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1662 gilbert clowdes hungerford brk dean of sarum (?) nunc will bond inv comm 10011
1) nuncupative will of gilbert clowdes of hungerford husbandman, spoken about 9 may 1662
to wife jane clowdes my tenement
wife to give what goods she chooses to children
witnesses: stephen hellyer (x), abigail hellyer his wife (x)
2) bond: stephen hellyer of hungerford shoemaker and roger broyale(?) of hungerford, labourer. Dated
4th july 1662. admons to jane (x) clowdes
stephen hellyer (x), roger bray (x), edmond stephens, jehosaphat stephens.
3) commision to swear jane clowdes and witnesses
expenses of comission £1-5s-4d
4)inventory: total £15-11-10
taken 10 july 1662 by edmund stephens and edward playsteed (signs)

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