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1657 william harris soley chilton foliat wil PCC admons will 10158
the will of william harris of soley in parish of chilton foliat yeoman. Dated 18 july 1653
in reasonable good health of body. to be buried in the churchyard of chilton foiliat.
to my loving wife bridgett harris £50 in the hands of richard north of chipping lambourne husbandman £40, nicholas george the father and the son of wheatenditch in parish of ramsbury £10 as by bonds appear.
to my loving wife the bed and bedding for her life.
to my wife the 2 best [least?] kettles for use during her life, also 2 brass pots, one black heifer, 3 hogs, a cock, one pair of pothangers, one pair of pothooks, 2 buckets [etc].
the residue to my loving daughter christian parkes who is sole executrix.
i revoke all former wills.
[testator makes his mark].
witnesses john garaway sen, steven garaway.
probate 5 june 1657 admons with will annexed to henry parkes the lawful husband of christian parkes who has died.

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