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1570 john clark ardington brk PCC will 10114
will of john clark of ardington co berks yeoman, dated 12 april 1568
soul to almighty god, our blessed lady saint mary the virgin and all the blessed company of heaven.
to they mother church of sarum 6d to the parish church of ardington where i dwell 3s-8d
to my kinswoman servant agnes hedd £6-13s-4d and a bed with all the furniture of the middle sort of my beds.
to john erley £5, to agnes erley, margaret and fridiswythe erley, to each of them £6.to joanne erley £5, and to each of them agnes, margarett, fridiswyde and johane erley a cow at the day of their marriage.
to the poor of wantinge 40s.
to esthendrithe 40s to be distributed to the poor
to the poor of wa'ting for 6 years after my death 6 bushels of wheat yearly and as much to the the poor of esthendrithe for the like time.
to each of my poor neighbours who have not land whose names are in a bill a bushel of wheat and as much 'manolte'.
to each of my own household servants a bushel of wheat and as much barley.
to each of my godchildren a bushel of wheat or 12d in money.
to agnes hobbs the sister of henry hobbes £5.
to the repairing and mending of a highway in chartonfild on this side of the white ditch 13s-4d.
to the poor folk of basilden co berks in alms at my months mind 6s-8d.
to the poors of stretly at the same time 5s.
to john clarke my second son and his assigns all my lease of two mills called claye mills in the parish of goring co oxon.
to the said john clarke my indenture of lease of a tenement in stretley co berks called knappes above the hill lying in southridge.
to justynian weller and anne my daughter his wife the use and occupation for their lives of my portion of ruley meads and closes with the appurtenances in the country of oxon which i late purchased of on wynckle locksmith and now hold in common with my son in law justynian weller. justynian and anne to pay the lords rent and to pay yearly £5 to my son richard. the reversion for the remainder of my term of lease after the death of justinian and anne to richard my son.
to my son john my lease of the manor, farm and lordship of ardington and all my other lands and tenements in ardington.
to my son richard 6 kine and 40 ewes.
to my son henry clarke £40 for and towards the serving of his livery and his further advancement upon condition he shall not trouble the poor almsmen of lambourne for an annual rent that i lately assured unto them.
to each of my childrens children 20s each.
as i have disbursed several sums of money for the marriages of my daughters anne, joane, cristian, alice, agnes, and marye they are to receive no further portion but for a rememberence i give them with my blessing a crown of gold of 5s(?).
the residue of my goods and chattels to john clarke my second son who is sole executor.
overseers: john yeate esq, john eyston esq, and james braybrooke gent the first two to have 4 marks and the last named to have 5 marks.
to my eldest son henry clarke for a full third part and more of my manors and lands and tenements of inheritence i give him my manor of isberye als estburye and also all my lands and tenements in lambourne, bokhampton and blagrave for his wardship of the crown if i die when he is within age.
to john clarke my second son my mannor of esthanney and all my lands and tenements in esthanney late purchased with the said manor of john cheyney esq.
to richard clarke my third son and his heirs male my monor of erles court als herles court in esthanney late purchased of john herles gent and all my lands and tenements in esthanney late purchased of the said john herles and the rent of 53s-4d reserved to me unto the devise of the premises called herles court to one henry hobbes for a term of years yet enduring together with a tenement in reading in the occupation of widow bushe and all my lands and tenements in shinfeld lete purchased of willyam aldeworthe called wivoldes lands.
to alice pacient my daughter £10 within 5 years after my death to be paid 40s each year.
to anthony pacient son to my daughter pacient £6-13s-4d at the age of 20 years.
to mary pacient daughter to my daughter pacient £6-13s-4d on the day of her marriage.
to the poor of westhenred £5 and as much to the poor of lockidge.
codocil: dated 10 october 1570 12 eliz.
to ann hedd over and above the sum of £6-13-4d before given, the sum of 26s-8d and so in whole the sum of £8.
to alyce younge two quarters of barley.
to thomas smyth 4 bushels of wheat.
witnesses: thomas smythe, agnes smythe, peter clarke, john edwardes, john rogers, thomas yostes, john gryme, henry hasell, willyam tame, willyam edwardes, elizabeth deme widow, john cerney, per me johem oakham, per me henry ilmerston, by me thomas waldron, by me thomas hobbes.
probate 19 december 1570 to johannis clark the executor named in the will.

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