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1547 agnes field inkpen brk archd berks will 10008
Will of agnes ffilde of inkpen
In the name of god amen. The iii day of june the yere off our lord god M IIIII & XLVII. I annes felde late wyfe off thomas felde off the pariche off inkepen & in the dioc' off saru' howle off mynde & good off rememberance mayde thys my last wyll & testament in thys man' her' aft' folowyng. Fyrst i beqethe my sowle to almyghte god owr lade sanet mar' and to all the howle compene of hevyn & my bode to be burred in the chyrche yarde off inkpen. Item i bequethe to the hed aut' ther viiid. Item to the mother chyrche off sar' iid also i bequeth to the rowde leyght to the sepulker leyght & to the herse leyght iid a pece. Item i bequethe to evr' godchylde iid also i gyffe & bequethe my howle mess' with appurtenance called hult and ii other mess'ys owne called serrens(?) liyng in inkpen grene and the other in hasylwyke aganys a tenement off harr' clerkes & a hunderthe acers off hererabull lande liyng in the com'on feldes of inkepen & forte acers of pastures & medowys inclosed, my mess'ys pastures & medowys rentes rec'tions with all theyr synguler appurtenances to homfray elyott & marger' hys wyffe & the hares of marger' lawfully begotten. Item i bequeth to thomas savege a cowffer a bulloc a new and a lame & a acer off barle. Item i bequethe to sesle , marger', and annes knyght my cosyns xxvis viiid a pece & xxiiiis weche robart knyght theyr fayther howyd me amonges theym a bollocke & a lame to be delyvert at theyr mareege so that robart knyght doe not trobull my executer. Item i bequeth to my cosyn george knyght a naker of whyte also i bequeth to crystofer fray, wyllyam wyllyams, wyllyam tann', robart jacob, joh'es cowp' & richard wardle haffe a bushell of barle a pece. Item to joane elyott a bullocke. Item to margret jacob my best petecote & joane cowp' my olde petecowte & to mawde tann' my best kertell. All the resedew off my goodes not bequethed i gyffe & bequeth to homfray elyott whom i mayke my executor & rog' recardes to be my ov'seer & he to have xiid. Thes beyng wytnes george aynsworthe my curat, rog' recardes, john kymb' with other moo

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