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1645 ursula curtis newbury brk archd berks will inv 10124
will of ursula curteis of newbury widow late wife of nicholas curteis esq. deceased. dated 28 january 1645. sick in body.
to be buried in newbury church in the grave of my father in law griffin curteis long since deceased.
to the vicar and churchwarden of hungerford all my lands there being 3 1/2 acres of meadow the profits to be used for a sermon to be preached on st. faiths day which was the day of my birth, and to buyl linin for smocks for poor widows, the widows of charnham street to be first prefered as it was the place of my birth.
to edward godwin of newbury doctor of divinity who lately lost all his estate goods in the rebellion in ireland.
to frances twisse daughter of doctor twisse my late pastor.
to my kinsman john woolridge of eddington that married my ancient servant elenor millett.
to john millet clerk brother of elenor.
to nathanial bonner my late servant
to my poor kindred of newbury, that is to say thomas woolridge and the children of the widow genninges.
to my now servant john hayles, to my now servant hannah marshall.
to sarah elgar the wife of john elgar of elcott in kintbury.
to grace tomlyns daughter of richard tomlins late of newbury esq.
to thomas millet of new england brother to my said ancient servant elinor millet.
to mr clarke vicar of hungerford.
to my husband's kinsman george curteis.
to joane wilson widow late wife of my old friend william wilson late of newbury.
to thomas wilson that wrote this my last will.
to my loving friend dorothy hawkins wife of my loving friend mr hugh hawkins
to my lovng kinswoman mrs hannah lownes.
to mrs waller wife of mr richard waller.
all my books to be divided between dorothy hawkins and elienor millett.
to the grandchildren of my ancient friend mr william caden deceased, mary, sarah and pheeby caden the daughters of joseph caden late of newbury deceased.
to mr hall the new curate of newbury church.
to widow morland the wife of martyn morland of donnington late deceased.
residue to mr hugh hawkins and mr richard waller who are my executors to buy them a suit of mourning clothes and request any surplus to be used for charitable purposes in the parish of newbury or elsewhere.
overseers: mr timothy avery clothier and mr john hawkins mercer.
[testator makes mark at they foot of each sheet].
witnesses: thomas martyn, tho: wilson, john jemmatt [all sign]
probate: newbury (pen) ultimo day of february 1645, to hugh hawkins and richard waller the executers named in the will.
sum inventory £295-7s-3d
2) inventory: taken 12 february 1643 by mr richard allen of newbury woolendraper, john rider junior of newbury apothecary and john louer of newbury taylor.
Imprimis in the chamebr of the house of john rider of newbury apothecary, she having no other home
her wearing apparell and money in her purse £9 14s 6d
includes 2 bibles and 4 books of divinity 20s
also silver goblets [etc] £3-17s-8d [etc]
money due to her on securities £150
total £295-7s-3d

[original will. Note USA connection]

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