Sheriffs of Buckinghamshire: 1688/9 to 1739



Anno, 1688, William and Mary, and William alone

1William Fleetwode, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
2Edmund Waller, Esq. Seat, Gregory's in Beconsfield. Arms, Sable, 3 Wallnut Leaves slipt in Bend, Or, between 2 Coitze Argent.
3Harry Tyrill, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
4Henry Neale, Esq. Seat, Hulcote. Arms, Per pale Sable, and Gules, Over all a lion passant guardant Argent.
5Edmund Duffield, Esq. Seat, Medmenham. Arms, Sable a Chevron between 3 Doves, Argent.
6Johnshall Crosse, Esq. Seat, Bledlow. Arms, Quarterly Azure and Argent, in the first and fourth Quarter a Cross Moline Argent.
7Hugh Horton, Esq. Seat, Grove in Ellisborough. Arms, Sable, a Bucks Head, Argent attired Or.
8John Leigh, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
9Richard Akin, Esq. Seat, Hambleden. Arms, Argent on a Bend Sable, three Acorns slipt Or.
10John Rogers, Esq. Seat, Lenborough. Arms, Argent, a Chevron Azure, Inter 3 Bucks Current Sable, attired Or.
11John Sparke, Esq. Seat, Chip. Wycombe. Arms, Checque Or and Vert, a Bend Ermine.
12Richard Whitchurch, Esq. Seat, Chalfont, St. Peter.
13Robert Wedon, Esq. Seat, Fawley. Arms, Argent 2 Bars Gu. in Chief 3 Martlets proper.

Anno, 1702. Anne.

1Sir Henry Palmer, Bart. Seat, and Arms, as before.
2Sir Joseph Alston, Bart. Seat, and Arms, as before.
3Henry Gould, Esq. Seat, Noke Mill in Iver. Arms, A Lion rampant, in Saltire.
4Henry Andrews, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
5Edward Harvey, Esq. Seat, Chilton. Arms, Or, on a Chief indented Sable 3 Crescents Argent.
6Roger Penn, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
7Timothy Wingfield. Seat, Agmondesham. Arms, Argent on a Bend, Gules, cotoized Sable, 3 Hawk Lewers, Argent.
8John Perryman, Esq. Seat Farnham Royal. Arms, Or, on a Pile Vane, a Chevron engrailed between 3 Leopards Faces, Or.
9John Fleetwode, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
10Robert Grange, Esq. Seat, Little Horwood.
11Richard Seare, Esq. Seat, Great Missenden. Arms, Gules, a Chevron Argent, between 3 Doves Argent, a Chief Ermin.
12Hatton Tash, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
13John Davenport, Esq. Seat, Datchet. Arms, Argent, a Chevron between 5 Cross Croslets, Fitchee Sable.

Anno, 1714. George, I.

1John Hillersden, Esq. Seat, Stoke Hammond. Arms, Argent on a Chevron, Sable, 3 Bulls Heads, Caboched of the first.
2John Leapidge. Seat, Emberton.
3William Mead, Esq. Seat, Aylesbury. Arms, Sable, a Chevron between 3 Pelicans, Or Vulning, themselves proper.
4John Throckmorton, Esq. Seat, Warrington in Olney. Arms, Gules on a Chevron Argent, 3 Bars Gemellés Sable.
5Edward Sparke, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
6William Proby, Esq. Seat, and Arms, as before.
7Thomas Ingoldsby, Esq. Seat, Waldridge in Dinton. Arms, Ermine a Saltire engrailed, Sable, Azure fimbriated Or.
8Daniel Baker, Esq. Seat, Penn. Arms, Argent on a Fess, engrailed Sable Inter 2 Bars indented Or, 3 Fleur de Lys's of the third inter 2 Greyhounds Current of the second.
9John Fuller, Esq. Seat, Bradwell Abby.
10Martin Basil, Esq. Seat, Beconsfield.
11Richard Smith, Esq. Seat, Padbury, Arms, A Fess engrailed between 3 Marlets, Sable On 3 Crosses Formee Or.
12Thomas Uthwate, Esq. Seat, Great Lynford. Arms, Azure a Lion Rampant Argent.
13Richard Sydenham, Esq. Seat, Hugenden. Arms, Argent a Bend Fuzilee Sable.

Anno 1727. George, II

1Francis Tyringham, Esq. Seat, Lower Winchington. Arms, as before.
2John Lydgold, Esq. Seat, Burnham. Arms, Sable a Bezant in Fess Point, a Chief Argent.
3George Franklyn. Seat, Hadenham.
4Bernard Tournay, Esq. Seat, Cubblington. Arms, Argent a Chevron between 3 Bulls passant Sable, Armed Or.
5Benjamin Woodnoth, Esq. Seat, Thornborough. Arms, Argent, a Cross Voided and Couped Sable.
6Thomas Saunders, Esq. Seat, Brill. Arms, Party per Chevron Argent and Sable 3 Elephants Heads, erased Counter changed.
7Benjamin Burroughs. Arms, Azure a Bend wavy Argent between 2 Fleur de Lys's Ermine.
8John Ware. Seat, Chesham.
9John Pollard, Esq. Seat, Leckhampsted. Arms, Argent, a Chevron, Sable between 3 Mullets Gules.
10James Herbert, Esq. Seat, Kingsey. Arms, Per pale Azure and Gules, 3 Lion rampant Argent.
11Richard Lowndes, Esq. Seat, Winslow. Arms, Argent Frettee Or, each Joint Studded with a Besant on a Canton, Gules a Lyons Head, Coupee of the second.
12John Pigott, Esq. Seat, Dodershall. Arms, Ermine Fuselle, in Fess Sable.
13Thomas James Selby, Esq. Seat, Wavendon. Arms, Barry of 8 Or, and Sable.