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1814 thomas headen over wallop ham archd winchester will 10146
the will of thomas headen of over wallop.
to nephew james honneycutt and mary his now wife the reversion of my cottage held under the hble lord pourtsmouth situate in over wallop.
his mother sarah honeycutt and their daughter ann honneycutt shall have residence as long as she lives.
residue to james honneycutt who is sole executor.
[signs thomas hedden, seal].
witnesses: elizabeth hattatt, thomas nash.
probate: 21 may 1814 to james honneycutt sub £200.
decleration: james honneycutt of over wallop labourer 21 may 1814.
searching for will 28 march 1814 found by bedside [etc].
[signs james honneycutt].

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