Berkshire Place Names - H


Hadley Tything in the parish and hundred of Lambourn.  This now lost below the Membury Services on the M4 motorway.  
Hagbourne Parish in the hundred of Moreton
Hagbourne, East Liberty in the parish of Hagbourne
Hagbourne, North aka New Town, Northbourne, part of Didcot
Hampstead Marshal Parish in the hundred of Kintbury Eagle
Hampstead Norris or
Hamstead Norreys
 Parish in the hundred of Faircross
Hanney, East Township in the parish of West Hanney
Harcourt Hill Part of North Hinksey
Hare Hatch Part of Wargrave
Hartley Dummer Liberty in the parish of Shinfield
Harwell Parish in the hundred of Moreton
Hatford Parish in the hundred of Ganfield
Hawkridge Tything in the parish of Bucklebury
Helen, Abingdon St. Part of Abingdon
Hell Corner Part of Inkpen
Henwick Hamlet in the parish of Thatcham
Henwood Tything in the parish of Cumnor
Hermitage Chapelry in the parish of Hampstead Norris
Hidden Tything in the parish of Hungerford.   For details, see Hungerford, Wilts. 
Hill End Tything in the parish of Cumnor
Hinksey, North see North Hinksey, a parish in the hundred of Hormer.  aka Ferry Hinksey.
Hinksey, South see South Hinksey, a parish in the hundred of Hormer
Hinton Waldridge (aka Waldrist) Parish in the hundred of Ganfield
Hoe Benham Tything in the parish of Welford
Holly Cross Part of Hurley
Holyport Hamlet in the parish of Bray
Holt Tything in the parish of Kintbury
Holt, The see The Holt
Hormer One of the 20 hundreds of Berkshire, containing the parishes of Abingdon, Bagley Wood, Besselsleigh, Cumnor, North Hinksey, South Hinksey, Radley, Seacourt, Sunningwell, Wootton, Wytham, and parts of St. Helen
Horn Castle, Horncastle Part of Tilehurst
Hospital Tything in the parish of Faringdon
Hungerford Parish and market town, partly in the hundred of Kintbury Eagle, county Berks, and partly in the hundred of Kinwardstone, county Wilts. Entirely Berkshire from 1895.  For details, see Hungerford, Wilts
Hungerford Newtown Hamlet in the parish of Hungerford, Wilts
Hurley Parish in the hundred of Beynhurst
Hurley Bottom Part of Hurley
Hurst Parochial chapelry partly in the hundreds of Sonning and Charlton, county Berks, and (until 1832) partly in the hundred of Amesbury, county Wilts. Separate parish 1831.