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1612 humphrey essex lambourn brk archd berks inv bond acct 10120
administration of humphrey essex of lambourn esq.
24 june 1612 bridgitt harding wife of john harding "soris nalis et item dict defuncti"
sum inventory £20-18s-8d bond taken out by john harding of ashborn co berks gent and richard cole de eadem yeoman in £300
1) inventory: 30 june 1612, taken by stephen bollard and john galloway.
inprimis a purse and seal 2s
in money 5s
his apparell £8
a saddle 20s
a sword and dagger 13s 4d
2 desks and two trunks 13s 4d
2 horses £10
summa £20-18s-8d
exhibited for johem harding maritu' bridgitt harding [etc] brigitt sororis na'lis et l'itmo necnon [etc] 28 january 1612.
2) bond: noverint universe per presentes nos john harding of ashbury co berks gent and richard cole of ashbury yeoman bound in £300 4 june 10jas1 [1611]
the condition of this obligation etc.
the administration committed to bridgitt harding wife of the within bound john harding (natural and lawful sister of the deceased)
signed john hardinge, richard cole.
3) account: exhibited to the surrogate of the archdeacon 28 january 1612 of the goods etc of humphrey essex deceased.
imprimis the accountant charges herself with the sum of the inventory of the goods of the said deceased taken and remaining in the register of the official afofesaid amounting to the sum of £20-18s-8d.
wheras the said accountant dischargeth herself and praieth to be allowed for all such neccessary payments and expenses as by means of her administration she hath laid out or is to lay out as followeth:
for his shroud 5s 6d
for his coffin 7s
for making his grave 12d
to the minister for burying him 2s
to a preacher for a sermon at his burial 6s 8d
to the clerke for his dues 12d
for the breaking and making his grave in the church 6s 8d
for fetching the beere [ ie bier] 2 miles to carry his body to be bureid 12d
paid the ringers and spent by them in victualls at his funeral 13s 4d
paid a mortmaine 3s 4d
laid out for meals to entertain friends and kinfolk at his funeral 40s
for 3 bushels of wheat for bread 13s 4d
for 3 half hogheads of beer 16s
for fruits and spices 3s
for dressing the provisions aforesaid 10s
for grass for two horses of the said deceased for two weeks 4s
for the letters of administration 2s 4d
for an obligation thereupon 12d
for a day to exhibit an inventory an exhibiting the sum and the preparitors fee 20d
for a commision to take the oath of this account 6s 8d
for a charge to fetch and return the commision and take the administation 6s 8d
for counsel about this account and drawing the same in writing 6s-8d
for the decree of the judge examining this account 10s
for ingrossing this account 3s-4d
for the fee of quietus est 10s
for the charge in travel to oxford to pass this account 5s
sum total £9 - 7s - 4d
this sum deducted there remains in the hands of the said accoutant for payment of the debts of the deceased £9-11-4
sic dci dolo vel frande minime continice po lerit restat quieta Sign: wm martin

[above date is of inventory]

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