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1743 jonathan dismore hungerford brk dean of sarum inv bond 10062
estate of jonathan dismore
1) inventory [12 pence stamp]
taken by henry clark and richard dismore 20 july 1743.
book debts £2-12-0
total £15-8-0
[both sign]
2) bond. Dated 21 july 1743
mary dismore widow of the decease sworn at hungerford before rev john talman clerk m.a. surrogate of the official of the dean of sarum.
[stamps 18d] [paper 1d per sheet]
henry clarke of hungerford plummer and john bunce of shalbourn taylor.
witnesses: william boucher, Not. Pub., mary dismore, henry clark, and john bunce [seals]
[addressed to mr clarke on dorse]

[above date is of bond]

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