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1537 elizabeth clifford boscombe wil PCC will 10109
will of elizabeth clyfford: PCC 5 crumwell. 8 may 1537
in dei nomine amen. in the xxviiith year of the reign of king henry viii [1536], i elizabeth clifford, sound of mind, sick of body,make my testament in this wise as followeth:
first i bequeth my soul to the hands of almighty god. i will my body to be buried in the church of borscome.
item : i bequeth to any poor householder in borscombe and in aldyngton, a bushel of wheat and a bushel of malt.
item i bequeth to my mother agnes a 'blake sloppe' [black gown]
item i bequeth my wearing clothes to my daughter mary
item i will that the money my son john clydisdall owth me to mek a part of payment of the debts which i ought my son in law palmer. i will that the residue of my goods inbequeathed and that remaineth besides it that my debts must be paid withall, to be distributed between henry my son and mary and dorothie my daughters.
i make executers henry my son and robert vaus parson of waloppe to see that my will be accomplished.
witnesses whereof is john dyper, richard rutte [Kutte ?], nycholas bundy, robert noble of aldington, john tuton, john whelar, edmund gelatt, richard tiplinge of borscombe.
probate given 8th day may 1536 to henry clifford [ a note in the margin in a more modern hand says '1537 compare previous wills']

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