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1706 john curr hungerford brk dean & canons of windsor will 10012
will of john curr of hungerford. Dated 28 june 1699 11William3.
to jonathan clidgdal alis hiding my eldest grandson £8, a brass pot, a warming pan, one pewter pottenger dish & two pewter platters, one large & the other narrow.
To jone clidgdel alis hidding my granddaughter £8, a pot kittle, one pewter pottenger dish and two pewter platters one large and the other narrow.
To thomas clidgdel alis hiding my youngest grandson £8, a great kittle called the brewing kittle, one pewter pottenger dish and two pewter platters one large and the other narrow.
To sarah cur late widow of john cur my son 1s.
To john clidgdel alis hiding my son-in-law my house and all the rest of my household stuff except those things above mentioned and he the said john clidgdel alis hiding i make my executor, and i will that he shall bury me decently at his discretion & to his trust i commit a bond of £28 which money is at this time in the hands of mr francis mils measer in hongerford. I will also that he john clidgdel als hiding shall receive the early intrust of the money [but he shall --- erased] not demand nor diminish ought of the principal part thereof [without the real consent of my daughter jone clidgdel his wife now living & with her consent he may demand receive or make use of any principal part of the said money ---- erased] untill the children above named shall accomplish the age of 21 years and then the said john clidgdel shal deliver each child the portion of money and goods as aforesaid. If any child die before the age of 21 years their portion to be equally divided amongst the rest.
The said john clidgdel alis hiding to pay my debts and funeral expenses and take the rest to himself and his wife of money goods apparrell and whatever i have at my decease. I make john clidgdel als hiding and his wife supervisors of this my last will and testament.
[the mark of the testator and a seal].
Wit: jonathan bird, jone bird, jonah hunt.
Probate 19 july 1706 to joh'is clidgedel.

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