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1545 john field kintbury brk archd berks will 10125
will of john field of kintbury
in the name of god amen, the xii th day of maye the year of our lord god a thousand fyve hundred forty and fyve.
i john ffyld of the paryshe of kynbery yn the counte of barkechere beyng of perfect mynd and reme'brace but syck in body make my testament and last wyll yn form and maner here foloyng.
first i bequeth my soule to almyghty god and my body to be buryed yn the churche yard of kynbery.
i bequeth to the mother church of sarysbery iid.
i bequeth to the hye alter of kynbery iiiid.
i bequeth to my son john the younger a score of shepe beying shore.
to my son ellis i bequethe a score of shepe beyng shore.
item to my son bartholome i bequeth a score of shepe beying shore. Item to my too youngest doughters i bequeth to every one of them a score of shepe beyng shore.
item i bequeth to every one of my godchylderne iid a pece.
the resydewe of my goodes not bequestyd i geve and bequeth to my wyffe whom i make myne sole executrix. and wyll that ellis my son and james cholse (?) to be oversears of this my wyll to whom i geve ffor theyre paynes and labor xxd a pece.
wytnes hereof ellis burges curat, thomas ffyld, thomas sare, jemes cholse and john tanner clarke.

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