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1704 margery curr sandon fee hungerford wil dean of sarum will inv 10052
will of margery curr of sandon fee widow.
seised in fee simple of the messuage in which i now dwell in sandon fee and barn, stable, cart house, outhouses, garden orchard [etc] belonging to it.
also a dwelling house in sandon fee now in possesion of edward batt with three acres in the common fields appertaining to it (which messuage etc i lately purchased from my eldest son john curr)
and also seised in fee simple of 5 acres and 2 roads of arable in the common fields late purchased of elizabeth foyle widow, john foyle and john strong.
executor empowered to sell fee simple estate to meet any debts. the residue of my lands and tenements unsold to my son thomas curr.
to john curr my son aforesaid 12d.
to my daughter jane betteridge 12d and all my wearing apparell.
the residue of my goods and chattels to thomas curr who is sole executor.
dated 8 november 1700 signed: margery (x) curr.
witnesses s(?) simpkins, james simpkins, ann sympkins.
probate 12 may 1704. admons with will annexed to marjerie curr nurus et administratrix.
[nurus means daughter-in-law]
inventory: 8 april 1704 taken by thomas robinson, john (x) tompkins.
total £25-13-10

[original will]

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