Sheriffs of Buckinghamshire: 1602/3 to 1648



Anno 1602, James I.

1 Sir Francis Cheyne, Knt. Seat, and Arms, as before.
2 Sir William Willoughby, Knt. Seat, Marlow. Arms, Or on 2 Bars Gules, 3 Water Bougets Sable.
3 Richard Ingoldsby, Knt. Seat, Lenborough in Bucks Parish. Arms, Ermine, a Saltire engrailed.
4 Sir Henry Longueville, Knt. Seat, and Arms, as before.
5 Sir William Andrews, Knt. Seat, Lathbury. Arms, Argent on a Bend cotifed, Sable 3 Mullets of the Field.
6 Sir Francis Fortescue, Knt. of the Bath. Seat, Salden. Arms, Azure, a Bend engrailed, Argent between two Cotises Or.
7 Anthony Greenway, Esq. Seat, Leckhampsted. Arms, Gules a Chevron between three Cups covered Or, on a Chief of the second, three Griffins Heads erased Sable.
8 Robert Lovet, Knt. Seat, Liscombe. Arms, Argent three Wolves passant in pale Sable, armed and langued Gules.
9 Jerom Horsey, Knt. Seat, Great Kimbell. Arms, Azure, three Horses Heads coupe Or, bridled Argent.
10 Edward Tyrell, Knt. Seat, and Arms, as before.
11 Simon Mayne, Esq. Seat, Dynton. Arms, Argent on a Bend engrailed Sable three dexter Hands coupe and erected Sable.
12 Brian Janson, Esq. Seats, Beconsfield and Ashby Legers in Com. Northampton. Quarterly Azure and Gules over all a Cross patonce Or, and a Chief of the last.
13 Edmund Wheler, Knt. Seat, Riding Court in Datchet. Arms, Or a Chevron between three Leopards Faces Sable.
14 Sir Thomas Temple, Knt. and Bart. Seat, and Arms, as before.
15 Sir John Laurence, Knt. Seat, Iver. Arms, Argent a Cross Ragulee Gules on a Chief, Azure 3 Leopards Faces Or.
16 Francis Duncombe, Esq. Seat, Broughton. Arms, Argent Party per Chevron engrailed three Talbots Heads erased counter-changed.
17 Benedict Winchcombe, Esq. Seat, Ashendon. Arms, Azure on a Chevron engrailed between three Lapwings Or, as many Cinqfoyls of the first on a Chief of the second, a Fleur de Lys between two Spears Heads of the Field.
18 Sir Henry Lee, Knt. and Bart. Seat, Quarendon. Arms, Argent a Fess between 3 Crescents Sable.
19 Sir John Dynham, Knt. Seat, Borstall. Arms, as before.
20 Sir William Fleetewode, Knt. Seat Missenden Abbey. Arms, as before.
21 Thomas Goodwyn, Knt. Seat, and Arms, as before.
22 Edward Penn, Esq. Seat, Penn. Arms, Argent on a Fess Sable three Plates.

Anno 1625, Charles I.

1 Edward Coke, Knt. Seat, Stoke Poges. Arms, Per Pale Gules and Az. 3 Eagles displayed Arg.
2 Gilbert Gerrard, Bart. Seat, Aston Clinton. Arms, Argent a Saltire Gules.
3 Thomas Dayrell, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before. And,
Francis Catesby, Esq. Seat, Hardmead. Arms, Argent two Lions passant, in pale Sable, crowned Or.
4 Thomas Lee, Esq. Seat Hartwell. Arms, Azure 2 Bars Or, a Bend Checque, Or and Gules.
5 William Andrews, Knt. Seat, and Arms, as before.
6 Thomas Hyde, Bart. Arms, Or a Chevron between three Lozenges Azure, on a Chief Gules an Eagle displayed of the Field.
7 William Smyth, Knt. Seat, Radcliffe. Arms, Sable on a Chevron between six Crosses, pat. fitchee Argent, 3 Fleur de Lys's Azure.
8 James Duppa, Esq. Arms, Azure a Lion's Paw erased in Fess between two Chains Or, in a Canton a Rose Gules.
9 Robert Dormer, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
10 Francis Cheyne, Knt. Seat, and Arms, as before.
11 Peter Temple, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
12 Heneage Proby, Esq. Seat, Raynes in Amersham. Arms, Ermine on a Fess Gules, a Lion passant Or.
13 Anthony Chester, Bart. Seat, and Arms, as before.
14 The same Sheriff as supposed.
15 Thomas Archdale, Esq. Seat, High Wycombe. Arms, Azure a Chevron Ermine inter three Talbots passant Or.
16 The same.
17 Richard Greenville, Esq. Seat, Wotton Underwood. Arms, Vert on a Cross Argent five Torteauxes.
18 Sir John Tyringham, Knt. Seat, and Arms, as before.
19 None to be found.
20 Henry Beke, Esq. Seat, Hadenham. Arms, Or two Bars dancette Sable on a Chief Azure 3 Annulets Arg.
21 None occur.
22 William Bowyer, Esq. Seat, Denham Court. Arms, Or, a Bend vaire between two Cotizes Gules.
23 Richard Berringer, Esq. Seat, Iver. Arms, Or a Cross vert over all on a Bend Gules three Fleur de Lys's Or.
24 John Clarke, Esq. Seat, Hitcham, q. Argent on a Bend Gules between three Pellets three Swans proper.