Sheriffs of Buckinghamshire: 1688/9 to 1739



Anno, 1688, William and Mary, and William alone

1 William Fleetwode, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
2 Edmund Waller, Esq. Seat, Gregory's in Beconsfield. Arms, Sable, 3 Wallnut Leaves slipt in Bend, Or, between 2 Coitze Argent.
3 Harry Tyrill, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
4 Henry Neale, Esq. Seat, Hulcote. Arms, Per pale Sable, and Gules, Over all a lion passant guardant Argent.
5 Edmund Duffield, Esq. Seat, Medmenham. Arms, Sable a Chevron between 3 Doves, Argent.
6 Johnshall Crosse, Esq. Seat, Bledlow. Arms, Quarterly Azure and Argent, in the first and fourth Quarter a Cross Moline Argent.
7 Hugh Horton, Esq. Seat, Grove in Ellisborough. Arms, Sable, a Bucks Head, Argent attired Or.
8 John Leigh, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
9 Richard Akin, Esq. Seat, Hambleden. Arms, Argent on a Bend Sable, three Acorns slipt Or.
10 John Rogers, Esq. Seat, Lenborough. Arms, Argent, a Chevron Azure, Inter 3 Bucks Current Sable, attired Or.
11 John Sparke, Esq. Seat, Chip. Wycombe. Arms, Checque Or and Vert, a Bend Ermine.
12 Richard Whitchurch, Esq. Seat, Chalfont, St. Peter.
13 Robert Wedon, Esq. Seat, Fawley. Arms, Argent 2 Bars Gu. in Chief 3 Martlets proper.

Anno, 1702. Anne.

1 Sir Henry Palmer, Bart. Seat, and Arms, as before.
2 Sir Joseph Alston, Bart. Seat, and Arms, as before.
3 Henry Gould, Esq. Seat, Noke Mill in Iver. Arms, A Lion rampant, in Saltire.
4 Henry Andrews, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
5 Edward Harvey, Esq. Seat, Chilton. Arms, Or, on a Chief indented Sable 3 Crescents Argent.
6 Roger Penn, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
7 Timothy Wingfield. Seat, Agmondesham. Arms, Argent on a Bend, Gules, cotoized Sable, 3 Hawk Lewers, Argent.
8 John Perryman, Esq. Seat Farnham Royal. Arms, Or, on a Pile Vane, a Chevron engrailed between 3 Leopards Faces, Or.
9 John Fleetwode, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
10 Robert Grange, Esq. Seat, Little Horwood.
11 Richard Seare, Esq. Seat, Great Missenden. Arms, Gules, a Chevron Argent, between 3 Doves Argent, a Chief Ermin.
12 Hatton Tash, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
13 John Davenport, Esq. Seat, Datchet. Arms, Argent, a Chevron between 5 Cross Croslets, Fitchee Sable.

Anno, 1714. George, I.

1 John Hillersden, Esq. Seat, Stoke Hammond. Arms, Argent on a Chevron, Sable, 3 Bulls Heads, Caboched of the first.
2 John Leapidge. Seat, Emberton.
3 William Mead, Esq. Seat, Aylesbury. Arms, Sable, a Chevron between 3 Pelicans, Or Vulning, themselves proper.
4 John Throckmorton, Esq. Seat, Warrington in Olney. Arms, Gules on a Chevron Argent, 3 Bars Gemellés Sable.
5 Edward Sparke, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
6 William Proby, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
7 Thomas Ingoldsby, Esq. Seat, Waldridge in Dinton. Arms, Ermine a Saltire engrailed, Sable, Azure fimbriated Or.
8 Daniel Baker, Esq. Seat, Penn. Arms, Argent on a Fess, engrailed Sable Inter 2 Bars indented Or, 3 Fleur de Lys's of the third inter 2 Greyhounds Current of the second.
9 John Fuller, Esq. Seat, Bradwell Abby.
10 Martin Basil, Esq. Seat, Beconsfield.
11 Richard Smith, Esq. Seat, Padbury, Arms, A Fess engrailed between 3 Marlets, Sable On 3 Crosses Formee Or.
12 Thomas Uthwate, Esq. Seat, Great Lynford. Arms, Azure a Lion Rampant Argent.
13 Richard Sydenham, Esq. Seat, Hugenden. Arms, Argent a Bend Fuzilee Sable.

Anno 1727. George, II

1 Francis Tyringham, Esq. Seat, Lower Winchington. Arms, as before.
2 John Lydgold, Esq. Seat, Burnham. Arms, Sable a Bezant in Fess Point, a Chief Argent.
3 George Franklyn. Seat, Hadenham.
4 Bernard Tournay, Esq. Seat, Cubblington. Arms, Argent a Chevron between 3 Bulls passant Sable, Armed Or.
5 Benjamin Woodnoth, Esq. Seat, Thornborough. Arms, Argent, a Cross Voided and Couped Sable.
6 Thomas Saunders, Esq. Seat, Brill. Arms, Party per Chevron Argent and Sable 3 Elephants Heads, erased Counter changed.
7 Benjamin Burroughs. Arms, Azure a Bend wavy Argent between 2 Fleur de Lys's Ermine.
8 John Ware. Seat, Chesham.
9 John Pollard, Esq. Seat, Leckhampsted. Arms, Argent, a Chevron, Sable between 3 Mullets Gules.
10 James Herbert, Esq. Seat, Kingsey. Arms, Per pale Azure and Gules, 3 Lion rampant Argent.
11 Richard Lowndes, Esq. Seat, Winslow. Arms, Argent Frettee Or, each Joint Studded with a Besant on a Canton, Gules a Lyons Head, Coupee of the second.
12 John Pigott, Esq. Seat, Dodershall. Arms, Ermine Fuselle, in Fess Sable.
13 Thomas James Selby, Esq. Seat, Wavendon. Arms, Barry of 8 Or, and Sable.