Aylesbury
Wroth, Rev. William Bruton, Edlesborough, Dunstable
Wroughton, Phillip Esq., Ibstone House, Stokenchurch
Wykeham, Philip, Thomas Herbert, Esq., Tythrop House, Thame
Yardley, Sir William, Knt., Horton Manor, Colnbrook

Justices - not residing within the County

Alves, Nathaniel, Esq., Jersey
Apthorp, Rev. William Hutchinson, Blackford, Bridgewater
Ashfield, Rev. Charles Robert, Burgate, Scole
Baily, William James, Esq.
Barnes, John, Esq., Chorley Wood, Rickmansworth
Barton, Rev. Henry Jonas, Wicken, Stony Stratford
Beard, Rev. James
Bent, John, Esq., Heavitree, Exeter
Brandreth, Humphrey, Esq., Houghton House, Dunstable
Brown, Arthur Henry Clerke, Esq., Kingston Blount, Tetsworth, Oxon
Buckingham and Chandos, Richard Pantagenet, Duke of, K.G., Carlton Club, London
Calvert, Frederic, Esq., 8, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, London
Cartwright, William, Esq., Floore House, Weedon, Northamptonshire
Chapman, Thomas Sands, Esq., 14, Southampton Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, London
Cooper, Sir Astley Paston, Baronet, Gadebridge, Hemel Hempstead
Creaton, John Joseph Augustine Leonard, Esq., 7, Sydney Place, Onslow Square, Brompton, London
Croke, George, Esq., Studley Priory, Wheatley
Drummond, John, Esq., Redenham, Andover
Edgell, Harry, Esq., Cadogan Place, Chelsea
Eyre, Rev. Thomas, Penzance, Cornwall
Fitzmaurice, Hon. William Edward, Vanburgh House, Blackheath, Kent
Freeman, William Peere Williams, Esq., Armiston Fushie Bridge, Edinburgh
Gilpin, Richard Thomas, Esq., Hockliffe Grange, Leighton Buzzard
Grafton, the Duke of, Wakefield Lodge, Stony Stratford
Hanmer, Wundham Edward, Esq., Rushmere Lodge, Leighton Buzzard
Hall, Major General John, First Life Guards
Hamilton, Charles John Baillie, Esq., Thame Park
Harcourt, George Simon, Esq., Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Henley, Right Hon. Joseph Warner, M.P., Waterperry, Wheatley
Higgins, Colonel William Bartholomew, Picts Hill, Olney
Higgins, Thomas Charles, Esq., Turvey House, Olney
Jenks, Rev. David, Little Gaddesden, Hemel Hempstead
Koe, John Herbert, Esq., 19 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, London
Jeston, Rev. Henry, Playstead
Lacy, Rev. Charles, 25, Finsbury Square, London
Lambert, Sir Henry Edward Francis, Bart., Aston Rowant, Tetsworth
Langley, Rev.Daniel Baxter, D.C.L., Yardley Hastings, Towcester
Mansel, John Christopher, Esq., Cosgrove Hall, Stony Stratford
Moore, Frank John, Esq., Berkhampstead, Herts
Nugent, Sir George Edmund, Bart., Norfolk
Orkney, Right Hon. Thomas, Earl of, Carlton Club, London
Osborne, Hon. And Rev. Sidney Godolphin, Blandford, Dorset
Owen, Rev. Edward, 66, Pulteny Street, Bath
Owen, Rev. Edward, junior, Pulteny Street, Bath
Peyton, Sir Henry, Bart., Swift's House, Bicester
Pierrepoint, Hon. Philip Sidney, Evenley Hall, Brackley
Pratt, Walter Caulfield, Esq., Kingston Grove, Tetsworth, Oxon.
Price, Thomas Edward, Esq.
Rich, Rev. John, Newtimber Rectory, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex
Robarts, Abraham George, Esq., Saint Leonard's Hill, Windsor
Roe, Sir Frederick Adair, Bart.
Rose, Rev. Francis, DD., Baulking-cum-Woulston, Farringdon, Berks
Ryder, Hon. Granville, Dudley, Westbrook, St. Alban's
Sandars, Joseph, Esq.
Scobell, Rev. Edward, 14, Blandford Street, Portman Square, London
Smith, Augustus, Esq., Ashlyn's Hall, Great Berkhampstead
Stone, John, Esq., 28 Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park, London
Sullivan John Augustus, Esq.
Sutton, Robert, Esq., 79 Hamilton Terrace, St. John's Wood, London
Thornton, Harry, Esq., Turvey Cottage, Newport Pagnell
Vansittart, George Henry, Esq., Bisham Abbey, Great Marlow
Vincent, Rev. Frederick, Slinford Rectory, Horsham
Wentworth Thomas F.C. Vernon Esq., Stoke Park, Towcester
Williams, Rev. James, Tring Park, Tring
Williams, Thomas Peers, Esq., Temple House, Great Marlow
Worley, Henry Thomas, Esq.
Wroughton, Philip, Esq., Woolley Park, Wantage
Young, Rev. Henry Tuffnell, Purleigh, Maldon
Young, Rev. Edward Newton, Herne Bay, Kent
Young, George Augustus, Esq.

County Treasurer - Zacharias Daniel Hunt, Esq.
Clerk of the Peace for the County - Acton Tindal, Esq.
Clerk to the Lieutenancy - Mr. Henry Heyward